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>>Anonymous  17mar2019(su)10:33  No.67411  OP  P1
That audio seems taken from a video that could cost you jail time for possession.

find wyrmly's lair.swf (16.62 MiB)
1280x720, Compressed (Deflate). 4939 frames, 24 fps (03:26).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  18mar2019(mo)00:41  No.67426  A  P2R1
lol you're right, JESUS CHRIST

a lot of echo in the forest today btw

>>Anonymous  18mar2019(mo)09:09  No.67438  OP  P3R2
Anyone found the lair?
>>Anonymous  18mar2019(mo)11:23  No.67439  B  P4R3
scat, blood, cub, puke, piss, fuck this shit I'm out.
>>Anonymous  18mar2019(mo)17:03  No.67441  C  P5R4
Furry pedo with scat fetish. The degenerate meter is reaching critical levels here
>>Anonymous  18mar2019(mo)23:40  No.67451  D  P6R5
Can anyone tell me what the key locations are?
>>Anonymous  19mar2019(tu)00:23  No.67452  E  P7R6
>>Anonymous  19mar2019(tu)02:48  No.67455  F  P8R7
What video do you mean? I don't understand.
>>Anonymous  19mar2019(tu)06:13  No.67464  B  P9R8
Are you baiting?
>>Anonymous  19mar2019(tu)10:14  No.67472  OP  P10R9
Whoever made this, is into some extreme weird shit. Scene 3 Sounds like hurtcore. Anyway, I can't find the rest of the keys.
>>Anonymous  20mar2019(we)23:56  No.67522  F  P11R10
No, genuinely asking. I don't know what they're alluding to.
>>Anonymous  21mar2019(th)00:23  No.67523  G  P12R11
Well scanned past the locks, the rest of the scenes are pretty awfull to. found two keys, one was really difficult to press it required like split second press. but it helps if you dont let the animation skip past the scenes. last bit is some fucked up dp. Smegma scat stuff. Just keep an eye out for the keys with wings on and press. Not sure where the last one is tho.
>>Anonymous  21mar2019(th)00:54  No.67524  G  P13
Found a code snippet that probably unlocks the last area, but im not sure where to unlock the bloodkey yet.

if(currentFrameLabel == "end3")
dungeonUnlocked = true;

Which means blood fart puke and song b active and autoplay on, will unlock dungeon it seems.

>>Anonymous  21mar2019(th)01:45  No.67527  G  P14
Sat all keys to true.
>>Anonymous  21mar2019(th)09:50  No.67543  H  P15R12
So no one has so far genuinely found the last keys or the lair without breaking the game?
>>Anonymous  21mar2019(th)13:13  No.67544  I  P16R13
no offense OP but watching this really made me lose my dignity
for this imma go to a mental institute tommorow this shit is still messing with my head till today
>>Anonymous  22mar2019(fr)08:25  No.67568  B  P17R14
-audio from a video
-could cost you jail time
-for possession

still no?
audio of a high pitched child like voice screaming in pain?
possible rape, torture, abuse of a child?
many countries would put you in jail for holding on to such a video?
said audio is being used for fap material?
why didn't you connect the dots dude.

>>Anonymous  22mar2019(fr)10:33  No.67569  OP  P18R15
Ha... dignity... on swfchan... ha.
>>w7-890 is a fucking faggot !elUzZM2K/o  22mar2019(fr)12:52  No.67574  J  P19R16
gross shit OP

>>67568 >>67411
definetely from a CP video on the dark web IDK not sure

FYI lost my virtual virginity twice
the first time was on the vinylr incident which made me shit my pantzu off

this is my comment btw >>67544
i don't always use my tripcode for shitposting and spamflinging but you can easily tell when its me

i don't think so but he does look like he is baiting

>>Anonymous  22mar2019(fr)12:53  No.67575  J  P20

not cool OP
you are one bad loli

>>Anonymous  23mar2019(sa)19:46  No.67598  K  P21R17
Jeez, get it together. The audio sounds generic enough to me. Maybe just a deviantart VA being way to into their work.
Also no, possession of AUDIO MATERIAL ALONE is almost always penalty free, because it's nearly impossible to trace it back to any real CP. It's all about them images bois.
>>Anonymous  24mar2019(su)16:33  No.67624  L  P22R18
Seeing in the previous images and one is the idea and more clear if they read the comments, it is unpleasant.
>>Anonymous  26mar2019(tu)00:53  No.67651  B  P23R19
OP said audio-from-a-video. Obviously possession of "Just audio" is whatevs. Obviously was referring to possession of the video would land jail time. WTF are you reading?
>>Anonymous  8apr2019(mo)12:34  No.67954  M  P24R20
Anybody, just go on YT and search for: The crying sound of heartbreak.
>>Anonymous  8apr2019(mo)15:02  No.67955  N  P25R21
oh no
>>Anonymous  8apr2019(mo)18:18  No.67960  O  P26R22
The individual responsible for this existing needs to be deleted.
>>w7-890  8apr2019(mo)19:00  No.67961  P  P27R23
even better neutralized for good
>>Anonymous  8apr2019(mo)20:11  No.67962  O  P28R24

I meant deleted from the planet.

>>w7-890  9apr2019(tu)10:41  No.67975  Q  P29R25

do you mean BALEETED!
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