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>>Anonymous  6may2019(mo)04:38  No.68547  OP  P1
Dubbed in Thai.


[Flash] [MODX] ATTACKER : Arisara [Final] [English] - Hentai From Hell isara-final-english/


ATTACKER : Arisara [MODX] | DLsite Adult Doujin d/RE168260.html

[MODX] Attacker - Arisara.swf (22.98 MiB)
546x740, Compressed (Deflate). 3 frames, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  6may2019(mo)05:14  No.68548  A  P2R1
Why do these H-games make you click for ten minutes to max out a pleasure bar? The fucking animation isn't even worth it.
>>Anonymous  6may2019(mo)06:42  No.68553  B  P3R2
I concur.
The graphics are good, but the game mechanics are not. There are better games out there than this. Creambee SSB v1.0.swf is better. wf

It appears Public Toilet Attacker appears to allow kissing, breast and thigh fondling, and clit rubbing. Clicking on her mouth or thighs doesn't seem to elevate the orgasm bar on the left (1 pixel for thighs, 0 for mouth). Clicking on her breasts is very plain (no distinction between breasts and nipples), and when you click on her clit, she squirms out of the way.

You ***can*** make her spray. Click on her clit until she orgasms, but if you click on her vaginal opening while she's orgasming, you can make the orgasm meter shoot up until she tinkles, and if your aim is accurate you can keep doing this until she explodes. By the time you do this at least once, the orgasm meter will be half-full.

Once the orgasm meter is full, two mushroom icons will appear to f^ck her. However, clicking on the icon will make the orgasm meter disappear. It seems that all you do is keep porking her with no actual goal, no orgasm, no ejaculation, nothing. This has an unfinished feel to it. Even clicking on the dick to penetrate doesn't feel like the game standard we're used to.

The way it should be done, is to click and drag (or shake the mouse) to fondle and stroke. If clicking on the mouth or thighs is possible, then it should be rewarding. And boning should fill an orgasm meter until ejaculation.

I'd rather play a Creambee game any day than this. Disappointing.

>>Anonymous  6may2019(mo)06:55  No.68554  B  P4
I forgot to mention... is the censorship really necessary for this sort of game? It seems incomplete already - does her beaver really need to pixelated?

* A correction to my previous comment. Apparently I wasn't quite clicking in the right spot. I did managed to make her orgasm during sex, after which it seems she does get creampied, and then the game ends. It seems you have to rapidly click rather than with the rhythm.

>>Anonymous  6may2019(mo)11:28  No.68558  C  P5R3
appearances to the contrary this seems to be some kind of rhythm based game.

you click her breasts and pussy and there's strict timings to when she's able to be clicked to continue the pattern, as she squirms left and right there's a pause.

once you get the bar full you click to penetrate and then you have another set, i think it's 10 or so clicks in a row before the timing switches to faster clicks, after that another speed up and finally you cum inside her.

the only thing is the change of timing of the clicks is jaring and throws you off if you dont expect it, but having played a bunch of h games, i do like the idea of the rhythm mechanic, it just needs a bit of fine tuning, say it'll let you off if you miss once or twice, rather than you screwed up, start again, it does have the visual clues but it took me a bit to work it out

also the whole pixelated thing is a standard for Japanese games, it's the law unfortunately

>>Anonymous  6may2019(mo)17:59  No.68561  A  P6R4
Why make a rhythm game out of public toilet rape though? She doesn't appear to have anything to do with music, like she's not in an idol costume. It would've made more sense to have to cover her mouth if somebody else entered the restroom. Something like red light, green light. Either way it's just a lot of work for some mediocre porn.
>>Anonymous  6may2019(mo)18:23  No.68564  D  P7R5
did you just self censor the word "fuck"?
this isn't reddit here
>>Anonymous  7may2019(tu)09:14  No.68585  B  P8R6
Yes, *I* know it's Japanese censorship... but this isn't Japan. We all appear to be typing in American English, suggesting (though not guaranteed) most of us here are in the U.S.
>>Anonymous  7may2019(tu)09:43  No.68587  E  P9R7
komrad here, not to worry
not everyone's from US
>>Anonymous  10may2019(fr)17:50  No.68657  F  P10R8
Knowing the language, the dubbing is awful.
>>Anonymous  10may2019(fr)22:51  No.68663  G  P11R9
DLsite Durandal Kanzen Koryaku Nami (Go all the way with Nami) Sep/15/2005 Thai bootleg reskin with crap dub.
>>Anonymous  17may2019(fr)02:41  No.68757  H  P12R10
This is just a reskin of a much better game with much better voice acting.
>>Anonymous  24may2019(fr)10:13  No.68915  F  P13R11
Is this copyright infringement?
>>Anonymous  28may2019(tu)11:43  No.68982  G  P14R12
Yeah for sure but what can you do? Them people at Durandal and Dancing Queen haven't put up anything new since 2005 and 2009 respectively, safe to say their popularity died out long ago. Even the artist that does stuff for them has moved on to Crimson. And we can't report in japanese that some thai mofo is decompiled their old 2004 flash game and reskined it. Last I heard Durandal's website shut down long ago. what does Crimson care what happens?
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