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>>Anonymous  2jun2019(su)02:57  No.69116  OP  P1
Cream Babysitting hacked

updated version

bsc_build_05_feb2013_HACKED.swf (8.13 MiB)
800x600, Compressed (Deflate). 309 frames, 30 fps (00:10).
Ver10, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  2jun2019(su)04:39  No.69119  A  P2R1
before anyone screams 'this is old' 'this is abandoned' etc... apparently after 6 years Aval0nX is working on babysitting cream assets again.

hoping he finishes, but not holding my breath.


>>Anonymous  2jun2019(su)05:34  No.69121  B  P3R2
You're shitting me
>>Anonymous  2jun2019(su)05:55  No.69123  C  P4R3
>>69119 Aw shit, here we go again...
>>Anonymous  2jun2019(su)06:13  No.69124  D  P5R4
Can we get a version that’s slightly less jail bait?
>>Anonymous  2jun2019(su)13:57  No.69136  B  P6R5
I don't think you understand the general concepts of
'Cream the Rabbit'
>>Anonymous  2jun2019(su)22:01  No.69148  E  P7R6
yeah but that was months ago, so typical aval0n shit again. started development again back in janurary and a month ago stated that development is on full gear. Problem is we're back at square 1, all new assets, new engine as well because hes moving from flash to renpy, so basically nothing is done as everything is being remade and changed.

run while you can, aval0n has kind of leaned towards an age between toddlercon and lolicon with his art the past few years and thats bleeding into this project. Sonic is gonna be the fat/chubby predator and cream is likely going to be the innocent babyish type of character.

>>Anonymous  3jun2019(mo)00:21  No.69154  F  P8R7

Fuck me I've been on this site for too fucking long

>>Anonymous  24jun2019(mo)03:56  No.69576  G  P9R8
>posts hacked
>doesn't state what hacks
So what the fuck is hacked about this then?
>>Anonymous  24jun2019(mo)10:57  No.69581  H  P10R9
>begin game
>stamina and relationship are both 1000
it took 30 seconds to figure this out. Glad i saved myself the trouble of looking retarded!
>>Anonymous  29jul2019(mo)14:09  No.70334  I  P11R10
>Glad i saved myself the trouble of looking retarded!
You do know that some special events in the game like the sexy picture taking during the rainy days are only triggered by low-mid relationship levels right? Putting it immediately at max/high levels prevents A LOT of unique sex scenes from EVER triggering.

This is what makes hackers retarded. They barely take into account the mechanics of the game their hacking, post their hacks, then don't state what the hacks are. Sure you fucking checked but that's probably because you already knew what to look for. What about the people who've never tried this game before? They supposed to guess?

So much for not making yourself look retarded.

>>Anonymous  29jul2019(mo)16:31  No.70336  J  P12
>Implying that he will
This flash more dead than fetuses in waste disposal of planned parenthood
>>Anonymous  29jul2019(mo)17:24  No.70339  A  P13R11
yeah, having a 202* deadline. lol so we might expect it by midnight december 31st 2029. unless it's delayed of course. :p
>>???? ????  30jul2019(tu)03:12  No.70343  K  P14R12
>He's still working on it

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