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>>Anonymous  18jan2019(fr)17:35  No.66117  OP  P1
MSOS Hacked


MSOS.swf (9.73 MiB)
550x400, Compressed (Deflate). 30 frames, 12 fps (00:02).
Ver6, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: Yes.
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  19jan2019(sa)09:44  No.66131  A  P2R1
Hacked how exactly?
>>Anonymous  19jan2019(sa)10:23  No.66132  B  P3R2
hacked because you can just train your stats endlessly. HP doesn't deplete unless you're working, talking to a girl, and having sex. It's still a grind, though.
>>Anonymous  19jan2019(sa)10:33  No.66133  B  P4
Trivia answers

anon 66132 here again. Here are the girls' trivia question answers.

Sally's Answers: 32B, Knowledge, Flowers, Beethoven's Pathetique, September 18th.
Amy's Answers: 34C, Charming, Gold Rings, Every Rose has a Thorn, September 23rd.
Tikal's Answers: 38A, Knowledge, Iza Dolls, Green Gardens, December 23rd.
Sonia's Answers: 32C, Strength, Flowers, Lif of the Party, October 4th.

Will update when I learn more.

>>Anonymous  19jan2019(sa)13:28  No.66141  C  P5R3
No, anon. You're Anonymous B, 66132 is your post number. Never write your post number, only >>66132 link it, unless you're autistic.
>>Anonymous  19jan2019(sa)16:03  No.66143  D  P6R4
He wrote all the answers for the likings of sonic girls in a sonic dating game
And you not sure if its autism
>>Anonymous  21jan2019(mo)21:01  No.66188  E  P7R5
Clearly not hacked enough to be playable.
>>Anonymous  21jan2019(mo)22:13  No.66190  F  P8R6
I thank you for you're apparent sacrifice and will head your warning.
>>Anonymous  26jan2019(sa)08:00  No.66253  B  P9R7
So writing my post number is some kind of taboo? It got the point across, so it matter much less than you're making it seem. enjoy your fap.
Took me about 5 minutes to find and write the answers. If sheer boredom and some mild curiosity makes me autistic, then here I stand in all my autistic glory. Have fun.
>>Anonymous  26jan2019(sa)13:00  No.66255  G  P10R8
don't be a butthurt newfag and take the advice of those anons
>>Anonymous  26jan2019(sa)16:19  No.66259  C  P11R9
It's not a taboo, it just shows how incompetent you are and not used to this method of communication.
Like someone who will write you an email, then print it out and send it to you via mailorder.
You click to post number (the number, not the "No.") to send it into the textbox. Writing it seems like millions of seconds lost if you have to carefully write the correct number everytime you want to reply to some nigger on the internet.
>>Anonymous  27jan2019(su)10:26  No.66270  H  P12R10
Is it still a crapshoot to encounter Rouge or Shadow in this version?
>>Anonymous  27jan2019(su)13:07  No.66271  I  P13R11
the time spent grinding this "hacked" game. Could make an animation by now.
>>Anonymous  7mar2019(th)11:59  No.67209  J  P14R12
only newfags use newfag faggot
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