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>>Anonymous  17jul2014(th)17:34  No.13802  OP  P1
Reporting and moderation

Might it be possible to add a faster "Report this post" button to posts? It would help a lot in cases such as the one occurring in /fap/ right now where there is a high volume of posts that deserve reports.

Also, how many mods/janitors do we have to help clean boards in cases like this? If it's not possible to effectively ban a user (such as Scar/Soldier_of_FAP), maybe it would be preferable to implement a compounding time delay on creation of new threads or something similar. It's frustrating to come into /fap/ every now and then and see the board coated in shit; some sort of thread limit would at least mitigate some of the damage.

I know it's not a serious problem, in that he's not actually causing harm to other users or technically in violation of board rules, but it is immensely frustrating to see low quality rips of flashes posted en masse when the originals are already on the board (on the front page, sometimes), and the whole situation is pretty rude. Not to mention his flashes end up archived, which is a waste of swfchan resources and eventually user time.

>>Anonymous  17jul2014(th)17:57  No.13803  OP  P2
On a second read through the rules, I suppose his posts may be a violation of the "no spamming" global.
>>Anonymous  17jul2014(th)20:01  No.13808  A  P3R1
Soldier_of_FAP is also clogging the server with his ripped of crap and that alone should be worth a ban.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  19jul2014(sa)07:21  No.13839  SWF  P4R2
Alright here's the thing. When I first built the board for back in 2011 the .com part of the site had a somewhat decent amount of visitors each day (there's for sure more today), so I expected at least some activity on the board. But it was slow. Dead slow - there were almost no posts here at all. That's when I truly realized that 99.9% only come here to browse quietly for porn, having no interest in creating an actual community where people talk with each other. I knew the percentage was high but that the board practically stood still for months surprised me, despite my efforts to get the ball rolling. The percentage became even more obvious when I built the what's popular page a year later, the non-porn flashes has nowhere near the views of those that were of a more naughty character. This is still true to this day.

So all that time programming and writing rules etc was practically for nothing. The true "swfchan community" would remain on 4chan's /f/, it seemed. I thought that allowing more flashes to be online at the same time, accepting much bigger swf uploads and grant more uploads per day from the same IP would muster at least some kind of usage on but people just didn't really want another board. Of course the far from fast server at the time didn't help but today the server has much faster hardware and the board hasn't seen much change in activity.

Though eventually, over the years usage of swfchan's board started to grow. Even if only a little, sometimes discussions and new content actually pop up here. However the boards are still standing still most time of the year. Truth is that more than 75% of the flashes ever uploaded outside of /fap/ was done so by yours truly. Usually whenever I feel like sharing a flash I put it on /f/ but every now and then I remember that I actually have a my own board and think "let's throw it a bone".

What I'm saying is that there's no fun in spending time fixing a board with no users. I know that there's a pain to report a post, I know that there's no moderation going on. I probably shouldn't reveal it but I actually don't have any mods or janitors at all - it's just me here. I had prepared a system for mods, which I later discovered needed much work to be good, but why waste time doing that when there's so little activity here that I can basically see everything that's going on myself just by glancing at .org's front page? There's nothing overwhelming here, no help needed. Except of course when I forget to check the board for a day and miss out on some bad posts going on. Whoops! I thought about making community-driven moderation, with votes and older users being able to control a bit more than newer users but again it boils down to why waste my life programming all of that when there's so little activity to moderate in the first place?

So why haven't I banned Soldier_of_FAP yet and cleaned up the board? Because without all that spam the board would look the same as it did last week. At least there's some activity going on now, right? Maybe it's not 100% quality content but it's rotated content damn it. It's something that can give someone a reason to actually visit /fap/, to make him check if something new has happened more often. It's sort of an investment to maybe make the board more interesting and in the long run get more posters. Lurkers are fine but without posters a board is just a static page.

Besides, I actually do have an anti-spam system implemented. It's the health percentage that controls what threads that gets deleted first, regardless of how old the thread is. As stated on the FAQ page --and I realize that page and the rule page is just too long blocks of text that nobody reads-- you can start 4 new threads on each board every 24 hours, otherwise you reduce the health of your already existing threads. As you can see the Soldier_of_FAP threads all have a health of 1% which means they should get deleted before other threads with higher health.

The problem with this is that the system was designed with board activity in mind. Right now there are so many threads with 1% health, because they are so old and the board has stood so still, that the Soldier_of_FAP threads will still remain. I know the system is flawed but why bother tweaking it when all that happens is that the board just becomes more static. Besides, it's not something that's broken exactly, it's working as intended (as far as I know, hah! Since there's not ever been that much activity here I haven't truly seen it operating in its intended environment). It's the algorithm that needs changing and I'm reluctant to start digging in old code to adapt the system for a more realistic slow moving board.

Don't get me wrong, I'm of course happy for every one of you posting here. It's fun to read and see what you are uploading. I'm also not whining or complaining that there's not much activity here because I know that doesn't magically come by itself. I'm happy for the posts the board get, though it's not enough to motivate me to dig deep into its mechanics at the moment (imagine building a car that you know nobody will drive and you get the picture). However there are some things I have to get around to fix some day whether I like it or not; some old threads are not getting proned even months after they have expired and posting has been disabled in it. There's also something wrong with the JavaScript on the boards, some features has stopped working (maybe because of added security in newer browsers or maybe because of some mistake I've made when changing the code elsewhere on the site). Bugs like that needs to be squashed, eventually.

What all this adds up to is that the problem isn't exactly that Soldier_of_FAP is uploading a lot of flashes on the same day, it's that there's not enough activity on the board to make his new threads less valuable. Even if they are just short loops they have weight because they actually make the board active (though I wish his flashes had better file names, many times the post's text body is a lot more descriptive and that doesn't help when doing a file name search). Had there been discussions going on in the rest of the threads on /fap/ --and if all of those threads weren't so old-- the system would just have deleted Soldier_of_FAP's threads after a while due to poor health compared to thriving health of other threads.

Don't worry about the flashes ending up being archived, that's what swfchan is for! There's so many flashes here and new ones are added each day that nobody will really notice another brick in the wall. There's plenty of resources to go around and I really don't want anyone to think twice about uploading their flashes here, no matter what type they are.

>>Anonymous  19jul2014(sa)16:57  No.13844  C  P5R3
*a lot of reading later*
hmm. I see where you are coming from.
It's true, there is very little activity in here, but if you ask me it lies in the nature of flashes: There are simply not so many flashes made 'a day' then other stuff since flash isn't that easy to make in the first place. And even then there are already a lot of people on other 4chan boards so these people go to /f/ instead.
I've to admit I'm also mainly here lurking for porn. Mainly roninsons stuff...
... Soldier_of_FAP is still a spamming, trolling retard >:-]

I culd write a bit more now actually but I'm too lazy...

>>Soldier_of_FAP  20jul2014(su)00:03  No.13845  D  P6R4

After reading this I feel proud that I have contributed something to the community, and in the future instead of just putting HOT in my description box, I will put the name of the flash, along with a link to where it can be found. I was not doing so out of my own laziness, but if you are going to put effort into maintaining the board, I'll put effort into my uploads.

would that be acceptable?

>>Soldier_of_FAP  20jul2014(su)00:07  No.13846  D  P7

as an aside, I apologize for my spamming and all around bad behavior. I have only been trying to add more flashes for quick faps to the board, because i was afraid that the originals might someday be lost if anything ever happend to swfchan. Kind of like what happened to flashchan

>>Anonymous  20jul2014(su)01:56  No.13847  E  P8R5
If something were to happen to swfchan, then your posts would be lost too, so you're not really making for an effective backup. Your logic makes no sense. Your shitty compressed flashes are not contributing anything of value, not one person but you likes them. Take the hint already.
>>Anonymous  20jul2014(su)01:57  No.13848  E  P9
Your reasoning makes no sense, if swfchan died then your posts would die with it. If you're so concerned about backups, post the original flashes on another website. Stop posting these shit quality versions here. Not one person besides you cares about them, take a hint already and realize when you're not wanted. All you're doing is flooding off the actual quality flashes that a lot of us come to this board for.
>>Anonymous  20jul2014(su)02:09  No.13849  F  P10R6
Exactly what I feared would happen after reading Boss' post.
Soldier_of_FAG is now even more proud of his shitty spamming... Great
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  20jul2014(su)03:34  No.13851  SWF  P11R7
Hey Soldier_of_FAP, how about putting many loops into one flash file?

For example instead of posting 20 swf files at 1 MiB per flash you could post 2 swf files at 10 MiB per flash. At the start of each flash you have a selection screen where you can click on one of 10 loops to display them.

If this sounds good I can make a template .fla file for you if you want to so you don't have to script anything yourself. You have Adobe Flash CS installed right? Or do you just use a video-to-flash converter?

Great that you want to give better file names from now on and link to the original file. If only the number of uploaded swf files would be reduced too I don't think anyone will have a problem with you anymore since your flashes wouldn't fill up /fap/.

>>Anonymous  20jul2014(su)03:48  No.13852  C  P12R8
That's a good Idea actually.
That way I'll only have to ignore one post and not 25.
>>Soldier_of_FAP  20jul2014(su)04:15  No.13854  D  P13R9

That sounds like a great Idea. I do have adobe flash but I mainly use video to swf converter to upload what i upload here.

If you make the template, you could upload it and the users of swfchan could download it and use it to compile flash scenes.

Ok, I won't upload so many at once.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  20jul2014(su)04:26  No.13855  SWF  P14R10
Alright, super! I'll try to make the template within the next couple of days. It's high summer here in Sweden now so I'm usually not overly in the mood to work at the computer, that's why it'll take some time before I make the .fla file.
>>Anonymous  20jul2014(su)16:06  No.13865  G  P15R11
Atleast he's pushing the fucking horse vagina swf off the first page, for fuck's just delete it already.
>>Anonymous  20jul2014(su)19:12  No.13866  F  P16R12
Let some guy fill the board with unwanted spam to get rid of a single thread?
Flawless logic...

Besides no one posts in that thread anymore, only that single retard who is too stupid to just fuck off to the bay and search "Horse pussy" bumps it (when he remembers)

>>Anonymous  21jul2014(mo)00:42  No.13873  H  P17R13
bear in mind, swfchan's true purpose was the direct upload to the site

*bows in shame before Zoor*

>>Anonymous  21jul2014(mo)02:57  No.13874  I  P18R14
Now I want to bump it...
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  21jul2014(mo)06:40  No.13889  SWF  P19R15
swfchan's true purpose has always been, and still is, to archive flashes. If you're talking only about .org you're more right that I made it to allow direct uploads to the site, but that doesn't mean I didn't dare to dream for some discussions and non-flash threads too. Otherwise I wouldn't have made /b/.

The template is finished, had some time after all. Please use it for your future videos:

Let me know if you are having trouble converting your video files into the .flv format.
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