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>>Anonymous  11jun2019(tu)09:35  No.69289  OP  P1
really stupid and lazy animation.swf (2.22 MiB)
1000x600, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 44 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  11jun2019(tu)09:48  No.69290  A  P2R1
new -8/chtkghk?
>>Anonymous  11jun2019(tu)10:07  No.69291  OP  P3R2
>>Anonymous  11jun2019(tu)19:34  No.69296  B  P4R3
ay das pretty stupid and lazy
>>Anonymous  12jun2019(we)20:42  No.69309  C  P5R4
Is this Kate from yuppie psycho? Kinda looks like her.
>>Anonymous  14jun2019(fr)07:25  No.69335  D  P6R5
music name?
>>Anonymous  19jun2019(we)23:13  No.69480  E  P7R6
oh shiet i had missed this
>>Anonymous  19jun2019(we)23:22  No.69481  E  P8
really good btw, although would have preferred less camera movement as usual ^^ static camera is best for fappitabillity.
no idea about the character, might be original content? kate from yuppie psycho seems to have freckles and there are none of those in the flash
>>Anonymous  20jun2019(th)03:57  No.69488  F  P9R7
Not fappable at all, colors are nice, music is nice, but just being a shitty loop with no ending makes it awful.
>>shingo  20jun2019(th)09:09  No.69492  G  P10R8
Minus8 seems to be working on the Parodius animation game.
>>Anonymous  20jun2019(th)19:09  No.69498  H  P11R9
tbo that's most of -8's work
I can rarely if ever make out a clear cumshot in his works
>>Anonymous  20jun2019(th)21:17  No.69500  F  P12R10
His shit straight up isn't fappable, it's nicely made but no ending and no interactions makes it about as decent as a YTMND, a decent YTMND but one nonetheless that you won't go "oh that's nice" for a few seconds or so
and unlike YTMND these ones don't really stay in your mind
>>Anonymous  20jun2019(th)21:17  No.69501  F  P13
>>Anonymous  21jun2019(fr)15:05  No.69528  H  P14R11
idk, have you seen his ghosts or r10 flashes?
that shit is pretty hot all things regarded, but the missing cumshots sure give it a dent in terms of fappable

it's like cocktease, it turns you on but leaves you there
great if you want to get in the mood, but I'd suggest watching something more classic afterwards to "get the job done" ifyouknowwhatI'msayin
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