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>>just_a_fan  9feb2019(sa)10:51  No.66522  OP  P1
Another_Shit-no_wrapper-open_to_recompile edits

I kept getting annoyed that I couldn't stop the animation at a certain spot, or didn't have the ability to edit the flash, but now, to make that possible to myself, and to you guys, I extracted and resized the bounding area (deleted like a few frames that were extra; they weren't shown in the original wrapper version minus8 made) and now the file can be completely decompiled to edit ;)... I'd love for someone to make a Nikki version of this before I do lol, but for now I'm a busy man, and got stuff to do.

1 Amelia Source.swf (14.69 MiB)
4299.3x4353.9, Uncompressed. 5439 frames, 55.5 fps (01:38).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>just_a_fan  9feb2019(sa)10:52  No.66523  OP  P2
Wait, my bad, I remember that I couldn't resize the bounding because I was getting errors with my open source decompiler... but I'm sure that part is easier for all you guys not using the free decompilers ;P
>>just_a_fan  9feb2019(sa)10:57  No.66524  OP  P3
Oh and if you want to know what program I was using, it was the FFDec program... the rebounding dimensions (in that program) I know were to be 38400, 36900 => 56400, 48900
in case some of you guys find that helpful (but doubt the free program is going to compile that correctly anytime soon)
>>Anonymous  9feb2019(sa)23:55  No.66526  A  P4R1
Can you make the scene bigger? that would be great
>>Anonymous  10feb2019(su)00:49  No.66527  B  P5R2
Right click + zoom in
>>Anonymous  13feb2019(we)00:43  No.66593  C  P6R3
Anyone link the song on youtube?
>>BBQ  14feb2019(th)04:27  No.66610  D  P7R4
There u go my dude
>>Anonymous  14feb2019(th)22:58  No.66626  C  P8R5

You are a scholar and a saint my friend

>>Anonymous  14feb2019(th)23:28  No.66627  E  P9R6
not sure what he means with this post exactly
>38400, 36900 => 56400, 48900
but here's some trivia. these numbers are twips (a measurement used in flash, short for "twentieth of a point"). 1 pixel is 20 twips.

so it translates to this in pixels: 1920, 1845 => 2820, 2445

>>Anonymous  15feb2019(fr)05:49  No.66629  F  P10R7
What decompiler do you guys recommend?
>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  17feb2019(su)12:34  No.66666  G  P11R8
trillix sothink
>>Anonymous  18feb2019(mo)11:11  No.66691  H  P12R9
>>66666 (nice quints)
flashbulb from
but the website has been down for years now
>>Anonymous  19feb2019(tu)05:14  No.66719  E  P13R10
checked. can't believe you of all people were the one that got it.
>>Anonymous  19feb2019(tu)11:33  No.66729  H  P14R11
I mean like 30% of all new posts are his, so chances were high
>>bumpercar !elUzZM2K/o  20feb2019(we)10:23  No.66762  I  P15R12
66666 lel my post is so evil
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