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>>Anonymous  4jan2019(fr)05:54  No.65772  OP  P1
tentacle-sluts.swf (4.52 MiB)
640x480, Compressed (Deflate). 102 frames, 60 fps (00:02).
Ver7, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  4jan2019(fr)10:50  No.65774  A  P2R1
where are the other files?
>>Anonymous  4jan2019(fr)17:56  No.65779  B  P3R2
Why has /fap/ gone down the shitter lately? Suddenly so many extremely low-quality trash and incomplete games (that require a host of different files to run, not just one .swf)
>>Anonymous  4jan2019(fr)18:36  No.65780  C  P4R3
because morons are getting together and having offspring at an alarming rate!
>>Anonymous  4jan2019(fr)22:26  No.65785  D  P5R4
What do you do to pull it up of the shitter? You wouldn't happen to be one of those guys that just complain without offering anything of value themselves, would you?
>>Anonymous  5jan2019(sa)01:19  No.65788  A  P6R5
I can bitch all I want because I have the full thing and none of you ass hats will get it from me. Go find the full thing yourself. It don't change the fact OP is dumb and uploads half assed.
>>Anonymous  5jan2019(sa)08:21  No.65803  E  P7R6
Technically, he could just be asking a question, not complaining. I am also curious as to why the quality has diminished. A few years ago, this site had at least one decent flash per day. What happened? I miss those days!
>>Anonymous  5jan2019(sa)12:28  No.65806  F  P8R7
With the advent of shit like Patreon, people have realized it's easier to generate money by not actually making content or producing so slowly that they drag out production time forever to keep getting paid for doing basically nothing.

This is why there isn't any good content anymore...that and Zone's macular degeneration.

>>Anonymous  19feb2019(tu)05:24  No.66720  G  P9R8
poor Zone.. I miss the days back in the old net. Zone is still the cream of the crop, not only is he an awesome and professional dev but he owns hentaikey and is very fan friendly. this is rare.

also you make me feel bad about my lack of progress on my project.. alas I'm a single person biting off more than I can chew, featurecreeping for the self lulz, working jobs inbetween in keep myself in operation cause my patreon only gives $7 a month at present lol. I really need more to show before I share it here on the chans again. alas there's so many things to decide, so many "why?" questions to the development. that and my project is a 3D hentai game in blender, not swf.. so..

never mind I took off these 2 months to get shit done and shit will be done! I need to finish planning out the tutorial zone and .. what the fuck? why am I saying this here it has nothing to do with the source material! oh yeah because your comment targeted me and made me a sad panda. but it also gave me energy and drive to do bettar!


>>Anonymous  19feb2019(tu)11:32  No.66728  H  P10R9
Wait, the hentaikey network actually belongs to Zone? Can't habeeb.

Also: I'm really a fan of the "Zone died" theory. Maybe his wife took over. Old Zone and new Zone seem like SUCH different personalities, with the frequent twittering, artstyle changes and whatnot. Also, look at his VR dancing. I just can't believe a man would dance like this.

>>Anonymous  19feb2019(tu)16:21  No.66740  D  P11R10
this, zone owns hentaikey? i had no idea >>66720 how do you know this?
>>Anonymous  20feb2019(we)03:37  No.66756  I  P12R11
What could he possibly do to improve it? He's likely not in a position to increase moderation or convince retards not to be retarded. All that's left to do is complain and hope you grab the attention of someone who can change things.
>>Anonymous  20feb2019(we)05:19  No.66757  D  P13R12
The obvious thing to do is to post good content regularly to improve /fap/ instead of just complaining. Posting content you think is good will attract more people interested in similar content and if everybody just contributes what they think is good the higher the chances are of something appearing that you haven't seen before yet still is to your liking. Compare this to bitching and whining which just pushes contributors away since all they notice is that uploaded content gets negative comments so why bother.
>>Anonymous  23feb2019(sa)09:05  No.66842  G  P14R13
I once asked the billing staff how many people work for hentai key in their site chat, they said "1". and he sounded very unenthusiastic about having to chat with me as if he had more important things to be doing.

Finally no Zone didn't die, cause he remembers my dumb ass. I proposed to do a game for him and he gave me the green light and I crapped out. but still he thinks of me favorable for the Zonetan 3D model I made back then.. but meh. I'd love to continue that project now with what I know now, but it probably wouldn't make me any more money than the current project I'm making. and right now money is important.... I love game design, heck I'm never gonna quit, but I need to get something with scenery graphics done. or no one will donate.. means I can't flake out and try to switch projects.

>>Anonymous  24feb2019(su)17:03  No.66863  J  P15R14
Since OP is a mongoloid cock cleaner, I had to get the source, it's a tinkle bell game; d/RE015584.html

>>Anonymous  24feb2019(su)19:21  No.66871  K  P16R15
+nice, TinkleBell
>but females have pussies

Boring. Hard pass.
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