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>>Anonymous  18jun2016(sa)10:16  No.34555  OP  P1
How does link grabbing work?
Supposedly swfchan scans the threads for urls ending in .swf and that is how some of the flashes end up here without any wiki records.

What are the limitations on that?

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  18jun2016(sa)10:55  No.34556  SWF  P2R1
Most of the flashes without a wiki record are here because I've written custom scanners for many sites. They crawl their purposed site, finds flashes, puzzles together file names from tags/descriptions and downloads them. These are individual modules to the core of swfchan and there aren't really any limitations since each one is custom built.

Flashes found from a thread on 4chan should always have a thread on its wiki (the one where the link was found). However sometimes the system bugs and the connection between the linked flash and the thread isn't made. In rare cases flashes found on 4chan itself has its thread dropped as well (due to some bug). I tried to improve things relatively recently so the buggy behaviour shouldn't happen as often now.

Some flashes from 4chan ends up with no thread if the server was down when they were posted and I manually add them to the archive later. Flashes from 7chan/420chan are always added manually nowadays every once in a while so they never get a thread.

>>Anonymous  18jun2016(sa)11:05  No.34558  OP  P3R2
Hmm, well I'm monitoring a thread right now with a link in it and the flash hasn't appeared to be downloaded yet.

I'm assuming that the link scanner waits until the thread is closed to download all of the flashes it found in the links besides the OP flash?

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  18jun2016(sa)11:11  No.34560  SWF  P4R3
Could be a bandwidth issue, sadly sometimes the server gets too poor connection to wherever to actually download the flash in a timely fashion.

I'm assuming this is the thread? ongst-the-rough
And this is the flash?
Looks like it has discovered the second link but havsn't been able to download the second flash:

>>Anonymous  18jun2016(sa)11:14  No.34561  OP  P5R4
Oh also, is there a list of sites that swfchan has crawled? I might want to either visit them myself or suggest some that have not been visited (if you want the functionality).
>>Anonymous  18jun2016(sa)11:18  No.34562  OP  P6
Ah, there isn't an auto-updater here, but that's okay.

Yes that's the thread.

If the server that downloads the flash from that particular link, the flash it grabs will depend upon the IP.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  18jun2016(sa)12:04  No.34563  SWF  P7R5
There's no list because I reckon some site owners wouldn't appreciate the fact that they have been scanned. I'm always open for suggestions of sites though, if you have URLs to tip about. Maybe they'll get scanned, maybe not, maybe they've already been scanned. I've got a list of my own already but I'd be glad to add new URLs to it.
>>Anonymous  18jun2016(sa)21:20  No.34572  OP  P8R6
That's a good thing to keep in mind, since you might also give them traffic that they didn't want.

Most of the sites I'm suggesting aren't around anymore or have changed to not a flash site. As a result they are only avalible in the wayback machine. /
+ / /
+ This one doesn't have very many flashes, but on the left hand side it links to quite a few other websites. / /
+ /
+ / /
+ /

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  19jun2016(su)10:22  No.34596  SWF  P9R7
Thanks! We're lucky to have the Wayback Machine, I hope it stays up forever.

I've tweaked the old code for the link grabber so it should be better to discover and download secondary flashes in threads from now on.

>>Anonymous  23sep2016(fr)06:24  No.39298  B  P10R8
Hey I found two sites that have flashes, don't know if they're already taken care of though.

>>Anonymous  29jul2017(sa)17:17  No.51901  C  P11R9
I guess this thread will work.
Hey SWFAnts, I made this thread but in the post where I link to a bunch of flashes didn't grab them at all. Is there a reason for this?
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  29jul2017(sa)21:03  No.51904  SWF  P12R10
Server must have timed out either when connecting or downloading the files. Tried it now from a VPN and it couldn't connect to the host of There's a guy posting in the thread you linked to that says he couldn't access the website as well.

There's a number of reasons why the server can't connect to the website while you could. For example the bandwidth quota could have been exceeded or the host might only accept connections from a certain country. Perhaps it has some kind of anti-hotlink implementation, reading cookies or something.

The most reliable way to add stuff to the archive is to upload it directly to /show/, it's slow but then you can at least rename the flashes before you upload them from undescriptive numbers to something more useful, like "toolzbydaman 01.swf".
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