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>>Anonymous  4jul2019(th)03:43  No.69778  OP  P1
Haven't seen the special edition yet in the archive.
Figured if I'm already putting in an alternate version, I might as well use the VHS rip quality version.

As always lately, this is just the converted video as Zone didn't release the actual swfs.

Zone - XXXtreme_Ghostbusters_(VHS_Special_Edition).swf (68.88 MiB)
1280x960, Compressed (Deflate). 3 frames, 120 fps (00:00).
Ver17, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  4jul2019(th)07:31  No.69781  A  P2R1
So, someone put a VHS filter on top of the original and that's it? Sure got my hopes high for nothing, thanks man.
>>Anonymous  4jul2019(th)16:24  No.69787  B  P3R2
Don't listen to that dick (>>69781) OP, this is great. Had no idea there was a special VHS edition of the porn, it actually makes it a little better. you re-encoded it in good quality too
>>Anonymous  4jul2019(th)18:44  No.69788  OP  P4R3
the big difference to the special edition (with both normal and VHS) is that the montage scene still features sound and voice acting which makes the flash 20% more fappable imo
also, it's old af, 2016 I think, so nothing new
still waiting on that Lord Dominator flash...
>>Anonymous  4jul2019(th)20:23  No.69789  C  P5R4

Just want to say that Zone Archive finally released a damn update yesterday, but they're only image previews. Hoping those pics will be leaked soon.

>>Anonymous  6jul2019(sa)04:29  No.69821  B  P6R5
>also, it's old af, 2016 I think, so nothing new
i usually don't care unless zone releases a flash so its new to me.
holy shit, you're right that it's from the end of 2016. time is moving way too fast as you get older.
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