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>>Anonymous  5jan2019(sa)03:07  No.65791  OP  P1
some movement

popstick.swf (6.46 MiB)
698x1017, Compressed (Deflate). 2 frames, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  5jan2019(sa)11:45  No.65805  A  P2R1
Who is the artist?
>>Anonymous  5jan2019(sa)16:12  No.65809  OP  P3R2
the flash was posted by someone calling himself "tears-of-blade" though the still images themselves have a signature that i can't really read. looks like "Auzengzeb"?
>>Anonymous  5jan2019(sa)20:50  No.65813  B  P4R3

yup, 'tears-of-blade' was on deviant art. they used a pass code system to hide the nude/hard core loli aspects. deviant art must have caught on, because their account is now deactivated. this flash seems to have the code system disabled. thanks for that!

other on topic flashes include...
'potion_mixer' (hidden Magic-Girl-Kosuchumu)

they have an account on pixiv. 07

>>Anonymous  6jan2019(su)03:40  No.65823  OP  P5R4
deviantart sucks balls, absolutely horrible to navigate and they have shit rules that make artists self-censor. pixiv is better but of course suffers from japan's even more retarded censorship ("as long as you make the clit of that 3 year old girl in your torture porn a little blurry it's OK"). i have no idea why we're still stuck with these two sites.
>>Anonymous  6jan2019(su)03:47  No.65824  B  P6R5
not all pixiv work is censored. it only has to be censored if the artist is from a region that requires it. i see a lot that have the first image censored, then an uncensored version below it. (see all button)
>>Anonymous  6jan2019(su)18:57  No.65839  OP  P7R6
That's false. Report those works and the Pixiv staff will delete them and give the uploader a warning. Pixiv pretend not to see most of the uploads that break their rules because they obviously don't like Japans retarded laws that doesn't make sense either. I'm pretty sure they know that they can easily be replaced with something better if they start being too nazi about censorship as well. I mean you shouldn't really even be able to link to uncensored versions from your Pixiv descriptions either but of course they pretend not to see that.
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