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>>Anonymous  13jun2019(th)02:57  No.69315  OP  P1
Miraculous! Reunion.swf (6.6 MiB)
1280x720, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  13jun2019(th)03:00  No.69316  OP  P2
It goes
124 x2
124 x2
356 x2
356 x2
First girl is not counted and there is no S ending (as this is unfinished.)
>>Anonymous  13jun2019(th)19:37  No.69327  A  P3R1
Are you sure about the walkthrough? I can't click further with it if I do it like you wrote
>>Anonymous  14jun2019(fr)00:30  No.69331  B  P4R2

it works, but you skip the first girl, or if it would be easier count them from left like:

0,1,2,3 ... then you can easly apply his numbers

>>Anonymous  15jun2019(sa)05:40  No.69356  C  P5R3
Yo, Op. Who made this?
>>Anonymous  15jun2019(sa)06:23  No.69358  D  P6R4
It's by GoRepeat of the LoK forums. =46&t=9404
>>Anonymous  15jun2019(sa)08:30  No.69362  E  P7R5
>having this much trouble counting from 1 to 7
>>Anonymous  15jun2019(sa)13:20  No.69370  F  P8R6
no virgin blood, I am disappoint.
>>Anonymous  17jun2019(mo)19:44  No.69417  G  P9R7
>having this much trouble to read a sentence
>>Anonymous  30jun2019(su)09:07  No.69687  H  P10R8
>guess there are multiple people that cant count to 7
>>Anonymous  30jun2019(su)14:48  No.69690  I  P11R9
tried it twice, the second 124 the number 2 chick leaves. this doesnt work.
>>Anonymous  30jun2019(su)18:30  No.69692  J  P12R10
it works, I just tried and I got all of them you just suck at reading. The girls start left to right at 0123456 etc don't fucking touch 0 until the end. S rank is not implemented. S the highest is A rank.
>>Anonymous  30jun2019(su)21:48  No.69696  K  P13R11
this looks good but why do i need to jump through hoops just to get to the action?
>>Anonymous  1jul2019(mo)07:27  No.69711  L  P14R12
just say 1 to 7. It sounds stupid putting 0 there
>>Anonymous  1jul2019(mo)17:22  No.69713  D  P15R13
Numbering the first entry in a list as 0 is pretty common
>>Anonymous  1jul2019(mo)21:08  No.69715  M  P16R14
but it's not a list, it's counting
>>Anonymous  7jul2019(su)18:40  No.69842  N  P17R15
but number starts from 0
>>Anonymous  8jul2019(mo)16:41  No.69870  A  P18R16
>>Anonymous  9jul2019(tu)22:14  No.69890  K  P19R17
outside of programming i don't think i've ever seen anyone make a list with 0 as the first entry
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