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>>Anonymous  24nov2014(mo)18:57  No.16284  OP  P1
Upload Problem

I uploaded a swf called HTH 2 Cindy Rabbit but when I searched for it on it was under this name which is the wrong swf I posted can this be fixed please.

>>Anonymous  24nov2014(mo)20:32  No.16288  A  P2R1
you mean this one?
It takes some time until flashes are added to the .com adress/version of swfchan.
The flash you linked here is simply not the one you uploaded. It's that easy really.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  25nov2014(tu)06:40  No.16294  SWF  P3R2
Actually he is right, the system is incorrectly determining those two flashes to be the same.

It's because the flash OP has uploaded has some kind of badly formatted header which specifies the dimensions of it incorrectly. This causes my hasher (checksummer) of the flash's content to fail and in turn the system falls back on older, much more relaxed, ways on determining if two flashes are the same.

Simply put it believes "HTH 2 Cindy Rabbit.swf" is the same as "kristen_sex_a.swf" because "HTH 2 Cindy Rabbit.swf" has a weird format. You can see this weirdness when viewing it - notice how the flash is not centered and the controls are out of the bounding box to the left?

I would check my hasher program further but the source code of it isn't available to me right now. What's really strange though is that a flash could be uploaded here without passing through the hasher properly, I thought I had made the system here on .org strict on that. Guess I remember wrong.

Sorry but I probably won't jump through hoops for this issue OP, it's too much trouble for something that happens so rarely (especially since I don't have the source code handy). What I'd suggest (if you are the one that made the flash) is that you remake the swf file and see if the controls are in the right place, then you upload it again. Changing the background color to be a little more bright should also do the trick in case a hash still can't be generated and the system once again falls back on the old method of determining if flashes are the same.

I must admit I'm a bit curious as to why the hasher is saying "Illegal specification of dimensions"... Perhaps I will look at it after all sometime when I feel up to the task and have the code handy. Could be that I made something too strict and that it's an easy fix. I mean, after all the flash can be played so why should it matter if it's dimensions are a little off? Always is a bit of a hassle to get into near four year old code though.
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