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>>random Crow  8mar2019(fr)00:07  No.67217  OP  P1
zum Damenhaus v.3.5.1

new content: quality of life changes + new animations

zum Damenhaus v.3.5.1.swf (30.27 MiB)
800x600, Compressed (Deflate). 2 frames, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver28, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  8mar2019(fr)07:15  No.67230  A  P2R1
Jesus it's still so goddamn slooooooow.
>>Anonymous  10mar2019(su)08:19  No.67267  B  P3R2
Good stuff, Crow, good stuff.
>>Anonymous  10mar2019(su)08:41  No.67268  C  P4R3
try downloading it and playing it with a standalone flash player.
stuff here usually runs slow for me in browser.
>>Anonymous  13mar2019(we)00:27  No.67306  D  P5R4
i swear if i gotta restart my game one more gawd deem time imma throw a hissyfit.
>>Anonymous  13mar2019(we)03:05  No.67311  E  P6R5
i like how when i press new game it just gives me the option to click No or Yes without explanation, probably a remark on how life is full of uncertain paths
>>Anonymous  13mar2019(we)04:45  No.67316  OP  P7R6
A bit hidden, but other than that...
>>Anonymous  13mar2019(we)05:16  No.67317  F  P8R7
embed my assttatchment queer
>>Anonymous  13mar2019(we)06:59  No.67319  G  P9R8
Completely broken game, played maybe 15 mins and I ran into two game breaking bugs already that needed a complete restart of the save.
>>Anonymous  13mar2019(we)18:17  No.67325  D  P10R9

you playing on chrome?

>>Anonymous  13mar2019(we)21:41  No.67327  H  P11R10
we have an attachment function here, random Crow
use it and don't link to shitty hosting sites
>>Anonymous  29mar2019(fr)17:48  No.67738  I  P12R11

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