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>>Anonymous  8sep2019(su)20:31  No.70988  OP  P1
Amy Rose Flashchan.swf (70.4 KiB)
900x200, Compressed (Deflate). 65 frames, 25 fps (00:03).
Ver9, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  8sep2019(su)22:12  No.70990  A  P2
I only see autism, where is the porn?
>>Anonymous  10sep2019(tu)03:35  No.71010  B  P3R1
it was a banner for
it's dead now but it was basically like swfchan, just a fine collection of h-flash
>>Anonymous  10sep2019(tu)12:00  No.71020  C  P4R2
the older banner is here:
think i'll upload it with the Amy Rose Flashchan.swf filename as well
>>Anonymous  10sep2019(tu)17:54  No.71025  D  P5R3
on a side note is a thing
>>Anonymous  10sep2019(tu)18:30  No.71026  A  P6R4
>The moment when you realize flash based sites will die off after december 2020
>>Anonymous  10sep2019(tu)18:57  No.71027  C  P7R5
will probably take a long time for the people that use those sites to finally update their browser.
but still, imagine owning a flash site and all of a sudden it will start to die off from no fault of your own. just because some companies decided for us that we no longer want flash.
you spend years building on top of something that the whole world is using and one day you wake up to discover a small group of people have decided it's easier to just kill it off instead of fixing it.
>>Anonymous  10sep2019(tu)23:00  No.71029  E  P8R6
the ''oficial'' version says something about flash having a lot of security holes and similar etcs
>>Anonymous  11sep2019(we)04:53  No.71030  F  P9R7
>finally update their browser.
Imagine only using one browser.
>>Anonymous  12sep2019(th)08:34  No.71052  D  P10R8
thats not how it works bro
>>Anonymous  15sep2019(su)23:12  No.71088  C  P11R9
nothing that can't be fixed

it clearly is
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