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>>EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k  8nov2018(th)06:05  No.64650  OP  P1
Summer's Birthday v0.6.2 (bug fixes)

I haven't been able to find anymore bugs, and I haven't gotten any comments about any, so hopefully this is the last bug fix update.

Summer's Birthday v0.6.2.swf (9.89 MiB)
1280x720, Compressed (Deflate). 29 frames, 24 fps (00:01).
Ver21, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  8nov2018(th)06:42  No.64651  A  P2R1
what the fuck? you can't bang summer as morty?
>>EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k  8nov2018(th)06:48  No.64652  OP  P3R2
That was just for you anon
>>Anonymous  8nov2018(th)06:53  No.64654  B  P4R3
thanks baby!!
>>Anonymous  8nov2018(th)07:00  No.64655  A  P5R4
I don't understand
>>Anonymous  8nov2018(th)07:03  No.64656  C  P6R5
patreon = no incest. duck go "summer's birthday directors cut"
>>???? ????  8nov2018(th)22:06  No.64663  D  P7R6
Easter Eggs:
#1) Go to the school and open the lockers. You'll find something in there.
#2) Use what you unlocked and check out that register.

I'm not gonna be more specific because that ruins the mystery, so your gonna find out what they do yourself (or don't).

>>Anonymous  9nov2018(fr)00:08  No.64664  E  P8R7
Luckily there's already a mod for that in board.
>>Nanonymous  9nov2018(fr)01:55  No.64666  F  P9R8
>>Anonymous  9nov2018(fr)02:50  No.64668  OP  P10R9

No codes in this one, hover over the locked bg/character for a tip.
Though my tips aren't as good as this guy's:

>>Anonymous  17jan2019(th)00:50  No.66066  G  P11R10
According to an update by his brother in patreon, Eropharaoh has been incarcerated. Just putting it out there for anyone who may have been wondering like me.
>>Anonymous  17jan2019(th)02:02  No.66067  C  P12R11
"Hello, this is EroPharaoh's brother updating on his behalf. It's my sad duty to inform everyone that due to the content creator EroPharaoh being incarcerated, all tiers are going to be "donation only" until further notice. The previous rewards are being shown to keep track of them once he is back and able to continue them. Please feel free to continue with support to help through this difficult time, however obviously rewards/commissions cannot be worked on until after his release. I will try to update with any news he wishes me to share, and he wanted to thank everyone for the support they've shown, both donations and general appreciation of his art. "

hope your stay is short EroPharaoh.

>>Anonymous  17jan2019(th)02:51  No.66068  H  P13R12
he wont tell what he's in for and that usually means its the worst.

Or hes just making all this up and getting a paid vacation-vacation

>>Anonymous  17jan2019(th)11:20  No.66083  I  P14R13
r34 police get him=?
please no CP...
>>autistic_fapper  17jan2019(th)12:56  No.66089  J  P15R14
tell us faggot
>>Anonymous  17jan2019(th)17:37  No.66092  K  P16R15
lmao this is pretty funny.
>"before I go to prison, brother. Please, please tell my horny cartoon patreon that I'm going to jail"
"Do it yourself"
>>Anonymous  19jan2019(sa)13:18  No.66137  I  P17R16
well, it's not like he couldn't just give him the password while already being in jail, maybe his brother even knew about the patreon
but yeah, it's hopefully just a downtime from animating, I'm not fully convinced either, but it feels strange, eropharaoh wasn't the kind of guy who had to unhonestly lie about being in prison to take a break from his patreon
>>???? ????  20jan2019(su)00:39  No.66146  L  P18R17
Open the 5th locker and click the book.
Go to the new background you unlocked and click the "?" on the cash register.
Also, apparently Ero's brother is some guy called corta.
He does the horny stuff too.
>>Anonymous  20jan2019(su)01:55  No.66149  M  P19R18

I doubt that. Corta was in the patreon comments saying he was told what happened and asked the brother someone else is trying to message him. Plus, Corta seems to be Latin American while Ero is from the US.

>>w7-890  20jan2019(su)12:35  No.66157  N  P20R19
shall we party hard anons

click link if broke or lazy

>>Anonymous  20jan2019(su)20:28  No.66164  I  P21R20
I never got around to ask, shitposter, but:
Are you in any way affiliated with Why do you post links so often. Are you an active member there? Are you the admin of that site?
Why is it called I took a look and it just seems like another creator content site, which is a good thing, but why yiff? That's supposed to be exclusive to furries. I always instantly think of furry art when I see that, which is not a good thing. Unless you're a furry.
>>w7-890  21jan2019(mo)13:54  No.66175  O  P22R21
im glad u asked

>Are you in any way affiliated with
nope they pay me $0 a day [but i use that site for free]

>Why do you post links so often
not trying to spam but it kinda looks relevant to the thread [i think]

>Are you an active member there?
not a member but i hope more and more people come to that site
also everybody is anonymous

>Are you the admin of that site?
nope im clearly not the admin

>Why is it called
it was furry exclusive but normies ruined it [they filled up the site with thot garbage]
i feel like i really want to stop SPing but less peeps will come to the site
also when people come the site they might upload more swf [some creators like rockcandy upload swf's there]

[sorry for derailing the thread]
lastly plz don't report me im not trying to shove things down people's throats

>>Anonymous  21jan2019(mo)14:48  No.66179  P  P23R22
again, the fuck is wrong with you?
>>Anonymous  21jan2019(mo)14:49  No.66180  Q  P24R23
>>66164 is a patreon archive, it's up to each patreon user to share their cookie for the site to update the creator's posts.
It's named like that because it was created by 8ch/fur/.

>it was furry exclusive but normies ruined it [they filled up the site with thot garbage]
Each patreon creator needs to be allowed by the admin.
>also when people come the site they might upload more swf [some creators like rockcandy upload swf's there]
How did you not yet realize what kind of site this is?

>>w7-890  22jan2019(tu)10:15  No.66198  R  P25R24
i regret posting this and the other two

>Each patreon creator needs to be allowed by the admin
nope not anymore

>How did you not yet realize what kind of site this is?

whats wrong with answering questions

>>Anonymous  10feb2019(su)22:58  No.66540  S  P26R25
I'm not working on these anymore:

It's a lot of series precut for female voices. It's done with solveigmm. American Dad & Adventure Time are almost complete. Ben10 and Jackie Chan Adventures should be done 100%. +Rick and Morty Season 1&2. Don't want to let them go to waste maybe somebody here has some use for them. If the link expires just tell me in the comments of a new minus8 upload. I check these out from time to time.

>>Anonymous  11feb2019(mo)13:16  No.66561  T  P27R26
Erection killer.
>>Anonymous  11feb2019(mo)21:14  No.66563  U  P28R27
so wait what is this about?
>>Anonymous  11feb2019(mo)21:37  No.66564  C  P29R28
they have been spamming this in multiple threads. ain't clickin that shit.
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