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>>Anonymous  3aug2019(sa)12:08  No.70412  OP  P1
Rosa Shading Test v2

Found this on my hard drive from like a year ago.

Was a follow-up to rosa_shading_test.swf further tweaking some proportions, fixing a couple bugs. Planned on trying to do the PPPPU style character swap thing but ran into a some issues with it and just abandoned it. Because of the proportion changes Mario's left hand appears to hover later on in the flash. Probably just needs to be shifted inward a bit. Eh.

Posting for posterity.

rosa_shading_test_v2.swf (7.32 MiB)
500x700, Compressed (Deflate). 2 frames, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver10, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  3aug2019(sa)14:49  No.70415  A  P2R1
Pretty nice actually.
Looks better than the original.
The only improvement I could think of is adding the seekbar and maybe a pause which other versions had.
>>Anonymous  3aug2019(sa)20:20  No.70425  B  P3R2
i really dig the 2-tone shading, black ink, and her eyes. :O
not a fan of the skinny tummy though. also in my opinion the man need a little contrast to her skin color. *see attachment

this is one of my favorite -8 flashes. are you editing an existing flash or do you have a working fla? if you have the fla could you share it please?

nice work!


>>Anonymous  4aug2019(su)05:47  No.70432  C  P4R3
a good post OP
>>Anonymous  4aug2019(su)11:03  No.70441  OP  P5R4
>>70415 >>70425

Totally! This is branched from the original flash so it's missing a lot of the bells and whistles from some of the other mods (time sliding, etc.) I'd also imagine this shading could be replicated using the original proportions... you should be able to crack open the SWF and swap out the shapes as needed.

Unfortunately no FLA. However! I used an older version of Adobe's Flash to create the shapes, and JPEXS to replace the shapes in the file itself. JPEXS is also able to convert to and from XML which helps mass replacement of colors and such... similar to swfmill which is also a pretty awesome tool for flash editing but not really updated these days.

Side tangent: Sucks flash is losing support in 2020. :( Hopefully there's a similar community around modding porn Unity builds! It's been fun while it's lasted!

>>Anonymous  4aug2019(su)12:17  No.70443  D  P6R5
I actually like the new proportions a lot more. It's a matter of taste I guess. And before you make the guys skin darker (again) why not make her even lighter?
(I had to think back to the ppppu edits were for what ever reason every new version sneakily made the guys skin darker, one tone at a time)
I made an attempt myself but it looks like ass at the moment because I messed up the shading in the process.

Even when the support for flash ends I doubt flash will 'die' for another decade or so. On the other hand I also doubt their will be a community like this for Unity, so yeah...

>>Anonymous  5aug2019(mo)02:42  No.70464  B  P7R6
thanks for the reply. yeah, i don't really have the ability to edit shapes. i've tried inkscape for editing vectors, but JPEX always gives me warnings about 'blah blah blah is not supported'. -_-

it does come down to personal preference when it comes to body shape. skinny girls that are 'holding in' their stomachs is mainstream. which is boring as fuck to me! i'd would MUCH rather have a girl that is soft to the touch.

just because 'support' is being dropped, doesn't mean flash is going anywhere. -8 still codes in actionscript 1(?) for which support was dropped ages ago.
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