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>>Anonymous  29jun2019(sa)16:34  No.69675  OP  P1
Pleasurable Discovery.swf (9.08 MiB)
913x1080, Uncompressed. 4 frames, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver37, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: Yes.
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>>Anonymous  29jun2019(sa)20:36  No.69678  A  P2R1
idk why, but the thumbnail kinda made me think it's 911
>>Anonymous  29jun2019(sa)21:18  No.69679  B  P3R2
wrong section dude. this belongs in 'FURRY'.
>>Anonymous  30jun2019(su)02:07  No.69680  C  P4R3
Furry isn't a board, it's an archive from here.
>>Anonymous  30jun2019(su)02:29  No.69681  D  P5R4
>>Anonymous  30jun2019(su)02:46  No.69682  E  P6R5

That's a funny way to spell Fortunately

>>Anonymous  30jun2019(su)03:06  No.69683  B  P7R6
DOH! thanks, you are right.
>>Anonymous  1jul2019(mo)19:01  No.69714  F  P8R7
Someone really needs to get more swfs by this artist on his Patron, there's a banner to the artist's page on e621 that randomly shows, & most of the animated banner has great sexy chicks. The 1 I love to see that's in the banner has a cheetah chick & a leopard chick which is from a pic I saved last year.
>>Anonymous  2jul2019(tu)15:04  No.69725  G  P9R8
you can download most of his paywalled content from
most flashes with animation are huge, over 100 mb, not optimized at all
>>Anonymous  2jul2019(tu)19:26  No.69729  OP  P10R9
I really wouldn't want to pay the person just for the swfs & animations.
>>Anonymous  15jul2019(mo)06:48  No.70041  G  P11R10
good thing then with the link i posted you can get it for free
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