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>>Anonymous  27mar2019(we)10:17  No.67690  OP  P1
Zone-tan oral doctor cursed.swf (12.2 MiB)
1100x800, Compressed (Deflate). 15 frames, 24 fps (00:01).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  27mar2019(we)21:43  No.67702  A  P2R1
great fan work!
should be put into the zone collection asap
>>Anonymous  27mar2019(we)22:38  No.67704  B  P3R2
good work on this, only wish the intro screens took a little less time to get past

you're right, said and done!

>>oldgrandpa  28mar2019(th)01:11  No.67709  C  P4R3
yeah finally!

someone have do it !! before the flash DIE/disappear FOREVER!!!

thanks to all the gods!

we have a very nice fappabble material for the first time with ZONE!!!!!

it remind me a lot of Reiko BJ so it's a plus eheh! happy fapp!!!

>>Anonymous  28mar2019(th)02:37  No.67710  D  P5R4
I guess other people have to make Zone-Tan stuff while Zone makes movies with Steven Universe midgets or nasty ghosts.
>>Anonymous  28mar2019(th)20:09  No.67729  A  P6R5
the dankest timeline

also: this really needs an edit that instantly enables the cum button
so far there are 2 cumscenes, one normally with any but 1 option and using the cum button and the other whilst automatically cumming during facefuck

>>Anonymous  29mar2019(fr)06:54  No.67731  E  P7R6
It would be nice if we could turn the radio off.
It's rather tinny and annoying.
>>Anonymous  29mar2019(fr)22:22  No.67746  F  P8R7
I expected a hack of one of those dentistry games staring Elsa for some reason...
>>Anonymous  1apr2019(mo)03:02  No.67797  G  P9R8
There is apparently a game over scene in it where yah are just left limp... Not sure how to access it outside of using Baka Loader though.
>>oldgrandpa  1apr2019(mo)04:58  No.67799  C  P10R9


lol nice easter egg

>>Anonymous  4apr2019(th)10:01  No.67889  H  P11R10
Great work, just wish the dick was a little bigger or the sitting position of the guy was better, it kinda looks like hes some fat kid.
>>Anonymous  5apr2019(fr)14:17  No.67908  B  P12R11
hm there's a bar that goes up when she strokes his dick and down if you click stop. hmm. and you say he is limp in the game over screen? hmmm.
>>Anonymous  5apr2019(fr)17:16  No.67914  A  P13R12
There's even some cute voicelines for STOP, but the bar doesn't appear to fall below 0%.
>>Anonymous  5apr2019(fr)17:21  No.67915  A  P14
ok, got it with raising the bar above 50% so she got a blush and then letting it resign back to 0
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