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>>6rav3  10sep2014(we)17:02  No.14809  OP  P1
Rating System

I've been browsing this site for a long time now, and it's just now that I realize what it's missing: a rating system. It'd be wonderful to know whether or not a flash game was shyte. Any plans on implementing one?

>>Anonymous  11sep2014(th)07:29  No.14873  A  P2R1
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It's a thread's health basically
You can reduce it by using the mail options as seen in the faq.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  11sep2014(th)16:05  No.14879  SWF  P3R2
Do you mean on .com or .org? On .com a flash's number of recommendations or current popularity might work as a kind of rating (the number of categorizations into cool/lol/etc as well I suppose). As for rating a flash here on .org it has been suggested before. However, this isn't really how imageboards work. The number of replies a thread gets should usually be a good indicator of how good a flash is, especially here where saging doesn't add towards the thread's reply count. A flash worth seeing usually have more replies.

Of course I don't think a thread's reply count is equal to a rating, that would be silly. Comments could be negative or it could just be two peopel arguing for a 100 posts. But wouldn't a flash that creates so much negativity be worth a view anyway? No, at the time I don't plan to implement a rating system. That being said it's not impossible that it appears one day, perhaps if I rewrite the imageboard it can get implemented.

Meanwhile I recommend everybody to leave a positive comment for things they actually like. I know that writing "i like it" is more work than clicking a thumbs up button and that fewer people would bother to spend the extra seconds, but it might spawn more discussion because of it and that's what an imageboard thrives of. It's after all more fun to read what a person thinks about a flash than just have +1 or -1 added to a counter.

>>Anonymous  11sep2014(th)17:06  No.14881  C  P4R3
Warning, personal opinions ahead.

I think that would be a horrible idea.
Not every single website needs to have a rating system.
This isn't Redderp, Twatter or Faecbuk, even though we have the same amount of Ego-Trippers and self-righteous do-gooders fumbling around.
A rating system being implemented would just encourage competition in that particular group, I think.

>"It's after all more fun to read what a person thinks about a flash than just have +1 or -1 added to a counter."

In my view, counters are a lazy mans opinion.
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