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>>Anonymous  26nov2018(mo)07:43  No.65142  OP  P1
preserving homestuck flashes

I guess I'm rather late on this news but since I had already read through the comic I wasn't visiting the website anymore.
Anyway I have some somewhat troubling news: in short the domain has been changed to and all of the flashes have been converted to using either javascript or a video file. (apparently you can't directly link to a specific news post)
>Posted on 3 April 2018 by Andrew

>Thanks to the VIZ Media team for porting all MSPA content over to, which now enables mobile viewing for all pages. This has been done by converting Flash files into either an HTML-based format, or converting to a video file. Many of the video files are only temporary, and will be replaced in coming months, either with HTML-converted files, or higher quality videos. This entire site is still a work in progress. Homestuck is a huge story, with many different presentations and uses of media. Adapting such a work to a new, more broadly compatible format is a very big job. The VIZ team has done great work in adjusting to all the challenges so far. Please be patient as the conversion process continues.

>Over the last several years, I've noticed many wondering if Homestuck would ever compensate for the obsolescence of Flash, and its gradual inability to be viewed by browsers and mobile devices in coming years. Yes, I had been thinking about that, but as I said above, making those adjustments was always going to be an enormous undertaking. So VIZ has been doing a major favor to the story, and fandom in general, by taking this on.

>More broadly than just converting Flash pages, this adaptation serves another purpose. My intent for MSPA was never to have it last forever, or to concern myself with maintaining a labyrinthine, crudely-coded website for the rest of my life. At some point, the right thing to do was always going to be figuring out how the stories hosted on it could persist long into the future. VIZ Media is about as good as any organization I can think of when it comes to publishing long-running series, and preserving them for future readers. They print many classic manga series and get those books on shelves all over the world, thus keeping those series alive and widely read, well beyond their initial publication. So the VIZ team and I are working together to preserve the original content while updating its delivery, but Homestuck's unusual format makes this a unique challenge. (Incidentally, they'll also be releasing the full run of Homestuck in print as well, to complement the work online.)

>My hope is you will see these changes as a net-positive, and perhaps can enjoy the work again in ways that weren't possible before (such as on your phone). Again, this adaptation will continue to evolve and improve. Any feedback you may have when it comes to the performance or presentation, feel free to contact the site team at VIZ. They're taking everyone's remarks seriously. Thanks again to all who continue to care enough about Homestuck to stop by and read this. We all appreciate your support."

I know that at least some of the flashes have been posted to swfchan but I'm going to take this opportunity to upload all of them with names that help identify them more. Does anyone want to help? I was attempting to create a script that would pull them all from but it's looking a little more difficult than I thought. Anyway the gives you an html page when you try and download the swf initially.

link to the old site

>>w7 890  27nov2018(tu)15:06  No.65162  A  P2R1

it might be what u are looking 4

>>Anonymous  27nov2018(tu)18:36  No.65165  B  P3R2
Terrible of homestuck to not just host both the video and flash. I get that sites are forced to adopt inferior video formats because all browsers refuse to just support swfs natively but there's no reason to not leave a little download link for the original swfs for those that want to view them in their superior form.

Great initiative OP!

>>Anonymous  28nov2018(we)06:28  No.65182  C  P4R3
>gain mobile viewing
>lose everything else
>>Anonymous  28nov2018(we)08:13  No.65183  OP  P5R4
Going to tinker with that script, if I don't get any progress done I'll just do a few of them manually.

I've uploaded a bunch of related flashes there before but I feel that homestuck also has flashes for /gg/ and /swf/

I concur about the hosting. Do you know about how Newgrounds handles it? They present the video and only if you're a logged in user is there an option to view the flash version.

I haven't looked too closely yet but despite this 8 month old news post some of the pages are still up as flashes. For example the first [S] page was turned into something that used javascript while this other one was left up as flash when according to the new post is should be a video file or something. Maybe they're still trying to find a video host? You'd think they'd use youtube given they have an official channel and all that jazz. w/e, they're probably still writing jquery for the flashes before that.

>>Anonymous  28nov2018(we)09:46  No.65187  OP  P6
well it looks like webarchive sends some weird files when I try to automate it, so I'll just be doing it manually. I spent too much time today to do any, so I'll start tomorrow.
>>Anonymous  28nov2018(we)22:44  No.65201  C  P7R5
sad to hear, but yeah, can be quite a hassle to script for
goes to see always archive things while they are still alive
would have been nice if they gave us some kind of grace period with these announcements

all worthy homecuck flashes I know have already been posted on /f/ a plenty, so I guess I don't have anything to contribute

>>Anonymous  29nov2018(th)07:04  No.65205  OP  P8R6
gah looks like if forgot to link the "this other one"

It's more for completeness and also to make sure they're named in some way that helps searching in this archive. Right now when you search "homestuck", only a few of the results are the flashes actually in the comic: there's only 47 results while doing a ctrl+f for "[s" or "[!!!]" on the log gives around 170 matches. I thought that was worthwhile if only for the song and since it was made quite late in the comic it was not ever posted on /f/ until I posted it for the first time a few days ago.

>>w7-890  15dec2018(sa)14:24  No.65478  D  P9R7
i wish they allow anons to download the original SWF from the site
that would be really cool
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