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>>Anonymous  4mar2019(mo)11:53  No.67150  OP  P1
01KONATA (type cosine to uncensor).swf (2.38 MiB)
800x495, Compressed (Deflate). 10 frames, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver8, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
[find in archive]
>>Anonymous  4mar2019(mo)21:02  No.67162  A  P2R1
This thing was already on here 10 years ago we know how to cosine uncensor and there are also hacked uncensored ones of these. Why in the ever living fuck are you uploading this AGAIN in 2019?
>>Anonymous  5mar2019(tu)04:28  No.67165  OP  P3R2
2 billion new people have come online since 2009.
>>Anonymous  5mar2019(tu)07:19  No.67169  B  P4R3
That's why you check the archives before you upload something. Being a newfag is a shitty excuse.
>>Anonymous  6mar2019(we)02:30  No.67178  A  P5R4
ach sure let's upload a duplicate file every 5 or 10 years. fuck off mate
>>Anonymous  6mar2019(we)16:37  No.67192  OP  P6R5
Hard to believe you two got so upset about someone digging out gold nuggets to help draw new people into flash. You really want the swf format to die that badly?
>>Anonymous  6mar2019(we)18:05  No.67194  A  P7R6
You say that like the STORY LOOP FURRY PORN GAMES tags up there are for show. Click, search, click, take your pick. But no let's upload the same thing for the archive. It's called an archive for a reason.
>>Anonymous  7mar2019(th)10:39  No.67204  C  P8R7
jeez guys chill
>>Anonymous  7mar2019(th)16:59  No.67214  A  P9R8
Knock knock, open up the door, it's real
>>Anonymous  8mar2019(fr)04:26  No.67222  D  P10R9
thanks for sharing never saw this lol would like to see more
>>Anonymous  8mar2019(fr)05:11  No.67225  OP  P11R10
Wait there are people that haven't watched all 200 thousand flashes in the archive??

I had actually not seen this myself a few days ago, I discovered it right before I uploaded it to /fap/. Had no idea cosine uncensored until I saw it in the filename, clever place to put it. I would also love to see more. I bet >>67162 and >>67169 know something but I doubt they will share it with us.

>>Anonymous  9mar2019(sa)00:30  No.67235  A  P12R11
It's cosine works, they have a dead .jp webpage that used to hold art ,doujin ,flash etc on their site and on dlsite back in the day. They had a censored version for jp and uncensored stuff for overseas. All their stuff is on swfchan and many other places on the internet. some ripping sites like Hentai Bedta, hentai from hell, and other sites hold these both original and hacked versions, sometimes translated, sometimes uncensored, and most of them will uncensor after typing "cosine" while playing these flash games. their signature is extra detailed vaginas and close ups. They are all over the internet. And have been for about 8 years and still going now. It's hard to miss unless you were born yesterday. Just go to the search bar and search csine and all thier stuff pops up but this just adds to the duplicates on the results page.
>>Anonymous  9mar2019(sa)00:59  No.67237  OP  P13R12
360 thousand new people are born every day.
>>Anonymous  10mar2019(su)00:41  No.67258  E  P14R13
Oh, cosine, you forgotten era gold creator.

It's true that people are lazy beyond help these days, but don't forget that .org isn't JUST for uploading new shit directly into the archive.
It's also just a chan like /f/ or every other where you repost shit all the time, because you like it. I'd say it's not an offense to just repost something because you want to introduce it to others.
Sometimes you just want to lurk on the frontpage and digging through the archive CAN be digging through countless unrelated, shitty, or duplicate/edits at a time depending on your search, sooo...
not spamming but posting one gateway flash is okay, but OP might have put more effort into it by posting comments about what this is, who made it, where to find his stuff, special edits, whatever like >>67235 did.

>>Anonymous  10mar2019(su)04:47  No.67264  F  P15R14
360 newborns that aren't going to see this. For pretty obvious reasons.
>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  11mar2019(mo)17:16  No.67281  G  P16R15
>>Anonymous  14mar2019(th)20:43  No.67350  OP  P17R16
But the other 359640 newborns will.
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