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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  12feb2011(sa)05:37  No.26  SWF  P1
The official bug reporting thread

Having issues with the site? Maybe they can be fixed, please describe what is wrong in this thread.

If the bug happens to be that you can't post, try turning off JavaScript, refresh the page and then post (please mention the browser name and version that you are using).

>>Anon069  25aug2012(sa)08:14  No.4277  A  P2R1
I am getting the 404 swf on nearly all of the flashes on this site. These two are just ones picked at random from the ones I've tried to view. Not sure why. I've viewed several of the 404'd before with no problems, but I've tried at least 30 and gotten 404 on all but like 2 or 3.
>>Anonymous  25aug2012(sa)08:44  No.4278  B  P3R2
I keep getting 404 on many flashes(even after multiple retries).
Some random examples of when I tried to find out whether some of the flashes works for me(none did so for except the anonymous mirrors):
one that worked is:
Oddly both the first one to try today and the last one to work, save for the mirror links.
Opera 12.01
>>Nanonymous  25aug2012(sa)11:00  No.4280  C  P4R3
Been getting random 404s, most notably with thes two:

>>Anonymous  25aug2012(sa)11:07  No.4281  D  P5R4
Having issues with ur site!

I cant watch any flash because of that ad blocker thing u threw in. I disabled my ad blocker and noscript and still same problem. Either something is wrong with ur site or i got another ad blocker idk about.

>>dfgdgdfg  25aug2012(sa)12:00  No.4282  E  P6R5
misimom m.swf&w=480&h=360

>>Falken  25aug2012(sa)16:00  No.4283  F  P7R6
Please fix this &w=640&h=480

>>Falken  25aug2012(sa)16:03  No.4284  F  P8
Another failed flash. e%20Eden-Bleach%20(english).swf&w=800&h=600

>>Anonymous  25aug2012(sa)16:45  No.4285  G  P9R7
Flash #96601

Flash #96601

>>Anonymous  25aug2012(sa)16:47  No.4286  G  P10


>>Glek  25aug2012(sa)17:59  No.4287  H  P11R8
404s everywhere

I'm getting a 404 error on nearly every flash I try. Just to pick some: swf er_Eggs.swf .swf

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  25aug2012(sa)19:04  No.4288  SWF  P12R9
Thanks a lot guys, I think I've fixed it now. Please try getting the flashes again and see if it works.

What browser and adblocker plugin do you use? Do the ads actually show up after you unblocked them but you still get the "please unblock"-message?

>>Glek  25aug2012(sa)20:49  No.4289  H  P13R10
Everything seems back in working order. Thanks man.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  26aug2012(su)01:02  No.4290  SWF  P14R11
Glad to hear it!
>>iKevin  1sep2012(sa)08:07  No.4399  I  P15R12

Ever since the advertisements, viewing flash online is impossible,
Even if I disable the pop up blocker it still won't let me view flashes.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  1sep2012(sa)14:33  No.4402  SWF  P16R13
On Android phones you mean? I thought Adobe removed support for Flash on Android, they even took down the working flash reader that they had on Google Play (for some completely retarded reason, I don't get why they are dropping flash on cell phones, they could have at least left the old version up you'd think). You must be one of the lucky ones that still has flash installed from before.

>Ever since the advertisements
Do you mean that the new ads are in the way of letting you view the flashes or do you get the "please unblock the ads" message even though nothing is blocked? Guessing the earlier one, that since the screen is so small you can't close the ads. One easy solution is to wait three seconds and then refresh the page, the ads should then be gone because they don't show up on all page views (if your phone saves cookies). I will look into this later though and see if I can cook up a better solution than this workaround.

>>Timaman  2sep2012(su)00:14  No.4408  J  P17R14
Issues with downloading

If I try and download from Google Chrome then the download page loads but there is no pictures or formatting. However if I load via Chromes Incognito mode, there IS the pictures and formatting, but I get an ad-blocker error. I've tried clearing the cache, and that isn't working. I also tried Firefox, and I get the Ad-blocker error. I even tried running it via a proxy ( and the formatting loads, but the images do not. Please help!

>>Anonymous  2sep2012(su)13:47  No.4411  K  P18R15
After i disabled and uninstall adblock, but always get unblock ads message. Is there anything wrong with my browser ?
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  2sep2012(su)16:34  No.4412  SWF  P19R16
I really am wondering why it's not working for some people, I guess it's possible that adultadworld serves different script files for some people or maybe even that some ISP has blocked them.

For now I capitulate, I'll make the adblocker-blocking less strict until I have time to figure something better out. Let me know if you still get the "please unblock"-message.

>>Timaman  2sep2012(su)18:22  No.4415  J  P20R17
Seems to work fine now.

Seems to work fine now. Thanks!

>>Anonymous  14sep2012(fr)22:59  No.4522  L  P21R18
I disabled and deinstalled my adblockers and im still getting the disable adblock screen on all flashes
>>Anonymous  14sep2012(fr)23:27  No.4525  M  P22R19
Can't access flash

I get and error telling me to unblock ads or allow scripts. I am not using a script blocker or an an blocker.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  14sep2012(fr)23:53  No.4526  SWF  P23R20
I'll just remove the adblocker-blocker thing for now since there seems to be so many problems with it. Might return later if I figure out a better system for it. Depends on how much the income will drop for the site.

Apologies for the frustration that this probably has caused.

>>(copied post)  17sep2012(mo)18:41  No.4545  N  P24R21
Quality Scale Inspect Zoom Maximize Seekbar

>Originally posted by TheMountainLion 17sep2012(mo)17:19 here:

I am no longer able to click on the second row of buttons uner any given flash anymore namely: (Quality Scale Inspect Zoom Maximize Seekbar) It would be awesome if you could let me know if this is a fault on my end or something on yours and if its on yours fix it please.
Thank you very much for this awesome site and have a great day!
K. A.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  17sep2012(mo)18:43  No.4546  SWF  P25R22
It works for me, could you give me a link to a flash where it doesn't work for you? Please also tell me the browser that you are using, and the version of the browser.
>>Anonymous  18sep2012(tu)00:29  No.4548  O  P26R23
In reference to
The comment on the post, about how this was detected to be one flash, when it really is not that flash.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  19sep2012(we)04:03  No.4550  SWF  P27R24
This was due to an old relic of a function in ancient code from before the relatively new and much more reliable system the site uses to distinguish between flashes.

It's been fixed, from now on a flash should no longer be able to be associated with the wrong ID on the site. The flash you uploaded can be found here in the archive: asa+cat+nyan.swf

Unfortunately your thread is not connected with the flash on its wiki page, that is something I might have to fix in the future. If I ever get together the mentality to do it, it's gonna take a lot of work going through old threads and make sure they are on the right wiki page. Unless I figure out a way to automate it somehow, hmm...

Thanks for drawing my attention to this, if you hadn't said anything it might have been months before I noticed the problem myself.

>>johan  5may2013(su)08:22  No.6438  P  P28R25
Mnf bct crack

fix this please -asleep-tsunade.swf

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  6may2013(mo)01:08  No.6445  SWF  P29R26
Works for me, can't see anything wrong. What trouble are you having?
>>mystd  10jun2013(mo)23:42  No.7016  Q  P30R27
flash not showing

When I press get file a blank screen opens. Happens in every browser. I reinstalled flash several times. Dont know what to do anymore.

>>alucard29a  11jun2013(tu)06:15  No.7022  R  P31R28

Having issue with multiple browsers where im getting a blank page after filling in captcha and trying to view any flash on this site.

this is posted in /disc/ did not know there was official thread for bugs.

>>Hellfire  11jun2013(tu)16:36  No.7031  S  P32R29
Error with site?

This webpage is not available
Google Chrome could not load the webpage because took too long to respond. The website may be down, or you may be experiencing issues with your Internet connection.

It seems that every single flash I try and click I can't load for whatever reason. It was working perfectly a few days ago now - nothing. I know it's not my internet because I can still go on other websites - I know it's not my Ip address because I've used proxies and they don't even work. I'm rather confused. - I added exceptions in my firewall for this site and I still keep getting these 118 errors so I'm getting close to giving up - sad because I really enjoy this site. Any helpful tips?

>>Nanonymous  11jun2013(tu)17:22  No.7032  T  P33R30
Hellfire, it seems that all porn is hosted on the server. A few of us have been having the same problem. Pretty much this means that the files2 server went down a few days ago and until it comes back up, we can't view or download anything porn related. You'll just have to wait it out with the rest of us :(

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  12jun2013(we)17:33  No.7056  SWF  P34R31
Sorry guys, just became aware of the problem. I will make an announcement about it on soon.

I have changed the code to pull files from the main server until files2 has been fixed. It'll be too slow for many to even download anything but at least it's better than not working at all.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  12jun2013(we)17:47  No.7058  SWF  P35
The announcement:

This just in: files2 is down! Sorry about not noticing sooner, something like this could only happen the ONE time I skip checking the site for a day. Here's the scoop: The power supply has died for the server host. The man is working on moving the files over to a new server but it takes time, especially since there is a lot of flooding over Europe at the moment which makes it difficult to travel around. For the moment, until files2 is fixed, all those files are pulled from the main server. This will probably mean it will crumble from all the extra activity, but maybe not? A lot of you will probably not be able to download these files successfully but it's better that it works for some than not work at all for all. I'll keep you posted when something new happens.

>>Anonymous  13jun2013(th)01:04  No.7060  U  P36R32
must be fun to work with servers containing massive amounts of unearthly porn
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  13jun2013(th)09:20  No.7064  SWF  P37R33
Oh yes, slutty bytes are the best bytes
>>Kirabadge  11aug2013(su)03:36  No.7786  V  P38R34

Almost on evey bct crack i get random 404's, sup with that?

Specially this one ersal-soldier%28MnF+BCT+Crack%29.swf

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  12aug2013(mo)01:58  No.7800  SWF  P39R35
Have you gotten it working yet? Is anyone else having trouble with this one? It downloads for me, maybe you were just having a temporary problem (the files2 server could have been down). Please let me know if it still doesn't work for you!

Btw, do you get the flash "404.swf" telling you the link has expired or do you get a normal 404 message in text?

>>Anonymous  15aug2013(th)19:59  No.7879  W  P40R36
same problem, i can save flash, but it saves it as a webpage, i open it and it doesn't work.
It works if i save from another site, just not here.
>>Anonymous  4oct2013(fr)15:33  No.8448  X  P41R37
Loop maker chokes on this WAV (And I don't see an option to not re-encode it?)

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  4oct2013(fr)19:30  No.8453  SWF  P42R38
I don't know what could be wrong, maybe you can try uploading a WAV version in stereo of your seamless audio loop and see if that works? It was quite some time since I built the loopmaker now so it's not fresh in my memory and I don't have the time to look into it right now unfortunately. Sorry.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  23apr2014(we)23:26  No.12633  SWF  P43
Update on the eye

Reworked today and I'm interested in hearing about anything that doesn't work as it should.

>>someone  25apr2014(fr)09:20  No.12662  Y  P44R39

i keep getting error 503 service unavailable. will this be fixed in the future

>>Anonymous  25apr2014(fr)10:26  No.12665  Z  P45R40
Error 503 - Service Unavailable
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  25apr2014(fr)12:16  No.12669  SWF  P46R41
It's fixed. The problem wasn't related to flash.asp, it was the application pool that shares swf files that had shut itself down because it had "failed" several times within a short time, for some reason. First time this happened, I'll increase the number of fails per minute required before it shuts down and hope it doesn't happen again.
>>Anonymous  30apr2014(we)13:14  No.12805  AA  P47R42
Loading times

I am running on a comcast connection (100mb), but it takes SOOOO long to load a file that isn't even 3mb, say at least a minute, maybe a minute and a half and yet anything else I load/download takes less then 30 seconds on average. Don't know what the deal is, but this site has never been this slow, just since your server change. Anyways, just a heads up for ya and keep up the good work...

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  30apr2014(we)14:34  No.12807  SWF  P48R43
It hasn't been slow since the server change, just for the last 24 hours. At least from what I've noticed. We're having problems with the Internet, I'm only getting half of the bandwidth I should be getting and the bandwidth is at a constant 100% usage. It's a wonder the site can be used at all basically. Trying to fix it.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  30apr2014(we)15:37  No.12808  SWF  P49
It's fixed!

The problem was an old switch that was dying slowly.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  7may2014(we)08:52  No.12958  SWF  P50
Let loaders load!

Finally figured out why preloaders wouldn't work in many flashes here on swfchan since the server change. This was a bit nutty.

It all came down to the response header from the server. It wasn't sending Content-Length! By default the server was configured to compress all files files before sending them in order to save bandwidth and make transfers a bit faster.

What happens is that a chunked transfer takes place; the response arrives in small chunks at a time. Upon a request the server immediately starts compressing the requested flash file and immediately starts sending it by flushing small chunks of the compressed data to the user's browser. Since the server doesn't know the final size of the compressed data it can't give any content length before the compression is finished. But by that time the response header has already been given and the swf file is already half-way across the Internet.

Turns out that without the Content-Length header the flash doesn't know its final file size during downloading. It surprised me since I always thought the swf format was clever enough to read its file size stored inside itself in its own header and not rely upon any response header. Hm, how does that even work anyway? Can it really access the content-length of the response header? Now I'm starting to wonder what the real issue was here...

Anyway, what solved this problem for swfchan was turning off compression on and Compression of swf files is most of the time not worth the effort since they are already pretty compact. But I am a bit disappoint in the flash since this is something that will get worse in the future since more and more servers will probably start compressing files by default and send them chunked. Unless the server software make built-in exceptions for swf files more and more preloaders will fail in the future and people might not understand why, this will create negative reputation for the great swf format.

Though most likely this can be solved within the plugin that play flash files since it sounds so bizarre that it actually needs a content-length header. At least I hope that is the case, for the format's sake. We want flash to still go strong on the web in 50 years, right?

Please note it can take a while before all "broken" preloaders goes away from swfchan, since many swf files are cached on CloudFlare (they are still without any content length). Everything should be fine in a day or two.

>>Anonymous  7may2014(we)14:33  No.12976  AB  P51R44
I love how you feedback on the details of problems and their fix. Since I basically don't know anything about the Shockwave Flash Format or Server Architecture, this always makes me understand some more about me lov'ed files.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  8may2014(th)21:56  No.12983  SWF  P52R45
Always good to write stuff down so other people doesn't have to go through the same hassle. If they are fortunate enough to find this thread when they search the web that is. I didn't find any info about it anywhere myself even though I'm pretty sure I can't be the only one that have had this problem for his site.
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