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>>Anonymous  13nov2018(tu)01:32  No.64835  OP  P1
Code: sexypreggyspy

Alex Vasquez.swf (1.01 MiB)
640x960, Compressed (Deflate). 3 frames, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: Yes. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  13nov2018(tu)05:39  No.64841  A  P2R1
>You've fucked Peach
this guy really doesn't even try, does he
>>Anonymous  14nov2018(we)18:05  No.64889  B  P3R2

Considering that all these porn bastard flashes are the exact same trite; no, he really doesn't.

>>Anonymous  14nov2018(we)20:22  No.64895  C  P4R3
Clover and Sam are in the code too but I can't figure out how to access them
>>Anonymous  15nov2018(th)06:24  No.64900  D  P5R4
I think that could be deleted content, I wasn't able to get it via bakaloader so i presume an abandoned WIP
>>Anonymous  16nov2018(fr)03:18  No.64915  E  P6R5
>Exact same premise and audio recycled eternally
It's impressive that he hasn't gotten bored. How much is he making?
>>Anonymous  16nov2018(fr)17:39  No.64922  F  P7R6
They're fully functional as it turns out, with an option to switch to anal and change outfit color. Why they aren't available normally I don't know but to get them you just need an swf decompiler and change a switch in the main timeline to true.
>>Anonymous  17nov2018(sa)05:29  No.64931  G  P8R7
How difficult is to tinker with it?
Fuck if I know
>>Anonymous  17nov2018(sa)20:14  No.64965  H  P9R8
It's really easy. I just used JPEXS. The switch you need to change is on line 1319 of the MainTimeline, it's even labelled allow_other_spy.
>>Anonymous  18nov2018(su)02:34  No.64973  I  P10R9
easy as fuck, literally just put flash in the decompiler, go to scripts, go to PB alex folder, click maintimeline, scroll to the bottom or near the bottom and click edit and change "Allow_other_spy = false;" to "Allow_other_spy = true;"

additionally you can unlock more spy suit colors or a futa mode.

>>???? ????  18nov2018(su)06:31  No.64977  J  P11R10
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