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>>Anonymous  26may2019(su)18:57  No.68948  OP  P1


1501464587.nikisupostat_dfg.swf (8.8 MiB)
640x360, Compressed (Deflate). 4 frames, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver8, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: Yes.
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>>Anonymous  26may2019(su)20:54  No.68950  A  P2R1
get this gay shit outta here
>>Anonymous  26may2019(su)21:08  No.68951  A  P3
sorry idnt mean to be homophobic but get this disgusting fag shit the fuck outta here
>>Anonymous  26may2019(su)21:17  No.68952  B  P4R2

No thanks. :3

>>Anonymous  27may2019(mo)03:17  No.68957  C  P5R3
it would be nice if they warned us/labeled it.
>>Anonymous  27may2019(mo)03:33  No.68958  B  P6R4

Let's be honest, that wouldn't stop people here from clicking on it and complaining anyway. Anons here love to complain about everything.

>>Anonymous  28may2019(tu)00:39  No.68972  D  P7R5
faggot de-fucking-tected
>>Anonymous  28may2019(tu)02:38  No.68974  B  P8R6

What's your point?

>>Anonymous  28may2019(tu)09:17  No.68979  E  P9R7
more than anything else the gay hatin makes you look like an insecure teenager. If you weren't insecure you'd just nope out of the flash and fap to something else like I do to the majority of things I'm not into. If you weren't a teenager you would have realized that proclaiming your homophobia makes you look like as big a cock chugger as me on a three-day weekend.
>>Anonymous  28may2019(tu)20:49  No.68992  A  P10R8
come and sit on my lap snowflake
>>Anonymous  28may2019(tu)21:26  No.68993  F  P11R9
What an edgy little incel you are.
>>Anonymous  28may2019(tu)22:19  No.68995  G  P12R10
or you know, maybe people just don't like seeing sexualized men everywhere when they're not gay
not everyone finds the display of the peen pleasant to the eyes
>>Anonymous  28may2019(tu)22:25  No.68996  H  P13R11
Does someone have the mp4 version? I didn't even know flv could look this bad.
>>Anonymous  29may2019(we)06:49  No.69024  I  P14R12
holy gay pixels batman
>>Anonymous  29may2019(we)10:55  No.69028  J  P15R13

The swf doen't display a penis untill some '30 second. You had plenty of time to swich to something else. Just admit the obvious.

>>Anonymous  29may2019(we)19:27  No.69029  K  P16R14

You made me waste my time loading this bullshit just to see some fag in a dog party, i just closed it.

>>Anonymous  29may2019(we)19:30  No.69030  K  P17
It's bs, and you know that, you fag. You can't force your ideology into anyone. So fucking please, warn people before putting anything here like [G] or something else.
>>Anonymous  29may2019(we)20:42  No.69035  B  P18R15

>You can't force your ideology into anyone.

Neither can you.

>>Anonymous  29may2019(we)23:00  No.69036  L  P19R16
yall got any more of them pixels?
>>Anonymous  29may2019(we)23:34  No.69038  M  P20R17
So many fags in denial around here.
>>Anonymous  31may2019(fr)07:17  No.69068  N  P21R18
What's with the Tumblr faggots? Are they coming here for porn now?
>>Anonymous  31may2019(fr)07:55  No.69069  B  P22R19

Gay/bi anons have always existed here, what are you talking about?

>>Anonymous  31may2019(fr)20:56  No.69076  O  P23R20
The sad part is that really there is no better quality, the faggot deleted or never posted the mp4 on patreon.
>>Anonymous  31may2019(fr)22:54  No.69082  G  P24R21
They existed, but they didn't feel the urge to rustle our jimmies prior.
Only tumblrinas and redditfags do that.
>>Anonymous  1jun2019(sa)19:42  No.69112  N  P25R22
I don't remember the faggots talking like this before. It's a relatively new thing and the way they talk is similar to a site that just got axed.
>>Anonymous  1jun2019(sa)20:47  No.69113  O  P26R23

You seems to have too much exclusive knowledge about this site and gays in general.
A lot more than any straight dude like me have. Maybe you should just accept your faggotry and stop ruining this site with your retarded projection and retarded tantrums.

>>Anonymous  2jun2019(su)06:37  No.69126  N  P27R24
>"I'm not from Tumblr you're from Tumblr!"
I know how you retards work because i've dealt with people like you before. You stick out like a sore thumb. The only groups of people i've ever seen describe posts they don't like as "tantrums" are tumblrites and redditors, and it wouldn't surprise me if you wound up being both. Have fun defending your gay fap material from those horrible, ignorant anons and their hateful posts.
>>rothayato  20jun2019(th)15:11  No.69493  P  P28R25

What an edgy little incel you are.
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