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>>Anonymous  5may2019(su)18:23  No.68527  OP  P1
Complete game can only be played here: tml

Tried editing the second part so that it could be played standalone, but without success.

nomal_naru_kyun2.swf (5.95 MiB)
842x595, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver41, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  5may2019(su)18:43  No.68528  A  P2R1
You should also leave a link to the introduction page, man.
The protagonist is a cute boy.


>>Anonymous  5may2019(su)18:55  No.68529  B  P3R2
How the fuck do I play?
>>Anonymous  5may2019(su)19:29  No.68530  A  P4R3
Hold down the left mouse button depending on the rhythm. I can only reach "blowjob", it is too hard.
>>Anonymous  5may2019(su)19:48  No.68533  A  P5
haha, I finished, not difficult.


>>Anonymous  6may2019(mo)00:20  No.68540  C  P6R4
Meh, this is too hard just for a fap, someone hack this crap or upload gameplay to xvideos pls lol
>>IT'S A TRAP!  6may2019(mo)03:02  No.68544  D  P7R5
Why doesn't this artist make a trap/girl toggle and make it fappable to many more, shouldn't be that hard since they already look like girls..

Lame to fall into pitfall trap almost every time this guy makes a flash..

>>Anonymous  6may2019(mo)06:05  No.68552  E  P8R6
Thank you.
It's refreshing to see someone else recognizes the need for a Mushroom button for the few people who like traps, while everyone else enjoys their sex vanilla. Cater to everybody, I say; let people decide for themselves.
>>Anonymous  6may2019(mo)18:19  No.68563  F  P9R7
Before I put any more effort into this... tell me, is this a girl or a trap? I hate that you cannot even tell or rely on that anymore these days.
>>Anonymous  6may2019(mo)22:19  No.68571  G  P10R8
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
>>Anonymous  7may2019(tu)03:25  No.68573  H  P11R9
just look at the clothes and tell me if it's a girl's school uniform
>>Anonymous  7may2019(tu)06:46  No.68575  I  P12R10
I'm sorry, but if all it takes to stop you from crushing such effeminate ass-pussy is a little dick then you're clearly a low testosterone and therefore probably gay.
>>Anonymous  7may2019(tu)15:46  No.68592  J  P13R11
Hold left click down, you absolute fucking retards.
>>Anonymous  8may2019(we)02:44  No.68603  D  P14R12
That's a weird way of defending your own gayness.
>>Anonymous  9may2019(th)10:55  No.68624  A  P15R13
You should modify "nomal_OP_naru2.swf", and in AS replace "nomal_naru_kyun2" with "nomal_naru_naru3".
>>Anonymous  10may2019(fr)22:07  No.68662  K  P16R14
Still wouldn't be standalone, stand-alone as in a single flash file.

Inserting the code from the opening in the sex scene flash bypass the OMG! black screen, but then clicking anywhere closes the flash and I don't know how to fix it.

>>Anonymous  11may2019(sa)07:34  No.68672  K  P17

I'm fucking retarded.

I spend more than 6 hours learning this cancerous language called Actionscript and reading the code, not finding what was wrong and trying various ways to bypass the block, and then the problem wasn't the code, was the fucking ffdec which breaks the saved flash when it reads a Stage class call.

All it needed, since the beginning, was a simple one line modification to make this a single-file flash, but ffdec was breaking the edited flash.

>>necrofag No 1  15may2019(we)14:31  No.68737  L  P18R15
umm why is there OP before the file name
example: OP_robin
also sorry for bump
>>Anonymous  16may2019(th)02:06  No.68746  M  P19R16
OPening. As in the loader.
>>Anonymous  19may2019(su)23:54  No.68804  F  P20R17
I know that feel bro.
>>Anonymous  23aug2019(fr)10:45  No.70749  N  P21R18
do you know how to bypass the OMG screen?
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