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>>Anonymous  10apr2019(we)07:33  No.67999  OP  P1
ghostgallery.swf (3.45 MiB)
1280x720, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 60 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  10apr2019(we)09:29  No.68001  OP  P2
Wait, wasn't their an anon working on a fully nude version of this flash? seems like whoever made this got pretty damn close
>>Anonymous  10apr2019(we)11:49  No.68005  A  P3R1
I hope it will be more interactive than it is now.
At present, it's not noteworthy, and making them nude won't add much. Some variation to their movement, or interaction, would be an improvement.
>>Anonymous  10apr2019(we)21:44  No.68018  B  P4R2
I think there's already a fully naked edit of the normal flash (softpause enables you to have a similar experience)
but this version of the sprites is the best imo

also adding new movement is practically impossible, unless you want to draw every new frame yourself
-8 has like 1000s of bitmaps in his flashes

>>Anonymous  10apr2019(we)23:06  No.68025  C  P5R3
not bitmaps... this is superior vector graphics. you mean 1000s of shapes.
>>Anonymous  11apr2019(th)02:38  No.68030  D  P6R4
There actually isn't a fully nude version of the flash, the anon that was working on that manged to take a screenshot of a single frame of a heavy edited version of the original flash. But he gave up on making the girls fully nude for the entire flash because it was "too hard"
>>Anonymous  11apr2019(th)02:51  No.68031  E  P7R5
How to call this other than 'art'?
>>Anonymous  11apr2019(th)03:04  No.68032  D  P8R6
How the hell is there not a fully nude version? this has been out for like 2 years now and I'm not really buying the "too hard" excuse
>>Anonymous  11apr2019(th)03:13  No.68033  F  P9R7
I think I found the screenshot
>>Anonymous  11apr2019(th)15:44  No.68046  G  P10R8
Am I retarded, how do you change animations?
>>Anonymous  11apr2019(th)17:32  No.68047  H  P11R9
hidden arrows top-right and top-left
>>Anonymous  11apr2019(th)23:39  No.68054  B  P12R10
I've definitely seen that before. Maybe the OP didn't edit the flash and just exported it as a video :(
But still, it can't possibly be hard at all, what lingerie remains is really just 3 shapes that are already kinda transparent in this one. Just set alpha to 0% and you're done.
>>Anonymous  12apr2019(fr)07:52  No.68059  I  P13R11
Can someone make an edit with these instructions in mind?
>>Anonymous  12apr2019(fr)08:11  No.68063  A  P14R12
HOLY S^T, he's right!
I had already checked for hidden icons, but found none.

After you mentioned the back arrow in the top-left and forward arrow in the top-right, I went back and found them.
There ***IS*** a nude dance here. They're just peach and blue, not full color, but it's a start.

Thank you so much for pointing this out!

>>Anonymous  12apr2019(fr)08:14  No.68064  A  P15
Just one more question:
In the nude (peach and blue), there's a little red question mark hanging about the girl on our right. It's not there in full color (non-nude). What is it there for? It doesn't appear to be clickable, or do anything... so why does it appear in the full nude and not the full color?
There must be a reason for it [I think].
>>Anonymous  12apr2019(fr)08:28  No.68069  I  P16R13
Seems to be a leftover of the original unedited flash made by Minus8 himself. Its not supposed to be clickable.
>>Anonymous  14apr2019(su)23:44  No.68108  J  P17R14
Kinda wish they could have more varied bodytypes
>>Anonymous  17apr2019(we)00:53  No.68128  A  P18R15
Now I get it - these are the Pac-Man ghosts. Once I found the original flash, it all made sense. When they're peach and blue, it's like when Pac-Man eats Power Pellets.
>>Anonymous  17apr2019(we)01:13  No.68130  B  P19R16
Better late than never!
>>Anonymous  17apr2019(we)05:56  No.68132  K  P20R17
why dont you do it then?
>>Anonymous  21apr2019(su)19:42  No.68230  L  P21R18
Someone made an edit btw
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