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>>Anonymous  12may2019(su)23:24  No.68701  OP  P1
Creambee - Sun Shine Gals - v2.swf (3.51 MiB)
1470x925, Compressed (Deflate). 6 frames, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  13may2019(mo)00:23  No.68702  A  P2R1
>>Anonymous  13may2019(mo)00:44  No.68703  B  P3R2
will this be optimized one day?
>>Anonymous  13may2019(mo)03:37  No.68705  C  P4R3
>>oldgrandpa  13may2019(mo)04:32  No.68706  D  P5R4
wtf still no fucking....
ok ok see ya next year then lol.......
>>Anonymous  13may2019(mo)04:39  No.68707  E  P6R5
There is vaginal.
>>Anonymous  13may2019(mo)04:56  No.68708  F  P7R6
Likely not. We've got a quality button for those that don't know how to right click. That might be as good as we get.

This is supported by me going into the flash and checking it out and seeing that every single fucking part of her is being rendered anywhere from 3 to 8 times with different layers of opacity.
1 base shape
1 detail
1 shadow
1 base gloss
1 lotion gloss
1 gloss's negative space
Sometimes another base.
Sometimes different layers for amounts of cum.

There are over FIVE THOUSAND different shapes for this one girl, then four thousand MORE shapes for malleable parts of her, and ANOTHER five thousand for the shapes in motion.
It's no wonder this took so long to make. It was made in the most roundabout way possible.
It looks good, but holy shit.

>>Anonymous  13may2019(mo)05:36  No.68709  G  P8R7
Clicking her pussy when the man's meter is full makes him cum inside. When he pulls out, click her pussy again to make her cum as well. This makes her arms disappear.
>>Anonymous  13may2019(mo)09:24  No.68710  H  P9R8
First of all, thank you very much OP >>68701 for the edits. You've done a magnificent job, and we all appreciate how much work has gone into this.

YES, there is vaginal sex... with creampie.
Get her legs open, either by getting her off, or spreading them by click-and-dragging her knees out. Once her pussy is open, you can penetrate her.

For anyone new, first click on the torso icon in the bottom-right to unveil your manhood. Next, click on the Pokéball icon in the bottom-right to position yourself.

This is where it gets confusing. If you click on her vag opening (not her clit), you'll finger her. If you click and drag on your shaft, you'll jerk off to her. But, if you click and drag your shaft across her pussy, you'll penetrate her AFTER you release the mouse button. First, your pumps will be slow and shallow, but if you move the mouse over your shaft so the cursor changes and then click-and-drag further up, you'll go faster. Do it again, and you'll give her deep thrusts. Do it one final time (or simply click on her pussy), and you'll creampie her.

There is one thing I couldn't figure out. As I was learning the vaginal sex mechanics, I somehow made a fist appear that would hit her pussy (but not penetrate). I'm under the impression there's a function for fisting, but I suspect it's a technical glitch with the anal fingering instead and not a fisting option. When I attempted to repeat this, I made my fist appear, but then it changed itself to fingering her anus, my torso and her arms disappeared. Because of this, I would suggest removing the anal fingering option as it seems to glitch the flash.

Other improvements now in v2.0 over v1.0:
+ The scroll arrows are no longer reversed. When you click to scroll up, it scrolls up and not down.
+ Additionally, there are arrow shadows along the bottom and top edges (center-right) that when mouseover will also perform the scrolling. Mouseover to scroll, mouse-off to stop scrolling.
+ The bottom-left menu now has the option to change the man's skin tone: Tan, Dark, and White.
+ Apparently, there's an auto-jerk function which I wasn't aware of until I read the Help pages. The Help menu also states that anal sex will be available in the next version.

- Sadly, the woman doesn't cum with you. Her orgasm meter will bubble, but until you manually excite her (finger her, rub her clit), she won't cum even during sex.

>>Anonymous  13may2019(mo)14:25  No.68711  I  P10R9
Fucking terrible as usual, but keep on giving him money you cucks.
>>Anonymous  13may2019(mo)20:03  No.68713  J  P11R10
Gran Autisimo

Nice white screen nigger

>>Anonymous  13may2019(mo)20:05  No.68714  J  P12
Gran Autisimo

1 fps good job niggers

>>Anonymous  13may2019(mo)20:24  No.68715  K  P13R11

i'm not having any performance issues whatsoever. playing in flash projector 11.4 it's smooth and no FPS trouble.

>>Anonymous  14may2019(tu)06:41  No.68717  H  P14R12
>>68705 >>68711
Don't you know quality when you see it? Did you even bother with the Help menu? Explain how v2.0 is "terrible" because I think you need to change the battery in your mouse. It may not be perfect, but it's certainly not "terrible;" this is a great swf.

For the record, I've never paid anybody anything on any Chan site, so I'm not bolstering anything terrible. If there's an issue, I either say so, or I ignore the swf altogether.

>>Anonymous  15may2019(we)00:44  No.68727  L  P15R13
Ryzen 7 1700 and rx 750 getting 1 fps on low.

I hope he is making good use of the bitcoin mined.

 1 fps.jpg

>>Anonymous  15may2019(we)01:01  No.68728  M  P16R14
download fixed performance for me

when I played it "offline"
I mean with any flash player after I downloaded it it ran fine in every setting (I dunno about fps like the fps-meter-anon but I suppose it runs now at 60fps)...
Only thing I can see is that the process (task manager) of the flash player takes up to 35% of cpu and the browser (old firefox 53 in my case) can only take one core per tab maximum or something ending on 25% for the browser... maybe the browsers are the limiting factor? Hardware is i5 6600K overclocked and a gtx970 if anon 68727 is interested

>>Anonymous  15may2019(we)16:10  No.68739  F  P17R15
Confirmed, that playing it in the browser is what's killing it. Firefox, Chrome, IE, didn't matter.
Standalone player worked near-perfect.
>>Anonymous  15may2019(we)22:43  No.68743  N  P18R16
Was kinda hoping we can auto every parts. And how fast
>>Anonymous  19may2019(su)23:49  No.68803  O  P19R17
lol in the screenshot she kinda looks like her ass cheeks extend way down beyond

for me the arms disappear anyway shortly when inserting again after cumming inside once
what you said made her also lose the boobs for me (see attachement)

It's more likely to be a CPU performance issue dependent on your CPU power
now that's pathetic
yes, browser are known to (purposefully) gimp the flash plugin
as flash is very CPU intense (no hardware acceleration for GPU usage)

 Creambee - Sun Shine Gals - v2.jpg

>>Anonymous  8jul2019(mo)04:38  No.69851  P  P20R18
Not sure why this is different than the one up on Newgrounds, but the fucking shit actually works.

Even in Browser before clicking 'download' this shit barely got 20 fps.
Now in the Standalone player I'm zooming like lightning.
Time to fap something fierce.

>>Anonymous  10aug2019(sa)19:50  No.70545  Q  P21R19
yo how the hell i penetrate her ass?
>>Anonymous  13aug2019(tu)18:41  No.70572  R  P22R20
Gonna be a dumb question I know, don't hurt me please...

How do you actually download this? It only gives me the download prompt *sometimes* on clicking on files on this website, otherwise it just opens it in the browser player; if I click download in the browser player it just tells me to "save as" but that's just a saved link to the browser player, not downloading the file; and I don't see any option in the archive version of the website... so how?

>>Anonymous  14aug2019(we)00:18  No.70576  S  P23R21
Remove the .html from the url so that it becomes and then save that with "save page as".
>>Anonymous  14aug2019(we)00:19  No.70577  T  P24R22
Just delete .html line
>>Anonymous  14aug2019(we)10:55  No.70594  K  P25R23
or just right click on the 'swf' part and save as.
>>Anonymous  15aug2019(th)02:00  No.70603  O  P26R24
The name links to the .html wrapper
right clicking save as should save the actual swf, but
The .swf part of the name also links to the swf directly
right click it and save as
or maybe clicking it forwards you directly to download it (Chromefags etc.)
You can also always just open the actual swf in a new tab and use "save page as".
>>Anonymous  15aug2019(th)08:25  No.70608  K  P27R25
did you even read what i said? if you mouse over the swf part of the link it's not html but swf.
>>Anonymous  18aug2019(su)03:19  No.70671  R  P28R26
That works great, thanks very much!
>>Anonymous  19aug2019(mo)02:00  No.70689  O  P29R27
that's exactly what I wrote, sweetheart
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