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>>Anonymous  11jun2019(tu)05:39  No.69286  OP  P1
It would be nice if someone where to make another flash site like but have people upload swfs like on this site.
>>Anonymous  13jun2019(th)17:59  No.69323  A  P2R1
just browse through /gg/ or the games archive category
>>Anonymous  14jun2019(fr)19:05  No.69343  B  P3R2
>>69323 The only reason why I want another flash site is b/c of this site having the captcha or just get rid of the captcha on this site b/c what's the point of having it on here. I also wish people would stop making WEBM vids b/c there's no way to see them on a PS3.
>>Anonymous  14jun2019(fr)21:44  No.69346  A  P4
chances are, whenever you have community uploads, you have some sort of chaptcha filter, so you're pretty good off with swfchan's selfmade captcha (fuck recapchga2)
otherwise bots and CP spam would get out of hand

also, what are you doing browsing flash from a ps3? get a real PC
webms have pretty effiecient compression, soundless webms are better than actual gif (in that single regard)

>>Anonymous  16jun2019(su)18:04  No.69388  C  P5R3
had no idea you could view flashes on PlayStation 3, that's pretty cool. does it work on PlayStation 4 as well?
>>Anonymous  17jun2019(mo)19:07  No.69412  D  P6R4
It's nice to view swfs on a 32 inch or higher TV with a PS3. >>69388 I don't own a PS4 & you can also view swfs on an iPad with Photon Browser.
>>Anonymous  17jun2019(mo)20:09  No.69419  A  P7R5
then just fucking plug an hdmi cable into your PC and watch them on TV while still being PC masterrace
>>Anonymous  18jun2019(tu)14:47  No.69440  C  P8R6
say whaat, you can actually view flashes on iOS? how many years have that been possible? does it work on iphone as well?
>>Anonymous  19jun2019(we)05:42  No.69464  OP  P9R7
Actually you can use an android tablet to also view swfs offline with a TV that can use casting.
Flash for iPhone has been around for a long while as long as you download Photon Browser for it.
Does anyone know how to change the background color for Firefox on an Android when playing animated gifs?
>>Anonymous  19jun2019(we)22:48  No.69473  C  P10R8
>tfw all this time i could have been able to counter people that claim that "flash is simply too demanding for iphone"
>>???? ????  20jun2019(th)00:49  No.69485  E  P11R9
How the fuck are you using this site on a ps3?
>>Anonymous  20jun2019(th)19:04  No.69497  A  P12R10
swfchan is actually pretty slim and slick designed without the new html5 era smartphone bloat, so older browsers like even the Wii can handle it and the captchas, but obviously swf support depends on the system
>>Anonymous  21jun2019(fr)19:23  No.69532  B  P13R11
I don't own any PS3 games, I use it for saving pics on it from a usb drive. Tip you can save the pics from the usb drive for any time & date you want for me I have the years for 3 folders 2010 2011 2012. 2012 is where I have my new pics at & I place my new pics in a Playlist with the max of 500 pics. I also save space by resizing the pics to 800 by ??? or ??? by 800.
>>Anonymous  24jun2019(mo)21:45  No.69589  A  P14R12
or you could, you know, buy a 50gb usb stick for 5 bucks
>>Anonymous  26jun2019(we)06:10  No.69608  OP  P15R13
>>69589 If I used my USB drive to view pics on a PS3 I wouldn't remember what new pics I saved also here's no difference in quality when I resize pics.
>>Anonymous  26jun2019(we)18:59  No.69614  A  P16
idk what the hell you're talking about, but let me spell it out for you

also: what is image naming and tagging
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