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>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  19feb2019(tu)06:11  No.66721  OP  P1
Ver. 1.6

Added a bunch of new stuff to it.
I wonder what I'll choose for the last choice.

super_smash_a_pokegirl_ver_1.6.2.swf (14.09 MiB)
640x500, Compressed (Deflate). 2430 frames, 18 fps (02:15).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  19feb2019(tu)06:32  No.66722  A  P2R1
Damn, that's a lot of new stuff.
Admittedly, I haven't followed since Version 1.3
>>Anonymous  19feb2019(tu)08:53  No.66724  B  P3R2
Truly a piece of art by now.
I really wish there was more focus on pantyhose/stockings with Rosa, but you don't look a gyfted ponyta in the mouth.


>>Anonymous  19feb2019(tu)10:58  No.66725  C  P4R3
>>Anonymous  19feb2019(tu)11:09  No.66726  D  P5R4
this shit sucks
>>Anonymous  19feb2019(tu)11:25  No.66727  E  P6R5
Your face sucks
>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  19feb2019(tu)14:22  No.66736  F  P7R6
this is Fucking good OP

my ass sucks

>>Anonymous  19feb2019(tu)16:18  No.66739  G  P8R7
this is awesome

>those bushes that you need to click just to keep open
you sure like to troll

>>Anonymous  19feb2019(tu)18:29  No.66745  H  P9R8
DinDin! love your work
>>Anonymous  20feb2019(we)11:15  No.66765  I  P10R9
>Not making Hex a thicc MILFy mama and just drawing her like the rest of the stick thin lolis
Is op autistic?
>>Anonymous  20feb2019(we)11:15  No.66766  J  P11R10
Still waiting for Misty's phone to do something
>>???? ????  21feb2019(th)00:21  No.66778  K  P12R11
Make the last button play Megalovania
>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  21feb2019(th)07:01  No.66788  OP  P13R12
Yeah I can maybe finish it off with Sabrina.
>>Anonymous  22feb2019(fr)08:10  No.66819  L  P14R13
Technically speaking she's canonically not as big or busty as fanart has lead you to believe, so it's alright.
>>Anonymous  22feb2019(fr)08:30  No.66820  B  P15R14
Yeah, which pokegirl would even be canonically that sugoi dekai.
>>Anonymous  24feb2019(su)06:28  No.66853  M  P16R15
I've been cataloguing the music in these flashes so might as well see it through to the end.

Character Select: VS Mode from Gale of Darkness
Leaf: Mystery Gift from FRLG
Kris: A remix of Pokégear Radio: Pokémon Lullaby from Crystal
May: Route 113 from RSE
Misty: Cobalt Coast from Hey You, Pikachu
Dawn: Spin Trade from Platinum/BW2.
Hilda: Route 10 from BW
Rosa: Join Avenue from BW2
Serena: Super Training! from XY
Lyra: National Park from HGSS
Sex Maniac: Another Chapter in Looker's Tale and Looker's Sorrowful Theme

And the new ones:
Chicken-chan: Poke Pelago (Night)
Roxie: A mix of Virbank Gym with the Big Rock Finish minigame from Rhythm Heaven
Giratina-O's extra Dawn scene:

Other than the Giratina-O scene there were also two additions to the May scene, but with no new songs. Guess the four still unused buttons still in the game are the USUM protag, Lillie, the Smeargle and Misty's phone.

If you are taking suggestions for the last few scenes here's my two cents:

New characters: Mallow or Iris for the delicious brown girls, or Lana.
Extended scenes: Wouldn't mind seeing more from Hilda since she's my favorite, or a Giratina-A scene to counterbalance the Giratina-O scene on the Dawn one.

>>Anonymous  24feb2019(su)18:52  No.66868  N  P17R16
How do you trigger the Giratina scene?
>>Anonymous  24feb2019(su)22:18  No.66877  M  P18R17
The button is hidden, you have to stretch the window a bit so you can see it much like you would to get the sauce in music flash.
>>Anonymous  25feb2019(mo)01:30  No.66884  O  P19R18
Would absolutely love more Hilda scenes

Also seconding Mallow. Those two are my favorite Pokegirls easilly along with Skyla

>>Anonymous  25feb2019(mo)20:54  No.66899  P  P20R19
I know it's probably pointless requesting, but I'd really like a yuri scene added.
>>Anonymous  1mar2019(fr)01:11  No.67038  Q  P21R20
So uh, how bout that Sword/Shield girl?
>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  1mar2019(fr)04:13  No.67047  OP  P22R21
Yeah, I kinda want to do something with Shield-chan now. It wouldn't be complete without her anyways.
I hear you. I think I can work something out.
I love her too. Hilda deserves her own flash.
>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  2mar2019(sa)06:06  No.67069  OP  P23
NO NO WAIT I got a better idea. I'm gonna make the last one Sabrina and then do Shield in a separate Flash. Fuck it. Sabrina was here first. Shield will wait her turn.

Unrelated question but do you guys prefer traditional animation or inbetweening?

>>Anonymous  5mar2019(tu)13:30  No.67172  R  P24R22
Do you mean tweening? It looks okay in these flashes where I've seen it but usually for simple stuff. Traditional almost always comes out better-looking
>>Anonymous  5mar2019(tu)13:30  No.67173  R  P25
Also is Sabrina getting Hypno'd or do you have another plan in mind?
>>Anonymous  5mar2019(tu)13:51  No.67174  S  P26R23
This please
>>Anonymous  5mar2019(tu)21:33  No.67176  O  P27R24
I'm not sure what you mean but I really liked your Leaf flashes and your Rui one
>>Anonymous  6mar2019(we)11:42  No.67186  T  P28R25
More Leaf please
>>Anonymous  26mar2019(tu)10:08  No.67664  U  P29R26
Ill admit I'd like it if Lorelei got some love, since its rare she ever does, but im probably in the minority on that one.
>>Anonymous  26mar2019(tu)10:21  No.67665  U  P30
Why not both? Traditional and inbetweening are not mutually exclusive.
>>Anonymous  26mar2019(tu)12:54  No.67668  G  P31R27
Traditional keyframe animation with as much tweens as possible between them!

One of the great things about flash that not many porn artists make use of is maxed FPS. Since it isn't a movie file you can set your project to 120 FPS without bloating the file size, just space out your key frames. Let's say you animate at 20 FPS, instead of setting the flash to 20 FPS you set it to 120 and key frame every 6:th frame with 5 tween frames inbewteen. If you animate at 10 FPS you still have 120 FPS but with key frames every 12:th frame.

Not even Zone uses this technique for some reason, even though it's a really good technique. Sure in the past CPU's might have problems keeping it at 120 FPS but today that shouldn't be much of a problem unless you try to render in 4K or have a bunch of blur effects, if that worries you 60 FPS might be a safer target and it will still make your animations look much smoother than your current 18 FPS. Remember that the number of keyframes per second is the same so this technique can only improve things.

If you wanna go advanced you can set the swf to 120 FPS at export and then have ActionScript detect the limitations of the system that renders the flash (simply by measuring the average FPS over 10 sec) and reduce the target stage framerate while frame skipping on frames that have no keyframe on any layer. Unrelated to visual improvements, as a bonus a higher framerate also improves the reactions from user inputs, reducing the delay from a button click to something happening in your flash.

>>Anonymous  26mar2019(tu)20:30  No.67680  B  P32R28
idk about bloating the framerate to such high degrees without changing the amount of keyframes
is that the same as those "soap opera" effects on modern TVs with motion interpolation?
because f.e. on anime that looks kinda shit and not really an improvement in general
but with flash's vector graphics it might just work
do you have any visual example flash that makes use of this technique?
>>Anonymous  1apr2019(mo)21:51  No.67812  G  P33R29
It looks bad on TV because it is cheat-interpolating between pixel colors, in flash tweens vectors are actually moving between positions so there's nothing to "look fake". It's not bloating anything either because there's already numbers in the flash file saying how many frames a tween will last and how many milliseconds the computer should wait until moving on to the next frame, all this technique does it making tweens display for more frames and making the computer move on to the next frame faster. You still need to set up proper tweens between keyframes like always, this isn't a kind of "cheat interpolation" like on TV where they just blend two frames together. I can't think of an example flash, it does require more from the CPU during playback so if people were aware of this technique chances are they couldn't use it much in the past due to slowdowns.
>>Anonymous  4may2019(sa)03:04  No.68504  V  P34R30
...Still can't find the giratina scene
>>Anonymous  4may2019(sa)18:48  No.68509  S  P35R31
And also still cant figure out that a newer version >>>67818 is out already
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