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>>Anonymous  15mar2019(fr)05:46  No.67355  OP  P1
from some kind /aco/ anon

peridot_loop.swf (23.25 MiB)
1920x1080, Compressed (Deflate). 166 frames, 24 fps (00:07).
Ver41, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  15mar2019(fr)06:53  No.67356  A  P2R1
Thank you anonymous.
>>Anonymous  15mar2019(fr)07:07  No.67357  B  P3R2
>it's just solo shit, not even nude
>>Anonymous  15mar2019(fr)07:25  No.67358  C  P4R3
Man it's been almost a year and this is all zone can put out? He's really fuckin taking in the patreon funds for doing literally nothing most of the year.
>>Anonymous  15mar2019(fr)09:49  No.67360  D  P5R4
What else do expect from Paytreon culture?
This is why I use this site instead of throwing away my hard-earned income like a cuck
>>Anonymous  15mar2019(fr)09:51  No.67361  E  P6R5
good job OP

anybody archived the comments on ZONE's site

>>Anonymous  15mar2019(fr)13:54  No.67363  F  P7R6
I really hope you're just pretending to be retarded rn
>>Anonymous  15mar2019(fr)14:22  No.67364  G  P8R7
boring loop can't even see a nipple
>>w7-890  15mar2019(fr)17:22  No.67365  E  P9R8
nice OP

i actually find it funny and no i did not fap

is it me or zone is retarded or maybe im indeed a retard

>>Anonymous  15mar2019(fr)18:02  No.67366  H  P10R9
Boring /co/ shit.
>>Anonymous  15mar2019(fr)18:02  No.67367  H  P11
Boring ugly /co/ shit.
>>Anonymous  15mar2019(fr)18:16  No.67368  E  P12R10
Did you forget the a
Also whats with the double post
>>Anonymous  15mar2019(fr)18:44  No.67369  I  P13R11
S T E V E N ' S  P E N I S  ?

people are often under the false assumption that writing a comment and not filling in the capcha, then writing another one and filling them in won't result in the first comment also published

>>Anonymous  15mar2019(fr)19:14  No.67371  J  P14R12
So much work for something that should be a two-panel comic joke.
>>Anonymous  15mar2019(fr)20:12  No.67372  K  P15R13
Anyone know how to use FFDec to cut out the first couple of parts (Continue, and the first scene)?
>>Anonymous  15mar2019(fr)21:06  No.67373  L  P16R14
new zone?! there is still hope for flash! good job man, as always. thank you zone!

as good as this is i also wonder where most of the file size comes from

>>Anonymous  15mar2019(fr)21:11  No.67374  B  P17R15
Mostly audio

Any animation where 99% of the filesize is dedicated to that cow Oolaytiger is a fucking bad one

>>Anonymous  15mar2019(fr)21:37  No.67375  L  P18R16
Took it apart and the audio is in high quality, 160 kbps. Music is 1:01 at 1.18 MiB and there's a whopping 6:13 of speech at 7.12 MiB. Other audio is 0.33 MiB. There are three high resolution PNGs with the blur effect between the opening scene and the loop, those are 3.43 MiB. Seven other PNGs make up 1.34 MiB.

So together the audio and images make up 13.4 MiB. Then there are over 3000 shapes that take up more than 9 MiB. So that explains the file size, a little over-the-top quality perhaps but these days 23.25 MiB in bandwidth is nothing. It's completely justified. There are some changes in the visuals as well btw, towards the end she turns into a crystal before the whole thing repeats. (Or maybe that thing in her forehead is called a gem?)

Excellent work Zone and thank you so much for still exporting to the SWF format! I can't overemphasize how grateful we should be that he didn't just release this as a ~6min 13sec long 1080p video at 500 MiB in size.

>>Anonymous  15mar2019(fr)22:16  No.67377  I  P19R17
I must say, yes, releasing the swf at all is a rarity in itself these days. I'm grateful towards zone for this.
But still, I guess our resident nigger who shrinked down those Minus8 and RockCandy flashes could EASILY make this under 10mb. Maybe even without touching audio quality a lot.
That said, who else thinks it's a shame that zone now hires voice actresses and doesn't do what he got famous for, that is - taking voice lines from the original and putting them out of context.

This is easily one of the more boring works zone did, but I'm just not that into StevensPenis like zone apparently is, he's into a lot of strange, non-mainstream stuff since the 2010s.
Guess he got bored of only sticking to what the people want to see and now pursues only his own interests. He earned that. And lots of patreon money he doesn't have to work for.

>>Anonymous  15mar2019(fr)22:42  No.67379  M  P20R18
Meh. Don't get why he even bothered making this.
>>Anonymous  15mar2019(fr)22:58  No.67380  L  P21R19
The three biggest PNGs could be converted to JPG at 80% quality, reducing size from 3.43 MiB to 0.38 MiB (the transparent background is lost but the blurry transition is only visible for three frames anyway). The six audio files could be reduced to 128 Kbps instead of 160 Kbps and nobody would really notice, reducing size from 8.62 MiB to 6.9 MiB.

Then we would have a .swf file at 18.48 MiB. Reducing the size of the vectors would either be very time consuming or impact the visuals too much. Maybe the swf could simply use that newer compression method instead of the standard deflate method, might reduce size a little, but it's probably not worth it since then it won't be recognized by several old flash tools.

Zone himself could have separated the speech audio stream from the different sound effects instead of putting everything into one long audio file, sound effects can then be re-used and speech doesn't need high bitrate if there are no effects in the stream. Audio bytes might have been cut in half if he had separated stuff. But again, 23.25 MiB is nothing these days and if Zone is more comfortable editing this way now I won't hold it against him. Let's not shame him for putting an audio stream more suited for a movie into flash, otherwise it might mean he won't feel comfortable exporting to the swf format next time.

I don't mind him hiring voice actresses if the end result turns out this good. It really is good... Besides, can't expect a now grown man to sit through all seasons of a children's cartoon just to pick out audio samples (expecting a grown man to make porn out of children's cartoon on the other hand is completely different!). I think Steven Universe is pretty mainstream is it not, seeing as there's a lot of porn around based on it. Especially this specific Peridot character.

>>Anonymous  16mar2019(sa)00:48  No.67381  N  P22R20
>>Anonymous  16mar2019(sa)07:07  No.67397  O  P23R21
dont forget


>>Anonymous  16mar2019(sa)23:54  No.67404  P  P24R22
The variety in this flash comes from the voice work.
>>Anonymous  17mar2019(su)00:13  No.67405  Q  P25
Boring. People pay for this shit, fuck patreon.
>>Anonymous  17mar2019(su)09:07  No.67410  R  P26R23
Everyone being like "I can't believe he does 1 flash and gets paid during all this downtime" I've got news for you, you're not seeing any of his Patreon content.(unless you shockingly are a Patreon, or go out of your way to find his paid stuff for free)
What you GET for being a Patreon is not this flash or any other, he posts like a voted on Zone-Tan picture every month. Which you could still say isn't worth it, but it's still consistent reward for payment, and you know how much people love official Zone-Tan art.
>>Anonymous  17mar2019(su)14:15  No.67417  S  P27R24
>Don't even THINK about googling free content. its 2 hard!
As if a shitty picture a month for a 5 second fap is worth all the money he's pulling in from doing fuck all
>>Anonymous  17mar2019(su)16:07  No.67418  T  P28R25
don't forget what? you want someone to copy-paste the comments from that place in here or what?
>>Anonymous  17mar2019(su)16:11  No.67419  T  P29
Can't really hold it against him, if I could get a lot of money for the same amount of work, which can be done from home even, I would be crazy not to take it.
>>Anonymous  17mar2019(su)17:09  No.67420  U  P30R26
im not actually sure whether ZONE's site has comments
but putting them on ta text file on another site will be appeciated
>>Anonymous  17mar2019(su)19:56  No.67423  B  P31R27
Zone gets paid $2,351 a month to draw one picture of Zone-tan

What a hero

>>Anonymous  17mar2019(su)22:10  No.67425  A  P32R28
Anon, you don't have to pay if you don't want and that is fine but I don't' understand why you get so angry about the guy making a living out of what he does. Are you implying that it is bad to get paid for producing something? does he should do it for free in order to please your views on life?
>>Anonymous  18mar2019(mo)01:48  No.67429  V  P33R29
Wow. That was entirely unsatisfying.
>>???? ????  18mar2019(mo)01:54  No.67430  W  P34R30
Well I'm just gonna steal them without paying. 😎
>>Anonymous  18mar2019(mo)05:55  No.67433  X  P35R31
>animator makes a picture of OC monthly to justify taking monthly payments
>implying this isn't scummy as fuck
>>Anonymous  18mar2019(mo)06:23  No.67434  A  P36R32
How is scummy? I mean, the fucks who pay are getting what they bargain for.
>>Anonymous  18mar2019(mo)08:54  No.67435  D  P37R33

Paytreon is seriously ruining some many fine internet joys.
Paytreon for running a free YT channel, using free software to make porn, or the best of all - streaming games for free.
YT might as well be renamed to PaytreonTube.
I have opinions, give me money lol. Gissa job kids. Hurry up and make some money before UBI arrives.

>>Anonymous  18mar2019(mo)08:58  No.67436  D  P38

Paytreon locked content is out within same day delivery via internet search. You should open a Paytreon for your opinions. Seems like you're the type who goes in debt after being manipulated by other humans.

>>Anonymous  18mar2019(mo)09:06  No.67437  D  P39
Why do so many people on a free download site complain about the clever? Those smart enough to avoid paying for cheap digital content?
Is it this Zone person maybe? If so, try getting a job to support your hobby.
That Zone character is F'ing ugly by the way. I'm trying to think of one good Zone SWF game to begin with. Most of it is particular fetish trash. Tentacles, whatever.
And you're using other people's content for your own profit. You steal = We steal :)
>>Anonymous  18mar2019(mo)17:08  No.67442  Y  P40R34
I mean I'm not defending the guy for the amount of work he puts out relative to his patreon paycheck but you're being a massive retard here.

The guy can animate ridiculously well, has incredible skill in mimicking practically any artstyle and has very good perspective drawing skills. He's clearly educated in what he does, and wants to make his hobby his profession. I fail to see what is wrong with that and why in your eyes that's apparently not good enough.

People pay for it because they like his work. Again I fail to see how it's clever from your side to just not pay for it and wait until it shows up elsewhere. That's almost like sitting next to the dump pile(a fitting analogy for this board) waiting until you spot a working microwave and then calling everyone who paid for microwaves idiots.

Get your greasy head out of your ass please.

>>Anonymous  18mar2019(mo)19:51  No.67447  A  P41R35
Zone is not scummy. You want to know what is scummy? remember the breeding season fiasco and how spurple stole all the money and legally nuked the already created assets.
>>Anonymous  19mar2019(tu)01:35  No.67454  Z  P42R36
What a let down
>>Anonymous  19mar2019(tu)11:29  No.67475  D  P43R37

And you're here on a free site where these files are shared. Are you Zone?

Downloading for free and pocketing the money isn't clever? That's the meaning of life son. Exploit others for personal gain. Such as selling personal fetish flash games to monthly subs. Noticed I said subs, as in submissives :)
I wouldn't pay for any of these flash games anyways. I haven't cucked out and payed for porn in so long I can't remember.
If the artist wants to really get serious about monetization. Maybe open a real store? This is the internet. You pay the ISP fee and everything is out there for free.

You're right this artist does have some skills. But after seeing Kill La Kill for free I have to ask - Why snek tentacles? Why not a male x female? Or even female x female, or futa x female, futa x futa?
I can't think of another memorable Zone game at all.
I think the people who upload these for free should open Paytreons to take your money also lol. Might as well.

>>Anonymous  19mar2019(tu)11:55  No.67476  Y  P44R38
You are replying to the wrong comment you dimwit.

Also you remind me of when I was twelve years old. "The meaning of life is exploiting others for personal gain". Edginess through the roof anon

>>Anonymous  19mar2019(tu)19:42  No.67486  A  P45R39
>>Anonymous  20mar2019(we)10:21  No.67500  AA  P46
>The Day when Zone went full calarts
>>Anonymous  20mar2019(we)13:15  No.67505  AB  P47R40
worse people have made better things than this with the same subject.
>>Anonymous  20mar2019(we)15:09  No.67506  S  P48R41
What a stupid argument. Just because shitpurple is literally the worst offender of this deplorable behaviour doesn't mean zone isn't scummy. That's like saying I'm not scummy for robbing a homeless person because murders and rapists exist.
>I haven't cucked out and payed for porn in so long I can't remember.
Do you think you're being clever bragging about that? If you have paid for porn at any time - period, then you're a fuckwit
>>Anonymous  21mar2019(th)03:29  No.67535  A  P49R42
>zone is robbing people
According to you he should be strap to a chain and do everything for free.
>>Anonymous  21mar2019(th)06:59  No.67539  AC  P50R43
Calarts is what sells. I'm just upset that out of all the things ZONE decided to do, he decided to do Steven Universe of all things.

I'm still waiting on my fucking Spice and Wolf flash.

>>Anonymous  21mar2019(th)08:03  No.67541  AD  P51R44
Zone releases once a year. At this point he should just do it for free
>>Anonymous  21mar2019(th)13:37  No.67545  S  P52R45
What anon >>67541 said.
He shouldn't be charging to do no work. So yes, he kinda is robbing people
>>Anonymous  21mar2019(th)15:44  No.67548  AE  P53R46
I legit wonder why he stopped making good porn loops.
>>Anonymous  21mar2019(th)15:47  No.67549  AF  P54R47
because she is a massive faggot who sucks pay-wallet-reon dicks
>>Anonymous  21mar2019(th)21:32  No.67554  A  P55R48
Because whinny entitled little faggots like the ones in this thread that believe they deserve everything and that anybody that doesn't comfort to their ideals are worst than a burglar.
>>Anonymous  21mar2019(th)23:45  No.67562  I  P56R49
don't forget that zone explicitly stated that he gets his livelyhood from whatever jobs he works on and hentaikeynetwork
the patreon is supposed to be a "tip jar"
so yes, 2k tips a month for something that is supposed to not produce content, besides the monthly zone-tan vote and the odd exception

probably just the white knights flocking in
this link did get thrown around quite as it was too big a file for /f/ and then some twitter drama about zone complaining the people ripping him off make his work look poor which then again drove people to antagonize flash even further

but come one now, zone doesn't come here, he rarely visits /f/ and he has a well known tripcode, nobody here is zone-sama
you're clearly just a newfag

I wanna scummy in her cunny

I even voted for that back in the day
and now the vote forums aren't even online anymore

no it was actually long before patreon
around the time when the wakfuck flash hit
he even included a montage of his fans whining when the flash will be finished
he was never the same again after
he just got full of himself, his private life took off, he started to not care about his fans and their requests anymore and did what he wanted to, like all those strange dropped pilot episodes parodies when Excel Saga had like 1000s of votes for a flash by him
then came the twitter thing, the skullgirls RISE in popularity, because of his collaborations with them and as anon has stated he even messed up Kill la Kill, FUCKING KILLAKILL CAN YOU IMAGINE? THE SHOW ITSELF WAS LIKE A ZONE FLASH ALREADY.
The scenes were boring, but you know, at least he hired someone who could exactly replicate the JAPANESE FINISHER KANJI FONTS
whew, I'm glad the flash was delayed a month so he got the kanji and fonts right, would have made it unfappable amirite?

>>Anonymous  23mar2019(sa)10:44  No.67590  D  P57R50
The same Patrecucks who support this mediocre effort pron most likely support modern MtX video games as well.
How many hours a week do these cucks spend working? Scary to think these simps probably think the upper echelons of government is a good thing.
Yes the politicians have your best interests in mind and you should fund their leisure lifestyle while you get paid minimum wage at McD's

This Zone guy is raking $2000 a month from this? Lol. What a time to be a welfare bum.
Actually I praise all the cucks who do submit to Paytreon. Otherwise working class men would have to fund these welfare queens via more taxes. You know these Paytreon types would be disability bums without easy online welfare :D
I bet they donate to Twitch camgirls as well :D
You cucks are killing me with your bitch think rebuttals.
Why are you even here!? Go back to work and make Zone some money. Pick up a third job so Zone can skip out on the workforce.
By the way I create game mods for older games, and I don't expect free handouts. I want them to be freeware :)
And again they are using someone else's OC.
Paytreon is as silly as Bitcoin.

>>Anonymous  23mar2019(sa)19:55  No.67600  I  P58R51
But bitcoin is a good thing?
What does bitcoin have to do with any of this, or what you said?
Bitcoin is literally the best thing you can invest your money in.
At the worst you'd have to buy illeagal drugs and weapons and resell them, but you'd always get your money's worth at the very least.
I'm actually kinda angry at all the stupid tax bullshit around my bitcoins.
You have to pay no taxes for reselling something once where I live, but those assholes want a perfect chain of ownership back to whatnot sites that aren't even online anymore or else they would judge it to be speculation. They just want to get in on mah bitcoin monies, them bastards.
>>Anonymous  24mar2019(su)04:59  No.67611  AG  P59R52
>>Anonymous  24mar2019(su)06:05  No.67613  A  P60R53
>sperging out about goverment, vidya, streaming and irrelevant shit just because a H-artist gets money out of a patreon
>>Anonymous  24mar2019(su)06:05  No.67614  A  P61
>sperging out about goverment, vidya, streaming and irrelevant shit just because a H-artist gets money out of a patreon


>>Anonymous  24mar2019(su)08:59  No.67617  AH  P62R54
So this is the new /fap meme
Long live this meme!
>>Anonymous  24mar2019(su)10:49  No.67618  D  P63R55
Not scared to called out the massive welfare state inlcuding Paytreon.
UBI coming soon kids. After that though.. Yeah, good luck.

Also the people who take online donations skip out on taxes in case you didn't know. Claiming them as gifts instead of a legit income.

Don't worry my life is most likely easier than Zone's even though I'm actually employed. The thing is I know how to avoid getting used by others, except taxes Zone most likely pays for a smartphone plan like a cuck. Know what I'm saying?

Internet fee = Everything else is free. That's why we are here right? :) This is after all a pirate site. If you want to support Paytreons why are you here?

Of course some idiot defends bitcoin lol. I'll sell you some WoW gold also kid :)
Would you like to check out my line of beard oil products?

>>Anonymous  24mar2019(su)23:19  No.67631  A  P64R56
Are you under 18 years old? Or just plain dumb?
>>Anonymous  25mar2019(mo)21:57  No.67646  I  P65R57
I'd like to know as well, probably both.
>>Anonymous  1apr2019(mo)12:48  No.67807  AI  P66R58
>This is why I use this site instead of throwing away my hard-earned income like a cuck
Who are you kidding man? Even if these people shat out an amazing flash every month you'd still be here. I would be too. No shame in that, just own it.
>>Anonymous  24apr2019(we)23:48  No.68317  AJ  P67R59
Gotta say, this is my fetish. (continuous orgasms)
The fact that it has variety in grunting/moaning sounds is fucking fantastic, and half the dialogue is sexy.
But the other half and the character choice is... disappointing.
It's hard to fap to a fucking green triangle.
>>the faggot srikes back  26apr2019(fr)13:04  No.68338  AK  P68
i can't beleive so many whales would pay for her shit what a faggot

kike lives anyone?

>>Nyah  28apr2019(su)10:49  No.68372  AL  P69R60
I for one appreciate Zones contributions

Also us sharing his new releases for free is likely the reason uploads are so infrequent

>>Anonymous  29apr2019(mo)01:53  No.68389  I  P70R61
Jeez man, can you even into read.
Zone used to post his flashes HIMSELF on /f/ back in the day, because hentaikeynetwork payed him anyway. So seeing as he always gets his patreon money, that seems highly unlikely.
It's more that he just wants to master his craft as an artist and perfectionist more than he just wants to throw something out that has maxed fappability. He just dun care for the people anymore, outside of them riding his butttrain in VRChat. I guess he earned it. There's a reason that when an empire reaches peak height, it starts to slowly crumble.

Zone is a he, we're not talking about the other patreon whale, in case you just butted into a discussion without even knowing.

We might never understand zone's captivation with the fucking green triangle.

>>Anonymous  29apr2019(mo)03:21  No.68390  W  P71R62
>>Anonymous  9may2019(th)09:42  No.68622  AM  P72R63
ITT: anons butthurt about how people choose to spend their own money
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