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>>Anonymous  9apr2019(tu)00:38  No.67970  OP  P1
Baleeted the legs from the SWFs shapes. JPEXS Flash Decompiler is bae.

MK8 Shygirl Orgy_Wide_NoDudeLegs.swf (0.98 MiB)
855x480, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 20 fps (00:00).
Ver17, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  9apr2019(tu)06:33  No.67974  A  P2R1
Excellent version of the flash but what's with all of the niggers?
>>Anonymous  9apr2019(tu)13:48  No.67981  B  P3R2

How can you type when all your edge has sliced your arms off?

>>Anonymous  9apr2019(tu)16:25  No.67982  C  P4R3
>No dude legs
How little must your dick be to be this threatened by dudes?
>>Anonymous  9apr2019(tu)18:00  No.67984  OP  P5R4
Nobody was "threatened" by the legs, they just blocked the view. I'm just waiting for somebody to complain about the dick being there and wanting them edited out to so it's just a pussy bouncing around looking like it's singing.
>>Anonymous  9apr2019(tu)21:42  No.67987  D  P6R5
this is probably the optimal version to fap, just like with the cadence edit
>>Anonymous  9apr2019(tu)23:48  No.67992  E  P7R6
Good work.

Even the thumbnail for the last flashes showed the problem.

>>Anonymous  10apr2019(we)00:28  No.67994  F  P8R7
Make a version with only white dicks to trigger spergs.
>>Anonymous  10apr2019(we)00:50  No.67996  G  P9R8
Eh it's 50/50. Seems fair

Also good job OP

>>Anonymous  10apr2019(we)12:14  No.68007  B  P10R9

You're the first person in all my years of using swfchan who is fine with a fair balance

With everyone else it's gotta be a 0/100 ratio or else you're assumed to love the BBC

>>Anonymous  10apr2019(we)20:35  No.68016  H  P11R10
If you rapidly click the buttons, you can pound the pussy harder.
>>Anonymous  10apr2019(we)22:05  No.68022  D  P12R11
Hehe, right, just for trolling amirite!!!1!11
Not like I couldn't fap to the black dicks if I wanted to.
I just really need the edit, for educational purposes!
>>Anonymous  10apr2019(we)23:02  No.68023  I  P13R12
THIS. a fixed version is needed. there's no reason for random diversity, distractive as hell. just keep it white and most of the planet is happy (remember that blacks dont really want to be black).
>>Anonymous  11apr2019(th)00:36  No.68028  J  P14R13
Make it segregated.
All White cocks on the left and all black cocks on the right.
>>Anonymous  11apr2019(th)04:06  No.68035  OP  P15R14
I think I accidentally missed one that's a shade different. Please forgive.
>>Anonymous  11apr2019(th)04:43  No.68037  B  P16R15

"Do you have a single fact to back that up?" - JC Denton

>>w7-890  11apr2019(th)09:09  No.68043  K  P17R16
nice edit OP

reminds me of the pussy talk 1990s film
also i want the takling cunt edit

>>Anonymous  11apr2019(th)19:30  No.68049  OP  P18R17
Now just imagine the singing from Merrie Melodies.
>>Anonymous  11apr2019(th)23:14  No.68051  I  P19R18
1. there's a reason why non-whites in the world but skin whitening products.
2. there's a reason why porn actresses and actors are mostly white skinned even though you can travel to africa and hire them for peanuts.
3. there's a reason why black porn gets their own categories on porn sites (especially if they dont involve a white girl).

feel free to keep ignoring reality though, it's a free world

>>Anonymous  11apr2019(th)23:22  No.68053  I  P20
>>Anonymous  12apr2019(fr)01:06  No.68056  L  P21R19
Just pick a color and smash clicks to fast fucking.
>>w7-890  12apr2019(fr)08:25  No.68068  M  P22R20
the saying goes ignorance is bliss
now where was that swf

haha noice edit and archived
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