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>>nick  9sep2019(mo)12:58  No.71003  OP  P1

forwarded from the internet

Hello! I am glad you enjoyed my game enough to find a way to enable cheats. I programmed my game so it works the way I want to play it. But I of course invite others to hack the game so it works the way they want to play it, it is not mine anymore. It belongs to the world. It would be silly to argue otherwise, considering how much of other people's intellectual property I trampled over to make this game.

Here's a full list of cheats. I think they should all be available in the hacked SWF:

Main Menu cheats:
ABxyy: (x and y are numbers) Play a game with Abra on level x, with dialog tree yy. Levels 0-2 are puzzles, and level 3 is the sexy part.
ABx99: (x is a number) Play a game with Abra on level x, without changing the dialog.
BUxyy: Play a game with Buizel on level x, with dialog tree yy.
CHxyy: Play a game with Grimer on level x, with dialog tree yy.
GRxyy: Play a game with Grovyle on level x, with dialog tree yy.
HExyy: Play a game with Heracross on level x, with dialog tree yy.
MAxyy: Play a game with Magnezone on level x, with dialog tree yy.
LUxyy: Play a game with Lucario on level x, with dialog tree yy.
SAxyy: Play a game with Sandslash on level x, with dialog tree yy.
RHxyy: Play a game with Rhydon on level x, with dialog tree yy.
ZZxyy: Play a game with whichever character you click on level x, with dialog tree yy.
BUOYS: Change all pokemon to boys.
CHTxx: (x is a number) Append xx items to the chat history. Some dialog and event sequences depend on how long it's been since someone told you something. This is a good way to make it so those sequences will happen again.
CYCLE: Click a pokemon to rotate the pokemon selection as though you'd just played a game with that pokemon.
ENDxx: Skip to certain ending sequences. Valid values are 00-29.
GIRLS: Change all pokemon to girls.
HAND0: Misplace your hand somewhere.
HAND1: Restore a lost hand, and wipe away any bad smells.
HORN0: Set all pokemon libido meters to 0.
INTR0, INTR1, INTR2: Replay different parts of the "new player" intro
ITEMS: Unlock all items.
MONEY: Get $10,000.
SCALE: Skip straight to the scale balancing minigame instead of solving puzzles.
SMELL: Your cursor becomes smelly.
STAIR: Skip straight to the stair climbing minigame instead of solving puzzles.
TUGOW: Skip straight to the tug-of-war minigame instead of solving puzzles.
UNEAT: If an item has been eaten, this will restore the item to your inventory.
WAITxx: Simulate xx minutes of game activity. Things like reward amounts and libido meters increase over time. This is a good way to test what happens over long periods of time, without actually sitting at your computer wiggling the mouse.
YRANK: Display a detailed history of your rank.

Puzzle cheats:
$: Summon a random bonus chest.
%: Skip Grovyle's intro, when starting a brand new game
shift: Hold shift when dropping the last critter in a solution to treat the solution as valid.

Shop cheats:
BOXxx: Skip ahead to the xxth mystery box.
MAGN1, MAGN2, MAGN3, MAGN4: A strange visitor appears in the shop.
MAGN0: The strange visitor leaves.
ZXC: Rotate the shop items as though the player just solved a puzzle.
Zxx: (x is a 2-digit number) Rotate in a specific set of shop items. This removes those items from your inventory and reimburses you. It's useful for testing dialog sequences.

tl;dr I think the code everyone will want is to type "LU399" on the main menu to skip to having sex with Lucario! But, you do you.

1525303388.argonvile_monstermind_cheats_2019_u18chan.swf (9.31 MiB)
768x432, Compressed (Deflate). 2 frames, 60 fps (00:00).
Ver21, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  11sep2019(we)22:19  No.71037  A  P2
Fuck Argon Vile
>>Anonymous  12sep2019(th)10:41  No.71054  B  P3R1
love the game and art style.
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