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>>???? ????  29apr2019(mo)03:22  No.68391  OP  P1
Flash dies 2020

What's gonna happen to swfchan and all of the flash boards on other imageboards when adobe finallly kills off flash next year?

>>Anonymous  29apr2019(mo)22:20  No.68412  A  P2R1
flash won't die
>>Anonymous  29apr2019(mo)23:59  No.68415  B  P3R2
For the hundredth time, nothing is going to die 2020.

Dropping official support for a format isn't gonna magically prevent you from further using it.
4chan's /f/ depends on if Hiroshimoot will care enough to do anything or hopefully forgets about /f/ alltogether.
Swfchan will definitely not change a bit, at least as long as SWFAnts can afford to run the servers. It actually depends on the users at that point. So the power lies with doomfags as yourself, OP.

>>???? ????  30apr2019(tu)02:30  No.68419  OP  P4R3
Thank you. :D
>>Anonymous  1may2019(we)21:29  No.68460  C  P5R4
convert all flash player to html5
>>Anonymous  2may2019(th)15:24  No.68474  B  P6R5
Too bad that's neither possible or at least not feasable (as seen in what goes on at newgrounds).
HTML5 is completely different and maybe better in terms of actual video display, but certainly not interactive media/games. You'd need at least JS Node for that, but then why not just program in C++ at that point.
>>Anonymous  2may2019(th)17:49  No.68475  D  P7R6
browsers will stop supporting in browser projection though, won't they?
>>Anonymous  2may2019(th)18:40  No.68482  B  P8R7
yes they will, so you must either
+ Use a different browser that is not controlled by the google syndicate (f.e. waterfox, palemoon)
+ Use an older outdated browser
+ Use an older/other browser just for visiting FLASH
+ Use an alternative display method (Gnash, etc.)
+ Use projector (or old WMPC, or program of choice) to auto-open flashes after downloading them temporarily

Quite a lot of options, but the sad truth is, NORPS will still see UHH FLASH NO EMBED IN CHROME ANYMORE, FLASH BAAAD and there goes 80% of ad-revenue that payed the servers.

>>w7-890  23jun2019(su)09:48  No.69561  E  P9R8
hard to say

TBH to be frank i really don't think it really matters whether they keep flash or not
lets say both chrome and firefox removed flash completely (IE still works lol)
people will just create their very own browser specifically for flash (don't forget unity3d)
also there are lots of opensource browsers out threre people can just use the code (and decompile the proprietory swf player) its not like adobe will care if they leak it

>>Anonymous  24jun2019(mo)21:54  No.69591  B  P10R9
true, but that won't clear SWF's good name in the eyes of the OMG VIRUZ masses, the damage is already done
also: flash has been just a necessity for the majority of people online
sure, we as flash connuseurs will find a way, but Jonny Doenoegood who just visits on the odd moon to view a hentai furry flash game will certainly not go through all the (admittedly few) hoops necessary to get this shit to run again
especially with the (alleged) rise of swflike HTML5 games sites

just think about it
when the furry flash commision market dies, noone will use flash anymore

>>wii-boo  10jul2019(we)13:06  No.69901  F  P11
>>69591 or will they
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