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>>Anonymous  3jul2019(we)02:46  No.69740  OP  P1
Is EroPharaoh back?

EroPharaoh's patreon has a new post as of June 30. Are there any patrons here who can tell us what's going on? Is he out?

Included flash because apparently that isn't optional.

EroPharaoh - Lois Griffin pub.swf (5.68 MiB)
950x950, Compressed (Deflate). 27 frames, 24 fps (00:01).
Ver36, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  3jul2019(we)03:08  No.69741  A  P2R1
From a comment in his latest newgrounds news post: "in summary Eropharaoh’s case has been dragging and he’s missing reading all the positive comments from all the supporters. Also, his girlfriend is helping Eropharaoh managing the accounts right now and will scan the pictures he has made."
>>Anonymous  3jul2019(we)03:26  No.69742  B  P3R2
what's this lawsuit about anyway?

>tfw you find out that a porn artist have a gf while you don't
>tfw you find out that not only does he have a gf but she helps out with the porn work

>>Anonymous  3jul2019(we)03:45  No.69743  C  P4R3
Nothing kills my enjoyment of a flash more reliably than Oolay Whale
>>Anonymous  3jul2019(we)04:07  No.69745  OP  P5R4
Damn. Still no proper update. Still, thank you for the info!

I'm beginning to worry there isn't a legal case at all.

She's the only voice actress involved in rule34 putting in any effort. Mute the audio and don't be an assbag.

>>Anonymous  3jul2019(we)04:57  No.69748  D  P6R5
oh hey oolay, still being a whore?
>>Anonymous  3jul2019(we)05:01  No.69749  E  P7R6
Would you rather porn parodies have no female voice acting at all? She's good at what she does and works for pretty cheap. If you dont like it, mute it and quit being a baby.
>>Anonymous  3jul2019(we)05:57  No.69751  F  P8R7
Not a lawsuit, they were arrested. No details given other than it was for a "non-violent crime" but they're fighting it. This is from the last update shared to as of Jan.30.

>>Anonymous  3jul2019(we)06:50  No.69752  G  P9R8
Honestly rather we go back to using voice clips. Better than this.
>>Anonymous  3jul2019(we)07:52  No.69753  H  P10R9
If there's a reason to not commit suicide at the moment, it's to wait until the Marie Kanker flash is ever 100% completed.
>>Anonymous  4jul2019(th)05:27  No.69779  I  P11R10
Imagine telling the internet you got arrested. And they are still funding you lol.
Assuming any arrest even happened.
What's next? Is he going to have sudden medical issues and needs support for that also?
And I agree the voice clips thing. Sure works well in Skullgirls on Fours. It is Lois Griffin's voice here though. That's terrifying to begin with.
>>Anonymous  4jul2019(th)16:18  No.69786  B  P12R11
thanks, i'll copy the text here in case your url goes down:

Letter from EroPharaoh 2019-01-30 23:54
Dear Patrons and fans,
I'm so sorry I've been missing for so long. Unfortunately, I've been arrested and have been in jail since December 5th. I'm still fighting the case, so I shouldn't go into details, but I can tell you it is a non-violent crime. I'm having my brother update this via letter. If you are able to continue pledging, it will help me and my family out greatly, but I completely understand if not, as I can't animate in here. I will be right back to it once I'm out, however, so please check in with my accounts every now and then. It may be a while, but I will try to have my brother update everyone when I know more. I miss you all, and I'm very sorry.

actually a good point, he has 194 patrons and earns $470 per month for literally nothing delivered. they don't even say what he is jailed for, i'd be willing to bet he would lose some supporters if they actually knew what kind of person they were donating to. there was this update text on his patreon text written by his brother:

Hello, this is EroPharaoh's brother updating on his behalf. It's my sad duty to inform everyone that due to the content creator EroPharaoh being incarcerated, all tiers are going to be "donation only" until further notice. The previous rewards are being shown to keep track of them once he is back and able to continue them. Please feel free to continue with support to help through this difficult time, however obviously rewards/commissions cannot be worked on until after his release. I will try to update with any news he wishes me to share, and he wanted to thank everyone for the support they've shown, both donations and general appreciation of his art.

what's most suspicious is that there's not even a mention of how long he is expected to be in prison so people can continue to donate money to him forever. there are 10 missing posts on tho so maybe there is more info about this that only donators get to know about (for some reason)

assuming it's true who would want to continue this once they are released anyway? imagine being in prison for years, would you go back to your flash porn duties afterwards, especially if you already have the money? the way they have set things up he could pretend to still be in prison even after being released, unless those 10 missing posts have more details (i would at least want a prison-release-date myself if i were a donor)

>>Anonymous  4jul2019(th)20:59  No.69790  J  P13R12
it's most likely over some bullshit loli, or maybe incest (rick&morty flash comes to mind) controversy or maybe some copyright shit
something stupid like that, that's why zone made it 100% that he would unfortunately never release anything even closely resembling loli

i don't think personally that EroPharaoh is that kind of scam, he's genuinely passionate about creating his art and has yet never tried any suspicious shenanigans
maybe he's embarrased or afraid that people know about his "professional work" irl, maybe they just don't know how long he will be in prison, seems he is still in arrest for the duration of the trial which can vary in length notably
he did clearly say it's donation only, so people still paying are just donating for nothing, that's their own choice, I mean, look at spoonys patreon, which unfortunate souls are still paying this asshole's livelyhood? maybe people just want to support him or his family through this alleged hard times

I'd be surprised actually if all of this was just an elaborate ruse
hope the guy will just continue his work without a lifetime of trauma of getting assraped in prison because he's a "fucking pedophile rapist (of virtual toon characters)"

>>Anonymous  4jul2019(th)21:11  No.69791  K  P14R13
Given his entire attitude towards drawing canonically underaged characters seems to be "age em up and don't allow them to have a flat chest" I wouldn't say it was him drawing loli that was the problem and I have never heard of anyone getting arrested for drawing incest (patreon is against it tho).
>>Anonymous  4jul2019(th)21:43  No.69792  L  P15R14
If anything the crime is probably not even related to his "work" and some other BS people do by using the US Law against someone by technicality, no matter how dubious it sounds but still make it viable in court. People have done it a plethora of times in the past just to get money or to get back at someone they don't like for some silly reasons.
>>Anonymous  4jul2019(th)23:50  No.69793  M  P16R15
Truer words have never been spoken. I hate the cunt.
>>Anonymous  5jul2019(fr)08:31  No.69795  N  P17R16

Incel can't handle women voice acting, get a load of this faggot.

>>Anonymous  5jul2019(fr)09:29  No.69796  I  P18R17
I guarantee the entire prison claim is a scam.
Come on now.
Possibly tax evasion if anything. I would 110% expect this from any unemployed shit on Paytrecon.
ThotAudit wasn't just about the camgirls. All these online crowdfunders dodge taxes if they can. It's understandable because F the Gov, but still risky.
>>Anonymous  5jul2019(fr)10:26  No.69799  O  P19R18
I really don't understand the Oolay hate. She hasn't done anything wrong. All I can see is you guys just hate her voice and that just boils down to your personal taste. Like WTF you all act like she a scumbag on the same level as Momokun. She just selling her voice talent.
>>Anonymous  5jul2019(fr)17:11  No.69802  N  P20R19

Because if a woman does anything that doesn't involve being their breeding slave, they're a "stacy" or a "becky"

Daily reminder that the U.S Airforce has posted warnings on their bases about Incels and how to spot them. Not even the U.S Military wants Incels around.

>>Anonymous  5jul2019(fr)20:26  No.69805  J  P21R20
le wat are you even on about?
>>Anonymous  7jul2019(su)17:34  No.69840  P  P22R21
this is such an incel post lmao
>>Anonymous  8jul2019(mo)08:31  No.69859  B  P23R22
>zone made it 100% that he would unfortunately never release anything even closely resembling loli
you sure about that? wf d.swf
there are more as well, like XJ9.swf, that could be counted as loli but those two i linked are pretty undeniable
>>Anonymous  8jul2019(mo)23:10  No.69877  J  P24R23
Yeah, I guess Toph is as risquée as it gets.
I mean, those are all veery old ones, he was kinda lenient back then. He explicitly said he'd never do actual loli though (like Kairi from KH1), but with time he understandably grew even more paranoid, so a flash like Jinxed might not've been made today.
XJ9 the same, it's inhuman enough, but maybe we would never see such a thing from zone again.
Not very surprising with the lolibanwave of the last decade though.
>>Anonymous  9jul2019(tu)02:44  No.69884  M  P25R24
>Voice """acting"""
Yeah, sure thing cuck. This is the pinnacle of talent. Don't you have to go and pick up your wifes son now?
>>Anonymous  9jul2019(tu)22:16  No.69891  J  P26R25
I can't even distinguish anymore if you're just trolling trolls at this point, or if you didn't really get what the person you replied to said and just imply you have to reply with a snarky insult?
Do you defend Oolay now or not?
I really don't get what the fuss is about. She's just some now-famous ex-newgroundstier female voice, like Rina-chan, but without all the bitchy attitudes.
Is fame now a reason enough to hate on someone? Sure a little more diversity with moans in h-flashes would be dandy, but then again, how many women even today are doing this as a job? It's hard to come by any acceptable non-stock moans.
I am more dissatisfied with zone now resorting to Caxx as a hentai voice actress, because his whole shtick was kinda using actual voicelines from the show.
>>Anonymous  9jul2019(tu)23:25  No.69894  M  P27R26
Oolay is entitled trash who maintains relevancy through an army of whiteknight virgins ensnared by her cat screams. She needs to sit the fuck down and fade into obscurity so that she isn't the go to slut for moaning into a microphone. Who knows, maybe with the bitch gone, some actual talent may be able to shine through.
>>Anonymous  10jul2019(we)05:35  No.69899  I  P28R27
I'd rather have stock moans than support e-thots. Not like we are supporting them here though thankfully :)
>>Anonymous  10jul2019(we)17:05  No.69906  Q  P29R28
Biggest incel post of the year, jealous cuck lmao
>>Anonymous  10jul2019(we)20:08  No.69911  N  P30R29

When the anon is such an incel that he insults himself by accident

>>Anonymous  10jul2019(we)20:08  No.69912  N  P31

>Who knows, maybe with the bitch gone, some actual talent may be able to shine through.

No you dumbass, you'll just call the next porn voice actor that comes along an e-thot and shift all this onto them.

>>Anonymous  11jul2019(th)05:52  No.69923  O  P32R30
Your face is entitled trash. Every woman who ever made a voice portfolio since the amateur voice acting scene on newgrounds and even thinks of selling their voice is bound to get flak for no reason other than incels crying and their personal taste. Sure rina-chan is bitchy but rina a.k.a Kira Buckland bitchy as she may be, got a lot of official anime voice dubbing roles and video game voice roles. Like Talim from Soulcalibur VI, 2B from Nier Automata,Heart Aino from BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle. she started on newgrounds and climbed her way to the top earning some serious money. And what are you doing? Working your shit job? Coming here to a /fap/ forum and shitting on people for even trying? Did you voice any roles?
>>Anonymous  11jul2019(th)06:04  No.69924  O  P33
People like Rina-chan got her name in the opening/ending credits when people play video games or watch anime in english dub. And Oolay gets her name on the credits screen after people play porn flashes. You are calling people entitled trash when they have done nothing to you or a community ... on a porn forum. And the only reason ... THE only reason you're mad is because you FEEL you are entitled to a better, hotter and more professional voice actress according to your personal taste. Go jump off a cliff mate.
>>Anonymous  11jul2019(th)11:14  No.69928  I  P34R31
The funniest thing about all this drama is the fact it's supposed to be Lois Griffin's voice.
Who wants to listen to that during a fap? Shut up Meg.
>>Anonymous  11jul2019(th)13:28  No.69929  R  P35R32
bruh... you guys are babies...
If you don't like it, don't support/watch/play it. It's just that simple. If it just the voice just bloody mute it. Mute button have been given, why not use it? Unless you just a lazy fks doing nothing but fappin at someone's work and lazy enough to not press the mute button.
>>Anonymous  11jul2019(th)21:24  No.69945  J  P36R33
Okay, now we're getting into whiteknight territory.
I'm probably the only real "incel" (wizard) here and I have nothing against Oolay. But fuck Runk-a-chunk.
It's like people just can't think for themselves itt. Either they insult themselves while bitching about famous voice actresses for no good reason, or they feel compelled to bring out 100 reasons why Oolay and Rina-chan are the best thing ever and everyone who disagrees is a fucking "incel" (or cuck, or autist, or retard, pick your favorite).

underrated post

>>???? ????  11jul2019(th)23:39  No.69948  S  P37R34
Silence I N C E L.
But, holy shit are you really an incel? ._.
>>Are you a wizard, Harry?  12jul2019(fr)00:51  No.69950  J  P38R35
Not, really, since for me the term "incel" also implies that you don't really want to live with it and suffer from it. I just never gave a fuck about dem relationships with wimminz and now I just enjoy my free time and not having all the problems everyone else seems to relish in.
I guess I could just man up and fuck a whale or a prostitute, but screw it, I just don't really want it that much.
Glad there's so much porn on here though :)
>>Anonymous  12jul2019(fr)04:50  No.69957  T  P39R36
I think you need to look up the definition of incel there...
Incel stands for "involuntary celibacy", which means that wanting to kill yourself isn't the defining trait, it's the fact that you(or whoever) believe no woman wants to fuck you/them, that's the deciding factor.
>>Anonymous  12jul2019(fr)04:51  No.69958  O  P40R37
White knight my ass, calling me a white knight would imply I have something to gain from the 2 women. All I'm saying is they haven't done anything to earn hate so if you wanna hate at least justify your hate. Rina has talent or there wouldn't be job offers for her, this you cannot deny. Her attitude is not a factor. Oolay has some talent and is working for that voice acting money. Not showing tits on a camera for thirsty dudes to throw money at the screen. And if anyone of you disagree that's fine but know that if the hate is unjustified then it grows iinto rumours and false news and may indirectly hurt people even if they are on the other side of the planet. So far the only 3 reasons for hating oolay is she is fat and you don't like her body type and don't like her voice type. How is that justified? So unless you can show she did the world wrong like that shit for brains momokun. Shut the fuck up.
>>Anonymous  12jul2019(fr)05:55  No.69960  I  P41R38
You kids.
Any man who can afford internet can afford sex with a hoe. Maybe they choose to save their money for internet access and free porn instead?
Maybe they don't want to deal with STD-ridden hoes of today? Besides who needs them when we have free downloads of animated SWF, MP4s, WEBMs, and Illusion game engine titles? Not to mention modern self aids in the form of sleeves, disembodied booties, lube, and all that?
Also celibates are keeping the welfare state down. Bless them.
>>Commence Blogposting;  12jul2019(fr)21:31  No.69972  J  P42R39
I know what it means, thanks.
And there you're wrong with your implications. I don't. My involuntarity is up for debate. Over the course of my life it felt like my celibacy was my own (poor) choice, but nonetheless, I never even questioned it. So I wouldn't consider myself involuntarily that, that's what I was trying to say. There were probably some women that I knew, that would've easily fucked me if I approached them. I just never did. Sure, maybe today it would be a little harder than say, ten years ago, but still.
Really depends on how you would define involuntarity. But for me the emphasis on suffering from a higher power (your looks, society, your circumstanes, a hateful god) makes it different to practical celibacy, where the reason why you do it doesn't matter.

tl;dr: I'm just a hikky who never gut lucky and doesn't care.

Yeah, I guess, I just never felt like that was necessary or a good idea. You'd get nothing out of it really, not being able to do that on a regular basis and with no emotional investment. Just doesn't sound any different from just wanking imo.
And how can I miss something I've never experienced? Just do it right, or don't do it at all.
If all you've ever experienced is sex with a hoe, you just hurt yourself in the process, but then again it's just my opinion. Maybe some people are just so curious that they can't live with not having done it ever once.

I don't think you need to be able to gain anything to be considered a whiteknight. Maybe even the opposite actually ;)
Rina-chan is in fact a despicable human being. That's what I said about Oolay, there isn't really anything specially bad known about her, apart from her doing this voicework, which is a good thing.
Rina, on the other hand...
She's just a bitchy, arrogant, entitled feeling woman. She got her name from doing amateurish voicework on Newgrounds, but she was kinda the cock of the walk. Back then, it was either doing your shitty self impression of a female voice, or asking rina-chan to do it.
Obviously she became very famous and liked in the community.
But I guess with fame always comes a downside and slowely but surely her personality changed over the years.
She became self-indulgent and started to bitch about everyone else who had a different opinion about her or her work.
People sure started to catch onto that and she grew a bad reputation among the people who once admired her for doing something nobody else would do.
In the end, sure she did use her leverage and became a full fledged voice actress, but she started to despise and disrespect her beginnings, hating on the very community that made her what she is today. I feel that's kinda an asshole move to make it sound like your holier than all those sad faggots on newgrounds, just because said faggots made it possible for you to evolve further from the community you once chose to indulge in.

Also, the argument with "ARE YOU A FUCKING VOICE ACTOR LOLNO" is kinda stupid. I'm working in a good, well-paid job, that I like, so obviously I'm not doing any voice acting jobs, but I'm not working in a dead-end McJob bitching about people more famous than me. You never hear me whining about the asshole communites that I learned from in my younger years, and how I now have something better to do. I'd rather look back with a melancholy and nostalgic feeling of "it may be cringy, but that was what I was doing back in the day, and thanks to that I gew my interests that now provice me with the fucking jobs that I wanted".

Also, tbo, Kira Buckland doesn't have that much inherit talent imo.
The last thing I've seen her in was Ys VIII, and the character she voiced was easily the worst main in the game. Don't know if maybe it was just the writing or the translation, but she didn't really sell it.
Take e.g. Heather Hogan in ToS, now that was a real talent back in the day.

>>Anonymous  13jul2019(sa)02:49  No.69981  U  P43R40
What the fuck is this gay blogposting?

If you haven't gotten laid by your 22th year, just kill yourself already.

>>Anonymous  13jul2019(sa)03:08  No.69982  D  P44R41
Kill yourself monkey, there are higher pursuits
>>Anonymous  13jul2019(sa)05:51  No.69984  M  P45R42
Damn. The white knight army is out in full force
>"S-someone doesn't agree with the hugbox"
>"We have to protect the queen so that she might notice us"
>"She's the b-best we g-gonna get, so we should accept shit"
Holy fuck. The kids trying to get epussy from a worn out whore that they beat off to daily have the audacity to call me an incel. Newsflash incels, you can be picky with your whores when you have the option.
>>Anonymous  13jul2019(sa)05:55  No.69985  M  P46
Just because someone takes the time to shit on a plate doesn't mean that you have to eat it, retard.
>>Anonymous  13jul2019(sa)07:12  No.69987  N  P47R43

I thought you 'tards were all about spreading your seed and getting your dick in a puss?

>>Anonymous  13jul2019(sa)18:22  No.69990  O  P48R44
Just because someone shits on a plate doesn't mean I can't give it back to them, wanker.
>>Anonymous  14jul2019(su)09:32  No.70009  I  P49R45
"Stupid incels."
Says the guy who's working two jobs to pay child support. I guess when she said, "I'm on the pill you can cum inside." She was actually just trying to win the unemployment lottery.
>>Anonymous  14jul2019(su)23:15  No.70019  OP  P50R46
so no word on EroPharaoh or the June 25 post then?
>>Anonymous  15jul2019(mo)04:59  No.70028  N  P51R47

Are you low functioning?

>>???? ????  15jul2019(mo)05:44  No.70032  S  P52R48
lol no
>>???? ????  15jul2019(mo)05:48  No.70033  S  P53
Also, who fucking locks that kind of post?
That's just downright shady.
>>Anonymous  18jul2019(th)11:43  No.70111  G  P54R49
Jesus you fucking fags shut up, I thought these replies were actually on-topic about ero coming back, but, nah, it's the same cunts whining about oolay or some shit about incels.
Got a message for both of you: dilate.
>>Anonymous  18jul2019(th)19:28  No.70118  V  P55R50
>>Anonymous  18jul2019(th)22:54  No.70121  J  P56R51
What did you expect? There hasn't been any news on him since his alleged incarceration and there probably won't any time soon.
If he comes back you can be sure that anon will create a new thread about it, but in the meantime he goes the way of DoodleNooch, Seismic and Konashion.
>>???? ????  19jul2019(fr)09:07  No.70125  S  P57R52
At we know seismic is alive out the three
Well he's not back. There's nothing to talk about.
>>Anonymous  19jul2019(fr)19:00  No.70128  W  P58R53
>this thread
Can we go back to whinging about dicks being caucasian/african instead?
>>Anonymous  19jul2019(fr)20:19  No.70129  M  P59R54
Fuck women and niggers. There, now we're all on the same page.
>>Anonymous  19jul2019(fr)20:20  No.70130  M  P60
Good goyim, protect the womyn. 10 Shekels have been deposited to your account.
>>Anonymous  19jul2019(fr)22:52  No.70132  N  P61R55

The salt from you is real

>>Anonymous  21jul2019(su)12:07  No.70155  I  P62R56
When free speech is more entertaining than the hosted porn content :)
This thread. Keep going this is gold
>>Anonymous  1aug2019(th)05:53  No.70379  X  P63R57
He's in the US. They don't care about what you draw as long as it doesn't involve real people or minors.
>>Anonymous  1aug2019(th)19:24  No.70392  Y  P64R58
No this is old.
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