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>>Anonymous  31aug2014(su)06:58  No.14559  OP  P1
Echi/Hentai AMV Request

There was an echi/hentai anime amv on the flash board roughly 3 weeks back for the song (Mason vs. Princess Superstar - Perfect Exceeder). The amv had content from a variety of anime. I've looked for a good while but cant find it, and the request board on 4chan hasn't been able to help at all. Does anyone here where to locate something that fits this description?

>>Anonymous  31aug2014(su)17:36  No.14563  A  P2R1 four_dance_hentai_music_compilation.html?embed=vie w&prs=a8cd42069e498eae71771ea329cbbdfc:hentaifilms .net:5403409e:e10

this it?

>>Anonymous  31aug2014(su)18:02  No.14565  OP  P3R2
Unfortunately no. The file that was on the flash board consisted of scenes taken directly from the anime and had more of a focus on lude or suggestive scenes and the scenes also seemed to bit slightly sped up. If it helps, i know i saw a few scenes from fairy tail on the amv i'm looking for, and i "think" i recall seeing a few scenes from Kiss x Sis and maybe one from Kuroinu Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru
>>Anonymous  1sep2014(mo)17:54  No.14583  B  P4R3
Here you go:

Wanna know how I found it? By checking swfchan... Sis

Just searched old threads for any mention of those things you just mentioned. Since people usually want to know what animes were used in AMVs I knew there was a high probability someone had mentioned it before.

>>Anonymous  1sep2014(mo)20:55  No.14586  OP  P5R4
Thanks, this was exactly what I was looking for.
And i'll be sure to keep your advice in mind for next time :D
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