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>>Anonymous  17jun2019(mo)20:44  No.69422  OP  P1
Kingdom Hearts Darkness of Light- Keyblade Version ;)

Hack Works, you can open any door at night you want... the Girl behind it will be out in the open, ready for picking

KHLD.swf (4.03 MiB)
1100x550, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  17jun2019(mo)22:41  No.69424  A  P2R1
you sir, are a saint and a scholar.
>>???? ????  18jun2019(tu)00:27  No.69427  B  P3R2
>>Anonymous  18jun2019(tu)05:54  No.69431  C  P4R3
It just says everyone has left their rooms.
>>Anonymous  18jun2019(tu)07:07  No.69433  D  P5R4
Go outside to find her. Only release 2 girls at a time at night, otherwise they clip.
>>Anonymous  18jun2019(tu)12:38  No.69436  E  P6R5

I did that. No sexy options. Did I miss something?

>>Anonymous  18jun2019(tu)13:58  No.69438  F  P7R6
Just corrupt the target until 28% then go out every night and corrupt further until she appears in her room. If you corrupt the pure heart target than all progress gets a boost.
>>---  18jun2019(tu)15:39  No.69442  G  P8R7
what the heck is pure heart?
>>Anonymous  18jun2019(tu)16:14  No.69443  F  P9R8
How in blue blazes did you click new game and not know?
>>Anonymous  18jun2019(tu)16:28  No.69444  F  P10
Alas this is still made of fuckery because Mr Gorepete of newgrounds aka GoRepeat on legendofkrystal forums did not complete the gallery, just the frame work. Thus the glitchy lips in the empty gallery. He's very inconsistent most of the games get small updates here and there and long haitus and/or suddenly abandoning projects and just as suddenly coming back a few years later and completing old shit out of nowhere. I mean if he can't do the job then why not outsource the thing and let others take care of it?
>>Anonymous  18jun2019(tu)16:56  No.69446  OP  P11R9
not me... i only edited 1 small Value in the Code, that's as much as i can do... but since it's Krystal forum and not Patreon or other greedy shit. maybe if you ask the original Author kindly, he would give someone with actual Programming Skills the Source Material, if credited?
>>Anonymous  18jun2019(tu)23:56  No.69457  F  P12R10
Nah he abandoned this already from the looks of it, he's working on the other stuff. this game hasn't been touched since 2011
>>Anonymous  21jun2019(fr)10:54  No.69522  H  P13R11
Does anyone know any controls
>>Anonymous  21jun2019(fr)18:22  No.69531  F  P14R12
depends, are you playing this on a phone? if no then the controls are stated in the game. If yes, then you sir are sad and I have no further desire to speak with you.
>>Anonymous  22jun2019(sa)02:42  No.69534  A  P15R13
abandoned in 2011, picked back up in 2017, abandoned again im assuming. the dude makes games for free but he is shitty about finishing anything.
>>---  22jun2019(sa)15:50  No.69545  G  P16R14
so, i found pure heart target, but i cant corrupt her only to 28%
>>---  22jun2019(sa)16:14  No.69546  G  P17
okay, so she must be alone
wtf it should be so diff
>>Anonymous  22jun2019(sa)17:42  No.69547  I  P18R15
Is this even fappable?
>>Anonymous  22jun2019(sa)19:44  No.69549  F  P19R16
Motherfucker can't use that brain of yours instead of having to ask at every bump in the road? I swear to fucking god.
>>Anonymous  23jun2019(su)14:07  No.69564  J  P20R17
Gallery not work even after 10 days?
>>Anonymous  23jun2019(su)15:40  No.69565  I  P21
Game is abandoned, it's unfappable trash. Sprites are fucked up. Gallery does not work. There is no ending.
This game is shit defined
>>Anonymous  24jun2019(mo)21:58  No.69593  K  P22R18
>>Anonymous  25jun2019(tu)00:15  No.69597  L  P23R19
Why must OP torment us so?
>>Anonymous  26jun2019(we)22:49  No.69618  F  P24R20
What part of "abandoned since 2011" don't you understand?
>>Anonymous  28jun2019(fr)09:00  No.69635  M  P25R21
At the start of every game, in the intro, it mentions one of the girls as having a "pure heart". It's random for every playthrough though.
>>Anonymous  30jun2019(su)13:41  No.69689  N  P26R22
Can someone hack the gallery?
>>Anonymous  30jun2019(su)18:06  No.69691  K  P27R23
you can't hack that which does not exist
>>Anonymous  30jun2019(su)18:32  No.69693  F  P28R24
Whats the point of a forum if you gonna skip everything people already answered?
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