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>>Anonymous  20jan2015(tu)12:17  No.17305  OP  P1
New board?

Do you think you could make a new board called /furryfap/ or something?

I've noticed that when furry stuff is put on /fap/ it's ALWAYS in dumps and that ends up pushing a lot of stuff off just to happen again when a decent amount of other stuff gets put on /fap/.

Yes? No? Too little activity on /fap/ to care?

>>Anonymous  20jan2015(tu)16:58  No.17307  A  P2R1
I'd rather just call it /furry/, but anyway
Up until now, boards were only divided by how they are to be handled.
E.g. Games to be played or movies to be watched. Faps to be had.
I doubt it would be necessary to divide them by their content. Taking out the furry porn to a new board would practically empty /fap/.
I don't like the furry stuff, so I wouldn't mind personally, but
there's just so few activity I always use the main page, so it wouldn't make any difference at all.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  21jan2015(we)10:56  No.17316  SWF  P3R2
Unfortunately there's just too few uploads to have another porn board. I'm actually even planning to remove /how/ someday because that board has had almost no activity at all since it was created other than by myself. When I wrote the imageboard I actually thought all kinds of people would need advice on things like ActionScript or on how to advance various projects further but I apparently was wrong.

Even if older stuff is getting bumped off the board, how long should it even be up really? The oldest 0 reply flash in /fap/ right now has been there for 60 days, how much more exposure does it really need? I guess I can add another page to /fap/ so from now on it will have room for 165 flashes instead of 135 (/show/, /gg/ and /swf/ only have 75).

The reason why so much furry is posted I believe is simply because there are so many more furry flashes created every day compared to normal stuff. Why this is I'm not sure, if I had to guess it's probably because normal people can just satisfy their urges in so many places that they don't really need to create their own things while furry people have such specific fetishes that unless they get creative they will never find stuff that satisfies them.
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