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>>Anonymous  30jul2019(tu)17:47  No.70355  OP  P1
Creambee - OpenBar v1.0.swf (4.77 MiB)
1210x910, Compressed (Deflate). 24 frames, 26 fps (00:01).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]
>>Anonymous  30jul2019(tu)19:30  No.70357  A  P2R1
what's the difference of this one and 0.9? cuz can't find it
>>Anonymous  30jul2019(tu)20:09  No.70358  B  P3R2
Sex speeds, an orgasm meter, vaginal and aheago. Basically just finished the framework.
>>Anonymous  30jul2019(tu)20:57  No.70361  C  P4R3
There's the same orgasm sound when she cums, including the pop of you pulling out even though you stay in.
>>Anonymous  30jul2019(tu)21:42  No.70362  D  P5R4
When you play with her pussy it makes the framerate die same as Sunshine gal. What the fuck is the flash doing when you do that? Mining for fucking bitcoin?
>>Anonymous  30jul2019(tu)22:09  No.70363  B  P6R5
If it's the same as SSG, then there's multiple shapes being rendered at once, which kills performance.
>>Anonymous  30jul2019(tu)23:46  No.70366  E  P7R6
how do u fuck pussy
>>Anonymous  31jul2019(we)00:05  No.70367  F  P8R7
Play it in a standalone swf player like a normal person, you mongoloid.
>>Anonymous  31jul2019(we)00:06  No.70368  G  P9R8
Dress better, avoid too much time online because it kills some neurons. Writing in correct english and using punctuation marks can greatly improve your chances.
Going out to meet new people is always a good advice.
>>Anonymous  31jul2019(we)05:38  No.70370  H  P10R9
So basically what the first version should have been for the Paytrecucks.
Hence why I come here for free SWF instead of EA Early Access Paytreon product release models.
One of these Paytrefucks is going add loot boxes to their game, mark my words.
>>Anonymous  31jul2019(we)09:13  No.70371  I  P11R10
Hey what about you fuck wit neanderthals quit the the fucking caveman comments and tell us to get the option to fuck her pussy. >>70368 especially "your" dumbass.
>>Anonymous  31jul2019(we)17:42  No.70372  J  P12R11
There's no art or animations for fucking the puss.
Took it apart and there's nothing there. The most you can do is play with the clit.
>>Anonymous  31jul2019(we)17:42  No.70373  J  P13
There's no art or animations for fucking the puss.
Took it apart and there's nothing there. The most you can do is play with the clit.

Also you talk like a fag and your shit's all retarded.

>>Anonymous  1aug2019(th)18:42  No.70390  K  P14R12
Is any creambee content actually in the final stages? I've seen for months now version yadda yadda and beyond but never final or sometimes when something looks final they get a new update but the update is so obscure you have to go treasure hunting like fucking game tester to find out whats new.
>>Anonymous  3aug2019(sa)06:00  No.70407  H  P15R13
Pre-order the next Creambee Flash v.01 today! Pay for it in full right now.
I'm sure he'll still around to finish Sun Shine Gals and this one right?
Still hasn't completed Princess Peach Trapped. Why bother adding options when you never finish the project?
Also where's A2 in this game?
>>Anonymous  3aug2019(sa)14:12  No.70413  L  P16R14
Most of Creambee's stuff is completed, he just revisits stuff sometimes and adding in a bit more content, and often plans out more content than he actually intends to implement (generally marking them as "If I get around to it" style updates).
>>Anonymous  3aug2019(sa)21:10  No.70426  B  P17R15
If that's the case, then he shouldn't leave options in with "WIP" overlayed on them.
>>Anonymous  4aug2019(su)08:30  No.70439  H  P18R16
Why bother teasing your audience with unfinished options.
It's false promise bait marketing.
That being said this particular game has so much potential with more content. But I'm guessing this is the final version despite what he may have planned for this.
Gotta milk those piggies with promises of another flash.
Maybe drop the subscription BS and find a way to sell the completed works one at a time?
Wait until these Paytreon con artists start making people sub and buy individual works. Like Google Stadia's plan for game streaming lol.
>>Anonymous  4aug2019(su)11:18  No.70442  C  P19R17
I'd say it's incompetence or the whims of a creator more than any kind of cunning plan or wickedness. As far as i know the only animation with WIP on it still is PPT, and that had a bunch of versions put out and work put into it; the worst you can say of it is the effort is misdirected towards more girls instead of getting all the buttons to do a thing, and frankly i think i'd rather have the girls over a vibe or a buttplug. Hell, if anything, he should make it so the cheeks stay spread before adding in toys.

But anyhow, yeah, nah; you sound like an anus. Maybe you should try jacking your meat instead of your ego with this insult reach-around.

>>Anonymous  4aug2019(su)13:57  No.70444  L  P20R18
He shouldn't put a WIP on stuff that isn't finished? It's not like there's just countless WIP signs slapped on his stuff, it's literally only on games that are explicitly still being developed.
PPT isn't a completed game, he literally said he was shelving it in favor of working on other projects even though it wasn't finished yet.
>>Anonymous  4aug2019(su)14:23  No.70445  L  P21
Open Bar is just a short primarily being developed by ExDee and Aika, not Creambee. There aren't any further plans for it outside of revisiting it in their spare time and adding in new cosmetics, the game was just an animated version of Noill's 'Liru at the Tiki Bar' picture but with a NieR theme.
Creambee's current plan is going back to updating Sun Shine Gal with anal options and possibly other minor additions if he thinks of any and has time to add them.

For someone so opinionated about his work, you really don't seem to follow his extremely transparent development process and updates.

>>Anonymous  5aug2019(mo)09:04  No.70467  H  P22R19
Ya'll crazy if you think he will ever finish PPT tabs. He already milked the subs for it.
Sun Shine Gals is still unfinished also. Most of his previous flashes are quite minimal to begin with.
Also this has Creambee's name on it, but it wasn't created by him? OK, false ads then.
And yeah I don't follow artists and worship them. I just find the games for free once they release.
That's kind of the purpose of this site am I correct?
Let's just not even address how these artists are using other people's OCs for monetary gain. 2B and Nier being owned by some game dev studio, not Creambee.
Also if you think these artists aren't purposely practicing cunning plans or wickedness for personal monetary gain. You need a history lesson on humans living on planet Earth. Exploiting other for personal gain is the meaning of human life :) Obviously.
>>Anonymous  14aug2019(we)01:37  No.70582  M  P23R20
*picture of mr krabs playing the world's smallest violin*
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