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>>bluegreydragon  26nov2019(tu)23:45  No.72423  OP  P1
Please delete the following Flash Files (I'm the original creator)

Hello, I have been trying to get a few of my old Flash animations removed from the internet; I would like to politely request that you remove them from this site as well please. I have tried the report feature in the past, but for whatever reason that doesn't seem to be effective.

Here's a list of animations that I made that are currently posted here:

If you want proof that I am the original author, I still have a few assets that I haven't gotten around to deleting from these. Here's a screenshot of one of the characters with all the vectors shown, I'm you know that trying to recreate this exactly would be a nightmere so I hope you recognize that this is the real deal:

I also have a few props from a few of these that I haven't gotten around to re-making and/or deleting yet:

I ask that you please remove these from your site, as many of them are years old, with no sound and low resolution anyway, and weren't that popular even when they were available on DA and FA. So I doubt their loss would even be missed.

I also would please like to see them removed so that I can move onto bigger and better things, as I found that I didn't really like making fetish stuff and there's a lot of stuff out there that's a lot better and more detailed that people would probably enjoy more anyway.

Thanks, I hope your accept my request and remove these (or send it to someone who can).

>>Anonymous  27nov2019(we)05:12  No.72428  A  P2R1
Just a curious observer here, but how would these old, and as you admit yourself garbage, flashes being available here hinder you from moving one when you have already deleted them from the places that most people would look for them in the first place?
>>Anonymous  27nov2019(we)05:57  No.72430  B  P3R2
About garbage swfs there's a ton of these garbage swfs on new flash page where it's real people doing odd things to others. An example is this 1. ing+by+PdPatty.swf
>>bluegreydragon  27nov2019(we)06:41  No.72431  OP  P4R3
Reply to Anonymous:
Well when it comes to Flash every artist kinda approaches animations a bit differently, therefore certain attributes of my art style or method of doing certain animations might be reflected in these old fetish animations.

Therefore, rather than risk someone eventually making the connection in an attempt to create drama or what not, I'd rather just get rid of the old stuff so that the chances of that happening are removed.

I'm not sure if the admins on this discussion board have the power to remove things, but I've tried the report feature before and it hasn't done anything in the past. I really would just like these taken off the site as this is one of the last places where you can find any of these (trust me I've checked).

Let me know if you have any other questions.

>>Anonymous  29nov2019(fr)07:19  No.72462  A  P5R4
Well the admins can and you are currently using the best way to reach them. If I recall correctly, the report feature only gets something removed if the flash in suspect is real live CP or otherwise against the law.
>>bluegreydragon  29nov2019(fr)08:35  No.72464  OP  P6R5
Reply to Anonymous:
Alright cool, is there any particular way to ping them directly? Or do you just wait until they notice a thread and then go from there?
>>Anonymous  1dec2019(su)13:37  No.72491  C  P7R6
I bet a bunch of people downloaded those flash animations and will be ready to start reuploading them wherever they can eventually just making their way back here. Remember that old saying "Once it's on the internet, it's here forever".
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  1dec2019(su)14:10  No.72492  SWF  P8R7
The way I've always seen Internet is that as soon as you publish something it's owned by everybody. I don't think anybody except the creator has the right to make money directly from his creation but the creator doesn't have the right to take back his gift to the world. Imagine if ZONE or -8 one day thought they had the right to purge all traces of their flashes that thousands of people enjoy. Internet doesn't work that way, everybody should know that everything you put online is permanent. Even traditional media doesn't support purging, after releasing a movie the creator can't really un-release it.

An archive removing its content isn't much of an archive. It's true that I've deleted the occasional thing in the past upon request but it always kills me to do it, it's been very rare and usually I don't do it unless there are something very personal in them. Also I've only taken down flashes I was sure that nobody would ever miss and sure, your stuff probably fits into that category (no offense) but what is this reason you lay forward for your deletion request? You want them gone because maybe someone in the future might possibly draw connections to you due to similarities in animation style? Just deny it, dude. People watch the same tutorials and animate the same way all the time. You can even claim YOU made an animation tutorial at some point (which has since been lost) and whoever made these flashes must have watched your tutorial and mimicked your style.

I never really built this system with deletion in mind so it's a hassle to do it and your request isn't just one or two flashes but twenty. I don't want to encourage anyone else to start making deletion requests. Besides, you even say yourself that this is one of the last places to get your flashes, meaning there are other places. I'm sure the Wayback Machine doesn't really like deletion requests either. And if this truly was the last place to get the flashes it would feel even more burdensome for me to remove them knowing that I'd be deleting a part of history.

As >>72491 pointed out there's the risk of a Streisand effect in making this thread; by trying to get your flashes removed people will remember them better and perhaps now someone has already downloaded the ones you've listed in this thread just in case they need them for reference in the future. If you want to I can edit the original post to remove the flash IDs, though at a glance I can't see any personal info in them so it should be alright to leave them there. Remember that just denying and then ignoring is usually the best defense if anybody ever tries to connect you to something.

Off-topic but this will only become more and more true as we go into a future of easily faked IRL audio/video. I don't know what will be used as evidence in the future, possibly only testimony of multiple witnesses will be viable. Elections will be very rough with fake videos of the candidates circulating, AI will be developed to discover fakes but even then it's not reliable and eventually the fakes will be truly indistinguishable from reality even by AI. But after all the chaos and after everybody has fully realized the problem, maybe being unable to trust what we see on screens will set us free?

>>Anonymous  1dec2019(su)20:48  No.72504  A  P9R8
>perhaps now someone has already downloaded the ones you've listed in this thread just in case
I did so as soon as I saw the thread.I don't know what I'm going to do with them but I doubt it will be anything other than have them take up space on my hard drive.
>>bluegreydragon  1dec2019(su)21:31  No.72506  OP  P10R9
Reply to !///SWFAnts #ADMIN#:

So a couple of things I should probably address and clarify:
(also is there a way to officially reply, I've just been putting it in manually)

First I didn't see any tutorials in order to learn how to make Flash, I am genuinely self taught and its part of the reason my art style and way of animating would be unique; as there's no tutorial for people to watch and emulate my style as I didn't watch one either.

Second the reason I'd like the Flashes deleted is because I am planning on making more serious (non fetish) animations, hence the way I view it I'm not just "purging" something I'm replacing it (slowly) with something better. Also you and a few other commenters have already said that these animations are "garbage" and "wouldn't be missed", so I really don't see why the request would give you much pause.

I could see perhaps on principle you don't want to be too eager or too compliant to do deletion requests as you don't want to encourage other people to file deletion requests but you could easily make the case that these were low quality and would not be missed. I'm also asking you as nicely as I can, I know this will be a bit of a hassle and I understand that but I would greatly appreciate that. Let me know if you wanted something in return, but I don't really know what that would be.

Third I suppose there are some people who might be tempted to reupload these, but more than likely they will just take up space on people's computers. Again the flash quality is "garbage" and "wouldn't be missed", so I don't understand why anyone would do that unless it was to spite me or something. Again though I'm asking nicely and I think I've given a pretty good reason, I hope that people would understand my reasons and let it go.

Fourth lets say that for whatever reason someone felt compelled to reupload these animations even though their of poor quality and barely anyone would be interested in them; wouldn't that change the file info, probably burying it even further in the search algorithm and resetting the date stamp. That would probably make it nearly impossible to find unless someone was dead set on wanting to find these animations specifically, and again because they are low quality I think that interest in them would wane very quickly. At that point it would hopefully make them so obscure, that any risk of someone making a connection would probably be very minimal, thus accomplishing what I set out for.

Let me know if you feel I've made my case well enough, I have been trying for years to bury these Flash animations and I will discuss as much as needed to see it through. I only hope you, and the other viewers, can see my honest and genuine request and respect my wish to have these removed, as they are not really worth saving. It's just one person's rough attempt to try and make some Flashes that turned out poorly, and more than likely wont be "history" or worth preserving because they don't lead to anything, and were frankly quite poorly made in the first place because I didn't know what I was doing.

Thank you, I hope that you will help me.

>>bluegreydragon  1dec2019(su)21:44  No.72509  OP  P11
I did so as soon as I saw the thread. I don't know what I'm going to do with them but I doubt it will be anything other than have them take up space on my hard drive.

I don't know if you've actually watched the Flash animations or not, but they really are quite bad; you wouldn't really be preserving some special loved flash, but a person's fumbling attempt at shambling together some crappy animation with even worse assets to go with it.

Trust me, its not worth saving, its certainly not worth keeping, no one will miss it when its gone, and I doubt these have even been viewed by anyone other than me and those who are morbidly curious (and have seen this thread).

All these animations do is remind me that once, while I was very bored and had way too much spare time, I made something that wasn't very good that no one cared about. All it does is remind me that I used to suck way worse at this, and the only thing it does is discourage me from making newer and better things.

I hope you will see my words and will let them convince you, I cannot do anything other than ask you nicely, and hope that you will understand.

Thank you.

>>Anonymous  4dec2019(we)05:38  No.72592  A  P12R10
I'm pretty sure that SWFAnts made a long winded post of "no". Just move on and pretend you never made them, regardless of your feelings towards them or whether SWFAnts deletes them. If looking back on your previous art makes you feel bad, take a break about thinking about these files and work on improving your art. Then you can take a look back upon them, if you can't help yourself, and see how much you have improved.
This is my advice to you.
>>bluegreydragon  4dec2019(we)14:51  No.72598  OP  P13R11
The admin's answer (SWFAntz) seemed a bit open ended to me, though I haven't really spent too much time on this discussion board.

SWFAntz, if you're reading this, is the above commenter correct? or not? Is there any way to message you to see if there's anything else to be done?

I wouldn't mind exchanging a quick email to discuss it. Please let me know.

>>bluegreydragon  9dec2019(mo)00:45  No.72678  OP  P14
So finally figured out how to reply to these things, whoops on that it's been ages since I've been on a forum like this one; maybe you didn't see my previous reply yet (since it wasn't a quote or direct reply).

But hey I didn't get your reply back on my explanation beforehand. I'll summarize but basically it boiled down to:
- I can't really deflect to a tutorial to explain my art style since I'm self taught.

- I'll be making new flash animations that are better than these (and non fetish) to sorta "replace" these, so you really don't have to worry about content loss, I'm sure you're site will pick up the new ones eventually.

- The flashes in question are low quality and few if anyone would care about them, thus it shouldn't give anyone pause to get rid of them.

- Finally if you think it would be futile (because maybe someone would re-upload them) it will still be with a different date stamp, file name, and different tags; probably changing its priority in search indexes and burying it by default anyway (thus making it nearly impossible to find and serving my original goal in a round about way).

Can I please get your response, does all of that still not convince you?

If you want I wouldn't mind creating a temp email and discussing this further if you prefer. Please let me know, I'd like to get something sorted here.
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