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>>Anonymous  15jul2019(mo)06:32  No.70037  OP  P1
Monsters Cum.swf (2.8 MiB)
645x365, Compressed (Deflate). 2387 frames, 14 fps (02:50).
Ver9, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  15jul2019(mo)22:11  No.70053  A  P2R1
It's kinda sad when you think about that the little girl from the movie will probably grow up to be this girl.
>>Anonymous  16jul2019(tu)00:49  No.70055  B  P3R2
dumbass creator


>>Anonymous  18jul2019(th)17:10  No.70113  C  P4R3
Jimx should really stick to stills. Man can't swf to save his life.
>>Anonymous  18jul2019(th)18:28  No.70115  OP  P5R4
good job helping to kill flash. well done.
>>Anonymous  21jul2019(su)03:42  No.70150  C  P6R5
flash started dying recently, this crapping shaky looking flash was made 3 years ago but the creator made it look like it was made in 2007 because he don't know shit and can't take criticism so like every other chump he gave up putting effort into it because "muh feelings hurt" if you wanted to make flash you would make good flash and fix what people say was wrong with it.
>>Anonymous  22jul2019(mo)00:15  No.70164  OP  P7R6
if i were an artist considering whether or not i should make a flash the last thing i would want to see is an unappreciative and entitled community. no way quality of this level deserves a "man can't swf to save his life". this flash clearly has more effort put into it than your average flash. what's diminishing flash is the lack of new artists getting into it, by labeling something of THIS tier as "bad" you're discouraging everybody to even try.
>>Anonymous  22jul2019(mo)16:48  No.70184  D  P8R7
fuck off jimx
>>Anonymous  23jul2019(tu)04:44  No.70195  E  P9R8
Flash is going to be dead in 2020 anyways.
>>Anonymous  23jul2019(tu)14:05  No.70203  C  P10R9
If everyone thought like you then newgrounds wouldn't be full of flash artists even today. But you have a right to your "opinion".
>>Anonymous  24jul2019(we)03:18  No.70215  A  P11R10
Or not!
>>Anonymous  24jul2019(we)12:05  No.70233  F  P12R11
Why is this always making weird stuff? it's almost as if what turned him on was creepyness and nothing more than it lols

Flash is already dead to me, chrome doesn't support it, firefox often gives problems with it, it's glitchy and laggy on browser, only thing keeping it alive in the whole internet seems to be newgrounds, this site and porn artists

>>Anonymous  25jul2019(th)00:50  No.70242  A  P13R12
How about you stop using flash inside your browser then and download and open it with an actual flashplayer?
Also: I use modern day win10 and current Firefox and there's yet to be something glitchy about my flashes. Sounds more like your CPU is shite.
Also: why are you here if flash is already dead to you? Move on to HTML5chan.
>>Anonymous  26jul2019(fr)01:15  No.70253  G  P14R13
now i want HTML5chan

why noone starts to create such a site for the new generation after good old grandpa-swf gets retired....? Is such a thing in planning or does it already exist..?

>>Anonymous  26jul2019(fr)03:13  No.70262  A  P15R14
lurk more, lurk so much more

it's pretty desolate though, for obvious reasons
I'm not gonna spout the whole jargon again here, but HTML5 is no substitute for swf, it's as simple as that
you'd rather make real C++ games at that point, or mp4 videos

>>Anonymous  30jul2019(tu)08:46  No.70352  H  P16R15
Cute ^_^ I love the part when she licks the mysterious slime and goes "KiTTY" with glee.
Also, nice Frozen cameo by way of door poster. You know she likes that sort of thing with all the didos on the dresser.
I hope to see more flash videos like this. Well done. :)
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