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>>Anonymous  24sep2019(tu)20:53  No.71291  OP  P1
sunshingalv3 NO FRAME

HUD pissed me off. Fucked up the "cum together" button though... You can also close her legs when in dick insertion animation.

sunshingal-NOFRAME.swf (3.42 MiB)
1470x925, Compressed (Deflate). 6 frames, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  26sep2019(th)01:35  No.71385  A  P2R1
The frame was such a bad game design decision, if they wanted to add a mechanic that zoomed in portions of the animation there are far better ways to do it. good edit tho homie.
>>Anonymous  27sep2019(fr)05:02  No.71397  B  P3R2
This guy should be paying editors to apply the needed final touches.
>>Anonymous  29sep2019(su)13:38  No.71413  C  P4R3
>>Anonymous  29sep2019(su)22:39  No.71417  D  P5R4
lel at thumbnail. give me that girl!
>>Anonymous  30sep2019(mo)00:02  No.71418  E  P6R5
If you ever played The Forest you'll know that multi legged bitches are bad news
>>Anonymous  30sep2019(mo)11:19  No.71429  F  P7R6
what a fucking waste, have a pokeball and dont have her turn into a blaziken or anything, just give her a dick
fucking cock sucker
>>Anonymous  30sep2019(mo)15:26  No.71430  G  P8R7
Is it possible to get her to suck your dick?
>>Anonymous  1oct2019(tu)05:50  No.71436  H  P9R8
If you pay him $5 a month on Patreon.
>>Anonymous  1oct2019(tu)10:49  No.71437  B  P10R9
More like $50 a month. And he'll get around to it sometime in the year 2050 while he releases more demos to feed the piggies.
>>Anonymous  2oct2019(we)00:31  No.71438  I  P11R10
Here's a question.
Do you see anymore animators actually working on adult stuff? Or 2D stuff, at least?
The answer is "no". The "laziness" is because the work is fucking impossible to keep up with, and the douchebags of the Internet who have no idea how animation works feel like telling them how to do their jobs. As a result, they're leaving in droves. Creambee will be gone soon too. And then all we'll have are the SFM animators, until that goes away too.

Maybe, rather than insulting the people who make your porn, insisting that their work isn't worth paying for, you show some fucking gratitude, before all of this becomes impossible and you never have another creator who makes more than one or two animations before deciding it isn't worth it.

Opportunity cost, folks.

>>Anonymous  2oct2019(we)05:11  No.71439  B  P12R11
I'm good. I have Honey Select, Monster Girl Island, and I always have Koikatsu and Playhome should I choose to download at no cost.
3D H games are exploding right now.
If SFM artists want to go on strike watch me cry about while I actually go to work and pay taxes.
>>Anonymous  3oct2019(th)22:42  No.71488  I  P13R12
You think art and animation aren't "real jobs"?
>>Anonymous  3oct2019(th)22:47  No.71489  I  P14
And we're all super proud of you for going to work and making a living.
It's super hard to, you know, do what everybody expects you to do on a daily basis.
Also, for something so simple and straightforward (why don't you all go get actual jobs) you sure do hold it up as some lofty goal - some great matter of pride.
Tell me. Who does your job actually help? How are you bettering society with what you do?
Not to knock your lifestyle choices. But you sure do seem quick to dismiss everybody else's, because corporate is a whole lot less exploitative than these random Patreon people trying to make a living, for some reason.
>>Anonymous  6oct2019(su)17:11  No.71538  J  P15R13
Fucking thank you! Those damn frames always ruin shit like this for me because I like to see the whole thing at once and usually you can alter the scaling or window size depending on your player to adjust but it still looks broken when there's a frame involved!

Creambee has good style otherwise, I can't afford to support more than a handful of NSFW artists but Creambee is among the chosen.

>>Anonymous  7oct2019(mo)00:13  No.71543  B  P16R14
Correct art is not a job, it's a hobby.
You're probably paying for Twitch subs and YT Red as well right?
Meanwhile men are out there handling the important real world tasks. Not sitting the AC animating boobies for cucks who actually pay for porn online in the current year lol.
I guess we should all quit our actual roles in society and we can all jump on the e-beg train.
Shouldn't you two be at work earning that tax-free donation money for Creambee? Not here on a pirate site with his Paytreon leaks?
Thanks to this logic we now have monetized mods showing up in something like Street Fighter 5 sexy skins. Or Illusion skins. Thanks cucks. Good job being a little paypig.
>>Anonymous  10oct2019(th)04:20  No.71650  K  P17R15
>paying for Twitch subs and YT Red
>paying for anything besides your ISP
>>Anonymous  10oct2019(th)04:23  No.71651  K  P18
Also this faggot garbage is about 15% less faggy without the frame, but it's still terrible and gay.
>>Anonymous  17oct2019(th)23:44  No.71768  L  P19R16
How did you get her to wear a one piece swimsuit and wet?
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