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>>Anonymous  26aug2016(fr)09:27  No.38442  OP  P1
3Dfuckhouse and Roninsong

I think everybody here knows roninsong.

soooo. I got an account for 3DFH and I tried to rip some of his new flashes, although all I'm getting are .js files and a few mp3 files.

Does anyone know how to rip something from this site?
They got some crazy protection on it...

>>Anonymous  26aug2016(fr)11:51  No.38450  A  P2R1
In Firefox you can usually just press Ctrl+S on the webpage and save it as "Web Page, complete". It makes a folder next to the .html file, inside the folder you'll find the .swf file.

Another way is to right-click the webpage and select "View Page Info". On the "Media" tab there's a list of things loaded on the site, the flash is usally of type Embed or Object. Select it and the use the "Save As..."-button.

Still doesn't work? Try installing a plugin that listens to requests happening in the browser (for example "Tamper Data", though there might be better ones). Clear your cache, start the plugin and go to the page with the flash. After everything is loaded you'll check what URLs were loaded inside the plugin, one of them is the flash. Sometimes youwon't be able to use a URL more than once, in that case you need to block the URL from loading using the plugin and use a download manager to download the URL instead of just showing it in the browser.

Tell me if any of these three works.

>>Anonymous  26aug2016(fr)16:14  No.38456  B  P3R2
Nah none of them work.
First method saves a bunch of .js files.
Second one only finds the banner images, nothing else.
Third one only finds .mp3 files.
>>Anonymous  26aug2016(fr)18:08  No.38459  C  P4R3
Are there any new candy shop games?
>>Anonymous  26aug2016(fr)19:38  No.38462  A  P5R4
Third one should find everything your browser downloads (shows on the webpage). Either the plugin you're trying is faulty or they are disguising swf files as mp3 files. Have you tried them to make sure they are actually audio files and not .swf renamed to .mp3?
>>Anonymous  26aug2016(fr)20:24  No.38466  D  P6R5
As far as I know all his newer releases were in html5, not standalone swfs anymore.
So yeah, he dropped that flash file like a boss.
You could still rip them, but uploading them here is futile.
>>Anonymous  26aug2016(fr)20:45  No.38467  A  P7R6
Too bad that he dropped the superior format but I suppose it makes it harder to pirate it so that's probably why. Certainly explains why OP can't rip the swf...
>>Anonymous  27aug2016(sa)00:42  No.38480  B  P8R7
Blueberry Muffin
Red Velvet
Cinnamon Bun
Excelia (Yes, the crazy redhead doc!)
Pumpkin Pie
Banana Pudding
Birthday Cake

Yep, these are actual audiofiles.
Soundeffects for the buttons, music, fucking sound etc.

Well if you'd tell me how to rip em I'd make a torrent or something and make a post in /disc/ and on 4chan.

>>Anonymous  27aug2016(sa)00:45  No.38481  B  P9
Forgot to mention in >>38480
Also loads of new Eddy Bear and Ai Subeki Plus.
>>Anonymous  27aug2016(sa)10:42  No.38495  E  P10R8
Poor kid should drop the paysite shite and just grab the cash for himself on Patreon.
>>Anonymous  27aug2016(sa)10:43  No.38496  E  P11
Yeah I know he's probably contractually obliged to make shite for those paysites, but come on... paysites aren't the future. He's better off the sooner he gets the fuck out.
>>Anonymous  27aug2016(sa)21:09  No.38505  F  P12R9
What is the future? Patreon and commissions?
>>Anonymous  28aug2016(su)11:42  No.38528  E  P13R10
Patreon has all the advantages of commissions except on a much larger scale, and it has all the advantages of a steady income like a paysite, except you're completely in control of the money flow, instead of some cocksucking paysite running suit.
>>Anonymous  28aug2016(su)17:36  No.38535  D  P14R11
long story short:
In modern times - drop as many intermediaries as possible. They're the relic of the past economy.
>>Anonymous  29aug2016(mo)00:20  No.38544  A  P15R12
Patreon is a good thing and their fees aren't too bad. I'm surprised there isn't another big competitor around though, their features are far from perfect and once the automated system is built you get a lot of money for almost no work at all.

It's important to remember that this crowdfunding model won't work for everyone, some people that are really talented can spend a long time on Patreon without getting what they deserve. Just because of bad luck. For these people the traditional means of getting paid would be the better option.

Others simply doesn't have the time to spend on free work before they get paid. Patreon users need to gather a following and invest a lot of time in getting supporters, meaning a lot of time with almost no pay. For these people the traditional means of getting paid would be the better option.

Some don't want the pressure that Patreon could bring, followers expect to get their money's worth. Even if it's just a couple of bucks. These people just prefer the old ways of earning money, where they don't have to put themselves in the spotlight and cater to a group.

>>Anonymous  1sep2016(th)00:05  No.38654  C  P16R13
did you manage to rip the site? I really want to play the games
>>nuttybutty  27feb2017(mo)09:12  No.44688  G  P17R14
if you want it let me use you account .
don't worry i'm not that kind of monster even if you don't trust me
here my email send it to me penutbutterjelly00

ya hoo

>>Anonymous  28feb2017(tu)02:33  No.44716  D  P18R15
you know there is an actual email field to your post, yes?
also: it's a paysite involving sensible information, so the answer would be no anyway, even if OP didn't vanish
>>nuttybutty  28feb2017(tu)07:58  No.44726  G  P19R16
You did not get this from me...well more like someone els

here a link
don't know how long will it be on get wail it hot

>>Anonymous  28feb2017(tu)10:05  No.44730  H  P20R17
can you fix that link my guy
>>butty  1mar2017(we)11:29  No.44746  G  P21R18 :Part 1 :Part 2
sorry CS only you know what i mean
for you to play tho others need to click on the HTML
>>Anonymous  2mar2017(th)23:14  No.44773  I  P22R19
Has he by any chance done any more Ai Subeki since the ones on here?
Really miss that series.
>>Anonymous  3mar2017(fr)07:50  No.44780  G  P23R20
yes he dose in the 3dfuckhouse site
>>johndoe314  9mar2017(th)01:10  No.44953  J  P24R21
Ugh, I used to have a username/password there, but it was disabled. Hard to find new ones that work these days.
>>Anonymous  9mar2017(th)15:30  No.44981  K  P25R22
thats fine, to be fair eddy bear is pretty shit. I dont know why people like it.
>>Anonymous  18mar2017(sa)08:19  No.46353  G  P26R23

be nice if some one lend there account to see them

>>Anonymous  18mar2017(sa)13:33  No.46358  A  P27R24
Did 3Dfuckhouse stop using flash? When I think about it I haven't seen a new swf of theirs uploaded here in quite some time now.
>>Anonymous  18mar2017(sa)23:26  No.46364  G  P28R25
use to, now they are using HTML5 but this guy manga to get some that are html5 >>44746
>>Anonymous  3apr2017(mo)23:57  No.46910  G  P29
any update for Roninsong
>>Anonymous  4apr2017(tu)00:32  No.46914  A  P30R26
How the mighty have fallen.
>>Anonymous  6apr2017(th)10:39  No.47997  L  P31R27
Well, nothing to download anymore. I miss me some Roninsong. T_T
>>Anonymous  25apr2017(tu)05:19  No.48717  G  P32R28
any update?
>>Anonymous  27apr2017(th)01:08  No.48813  M  P33R29
The story steamroll in Ai Subeki is pretty laughable.
>>Anonymous  7may2017(su)11:33  No.49207  N  P34R30
anyone with a free account for 3dfuckhouse please just to use it a little
just to see what new on Roninsong have put in
>>Anonymous222  13may2017(sa)21:01  No.49445  O  P35R31
New Update??

Candy shop new ones??

>>EliteSWFchanner69  14may2017(su)18:44  No.49472  P  P36R32
re:New Update??

Hello Anonymous222 (cool name xD) you should go ask over at our friends place that is the "Adult Requests" section of the forum. Just press the "Start a New Thread" button found in the middle of the page near the top to get started.
They've helped me find pictures of tits and stuff many times before (don't judge me LOL!) and I'm sure they'd love to help you too bro.

>>Anonymous222  15may2017(mo)11:41  No.49492  O  P37R33
It didnt work, the post got archived pretty quickly. I guess Ill never know. I love the series, Im a game-artist myself and Im pretty impressed by the character design from him.
>>Anonymous  15may2017(mo)14:06  No.49494  N  P38R34
Roninsong brok fan

me as well

someone upload it already but gone so I manage to get it so here
Part one:
Part Two:

this person use a good site so i will use it to
get it now it only 30 day to keep it up 5/15/17(start)

>>Anonymous  28may2017(su)23:16  No.49938  N  P39
any update? and also


>>Anonymous  5jun2017(mo)18:25  No.50188  Q  P40R35
bump this shit
thanks for the other candy shops m8
>>Anonymous  8jun2017(th)06:50  No.50254  A  P41R36
Wait, what is this? Finally checked these out and they are legit. Never seen flash in this format though. .fla file + .html + .js + a folder with images + a folder with sounds

How does this work? What is this called? Can I turn it into normal swf files somehow?

I tried opening a .fla in Flash Pro CS6 and export to swf. It seems to have sounds and visuals like normal but no ActionScript. The build target seems to be for AIR or something (I know what AIR is). Granted that the .fla was created with Flash CC but it still worked kinda OK with CS6.

Is there some way to turn these into regular self-contained .swf files?

>>Anonymous  8jun2017(th)07:40  No.50261  R  P42R37
damn thank you bro
>>Anonymous  9jun2017(fr)03:56  No.50291  N  P43R38
if in a new format of HTML5 the only way to see them if you get all the file in the same folder and Play on the HTML depend on the internet you are using

and would like to know if there more update also of some one willing to give there 3dfuckhouse account to be use to get more

>>Anonymous  9jun2017(fr)04:04  No.50292  N  P44

>>Noone  15jun2017(th)23:17  No.50424  S  P45R39
Anyone still got these files
>>Anonymous  17jun2017(sa)02:43  No.50451  N  P46R40

when i saw the site i kind of like so here

>>Tim tomorrow  17jun2017(sa)10:10  No.50461  S  P47R41
Anyone got Ai subeki plus 1, 2 and 3
>>Anonymous  14jul2017(fr)02:59  No.51257  N  P48R42
any update on candy shop?
>>Anonymous  14jul2017(fr)06:35  No.51260  T  P49R43
seems like he's done with 3dfuckhouse

he's on patreon now but 3dfh owns candy shop and ai subeki. I don't think there will ever be a new candy shop game.

>>Anonymous  14jul2017(fr)12:45  No.51266  A  P50R44
We appreciate that you're sharing stuff with us but it's painfully obvious that you're getting paid for those links since nobody in their right mind would call a file uploading site with expiring links "good". No need to pretend that you like the site, just putting down the links are good enough.

However if you for some reason don't actually get paid you should use an actual good file hosting site with non-expiring links, like (if the files you want to upload are too big just create smaller multi-file archives). Just make sure the files are public, named anonymously and not password protected. As far as I know the files should stay up forever until they get a copyright strike, which needs to be done manually due to the split-archive and the unrecognizable file names.

Also don't use the stupid mega: protocol URL like >>44726 did, nobody likes links that require a god damn download manager just to download. Share just the normal https URL for downloading or both, not just the manager URL.

>>Anonymous  2aug2017(we)11:37  No.52074  U  P51R45
Any updates? I really enjoy his art, his stuff really need to be shared more often since I feel most people don't know him or his work

Any compilations of all his flashes? I really want a nice little folder

>>Anonymous  19aug2017(sa)03:20  No.52578  V  P52R46
anyone got eddy bear 26, 27 and 28 ? also i heard ai subeki + episode 4 got released
>>Anonymous  18sep2017(mo)15:48  No.53437  O  P53R47
Candy Shop 2

Candy Shop Catalog 2 is out!! Anyone have it?/

>>Anonymous  25oct2017(we)04:00  No.54537  W  P54R48
Candy Shop Catalog 2 & 3 is out dose anyone got them
>>Anonymous  25oct2017(we)16:03  No.54544  X  P55R49
her is a link 564551716c7/
>>Anonymous  26oct2017(th)08:00  No.54558  Y  P56R50
I know this is mainly roninsong, but is there some of Swissmades stuff. "some" of his stuff can be decent. he and roninsong are the only peoples content i care about mainly
>>Anonymous  26oct2017(th)23:39  No.54565  Z  P57R51
"Prem only"....
>>Anonymous  29oct2017(su)05:43  No.54613  D  P58R52
shit upload is shit mang, just sayin'
>>Anonymous  30oct2017(mo)13:38  No.54651  AA  P59R53
why doesnt someone just make a throw away google drive?
>>Anonymous  7nov2017(tu)05:43  No.54843  AB  P60R54
Unrelated, but does anyone know the chronological order of the Candy Shop series? I know it starts with Chocolatina, but that's all I know
>>Anonymous  8nov2017(we)05:09  No.54873  D  P61R55
Has anyone made a roninsong collection? If yes, then maybe the candy shop are in order there, if not, DO IT.
>>Anonymous  18nov2017(sa)05:23  No.55155  Y  P62R56
As much "mediocre" he is, Swissmade's stuff would be nice too along with Roninsong. they are the only people on the site that are worth anything
>>Anonymous  29nov2017(we)14:09  No.55419  AC  P63R57
Somebody have Roninsong "Candy Shop" latest games?
- Pancakes
- Candy Corn 2 & 3
- Red Velvet
- Blueberry Muffin   

I see only screenshots from these games. :(

>>w7 890  24sep2018(mo)17:04  No.63660  AD  P64R58

if(thread is off topic)=true
then(continue here

>>Anonymous  26sep2018(we)00:14  No.63680  D  P65R59
Wow, dude I was thiiiis close to reporting you for spam.
It's like bots start accumulating a sense of humor.
>>bot named w7 890  26sep2018(we)12:58  No.63688  AE  P66R60
who wants to eat the the thread

this was a pretty old thread i just bumped it lol
also ur reply is funny as hell
plz dont't report
im so sorry

>>Anonymous  28sep2018(fr)02:36  No.63729  AF  P67R61
While w7 890 has a rather odd posting style most of the time, they are most defiantly not a bot. Try looking around /disc/ and other places and you'll see more of his posts. I think he was posting that link because someone might have a pass to 3Dfuckouse on that site; i'm not really interested enough to check myself.
>>w7 890 !elUzZM2K/o  28sep2018(fr)19:38  No.63759  AG  P68R62
guyz a bit of hlp plz

can someone plz reupload
the linkz i think they are all down
i will keep seeding

>>Anonymous  1oct2018(mo)21:33  No.63831  D  P69R63
Yeah, I didn't look at the name and just thought "welp, that script for furry porn went rogue". Just skimmed it like a generic spam post. But I checked the link on a whim and it actually was relevant to the thread, so then I realized the post was just a joke by him.
>>Anonymous  8oct2018(mo)06:11  No.63976  AH  P70R64

Finally after searching every fucking where here is the link to a form where they are puting up links to Roninsong HERE YOU FUCKING GO i-eddy-bear-candy-shop.5398/page-18

>>Anonymous  8oct2018(mo)07:26  No.63978  D  P71R65
I really don't want to be that guy and look a gifted horse in the mouth, but
it took you THAT long to find a thread on fucking ulmf? That's like the goto place for flash porn rips.
>>w7 890  10oct2018(we)11:11  No.64016  AI  P72R66
thx m8 going 2 seed linkz
>>the YP faggot  21mar2019(th)15:49  No.67550  AJ  P73R67
blitzdrachin anyone?
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