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>>Anonymous  3apr2019(we)07:09  No.67852  OP  P1
New one

new_awa_girl3_main.swf (6.21 MiB)
842x595, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver41, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  3apr2019(we)08:41  No.67853  A  P2R1
I don't think you can have sex with her. I think the final screen is a preview for what is to come or something like that.
>>Anonymous  3apr2019(we)19:37  No.67871  B  P3R2
Damn Moonspeak. >:(
Moonspeak aside, there appears to be some sort of glitch. If you keep following the dialogue (clicking on the triangle in the text window), then it just fades-out to what appears to be an 'End' screen.

If instead of clicking on the triangle in the text window, you just close the text window instead (the X icon), you can now click on her head to be presented with a selection of actions (which are in Moonspeak also).

If you mouseover her hands, the cursor changes the same if you mouseover her head, except her hands don't appear to do anything at all.

Thus, I would concur with >>67853 in that this is unfinished.
All I can say is, it had better not be another tranny again. An icon on the side is okay if you want to make her a tranny, but don't tran-roll people.

>>Anonymous  3apr2019(we)20:07  No.67872  C  P4R3
if it doesn't go anywhere, I can understand why. Heiwachan posted this on Apr. 1. 'nuff said.
>>Anonymous  3apr2019(we)22:55  No.67875  D  P5R4
every action can only be selected once, but she shows reactions and you can change the background with one of those
maybe the order in which you execute the actions is of importance with undressing going last?
>>Anonymous  4apr2019(th)00:15  No.67883  E  P6R5
I found a way to see everything I think there's to see.
Of the choices you get when clicking her head, do them in this order:
Pick location and choose the middle one. Then talk, then steal, then bluff and finally undress. To undress first pull down the lace on her ribbon, then the 3 buttons of her cardigan, then begin pulling down on the left side of her skirt, (this can be a bit finicky). Click her right boob a bunch until she moves her hand back up, then pull down on her panties. After that pull her left bra strap all the way down and to the left, then right click on the middle of the bra to remove it. Finally you can click a bunch of times on her hands to move them, and then the same on her pussy until she cums. Click on her right shoulder after that to finish the game and unlock the teasers at the bottom right.
>>Anonymous  5apr2019(fr)09:21  No.67906  B  P7R6
Thank you very much for this information; I never would have figured this out myself.
It's rather finicky, isn't it? But it does work as you've described.
It's unfortunate that the teasers are just that: does not appear in this release.
>>Anonymous  5apr2019(fr)16:56  No.67913  D  P8R7
>>Anonymous  14apr2019(su)05:48  No.68093  F  P9R8
The left strap dont move!
>>Anonymous  14apr2019(su)08:12  No.68098  B  P10R9
Agreed. I fought with it a lot, and couldn't get it to move. How I was able to advance to the next step, I'm not entirely sure.
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