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>>Anonymous  23oct2018(tu)02:41  No.64220  OP  P1
First Bowsette, now Boosette....

Sexy Time with a Ghost....

bad boossette.swf (0.98 MiB)
480x800, Compressed (Deflate). 3 frames, 35 fps (00:00).
Ver17, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  23oct2018(tu)03:24  No.64221  A  P2R1
>>Anonymous  23oct2018(tu)06:51  No.64223  B  P3R2
the poster above me is incredibly gay

nice flash, it's cute and hot at the same time

>>Anonymous  23oct2018(tu)09:22  No.64226  C  P4R3
probably because all the transformed "characters" look exactly the same
>>Anonymous  23oct2018(tu)17:42  No.64231  D  P5R4 SO MANY HANDS
>>Anonymous  23oct2018(tu)19:55  No.64237  C  P6R5
Link is down already, use the freaking embed function
image was probably trash anyway, so whatever
>>Anonymous  23oct2018(tu)20:05  No.64239  E  P7R6
Is dong134 the patreon of this flash?
>>Anonymous  23oct2018(tu)21:32  No.64240  F  P8R7
they need to look like peach, it's the base of the golden crown
>>Anonymous  23oct2018(tu)22:03  No.64241  G  P9R8
No it's not retard.
>>Anonymous  23oct2018(tu)23:06  No.64242  H  P10R9
Luigi is growing too powerful
>>Anonymous  24oct2018(we)02:26  No.64247  I  P11R10
>>Anonymous  24oct2018(we)18:14  No.64251  J  P12R11
Luigi is gay, it shows on the canon animation.
>>Anonymous  24oct2018(we)20:55  No.64253  C  P13R12
Well, I see nothing there, even if I enable ads and scripts on this script-infested shithole of an image host.
>>Anonymous  25oct2018(th)04:54  No.64260  K  P14R13
>all the transformed "characters" look exactly the same

nigga has no idea how the super crown works and complains about the character forms

>>Anonymous  25oct2018(th)11:04  No.64279  C  P15R14
I don't argue it's not "canon" or "how it should be".
I just said that's the reason the fatigue is kicking in fast.
There's only so many tiems you can rediscover rule 63 with the same humanoid character design.
>>Anonymous  26oct2018(fr)02:29  No.64297  L  P16R15
The reason it's dead is because it got too popular, which ran it into the ground faster (though it probably would have died quickly anyway). Not to say the dull, repetitive design wasn't a contributing factor, but it's not what i'd consider the main reason.
>>Anonymous  4feb2019(mo)06:58  No.66423  M  P17R16
apply pressure in order for next to happen
>>Anonymous  4feb2019(mo)10:36  No.66427  N  P18R17
mirroring the image in case it does 404 for some reason


>>Anonymous  4feb2019(mo)23:24  No.66442  C  P19R18
please never, NEVER post links to that shitty site when swfchan is capable of storing uploaded pics itself
>>Anonymous  6feb2019(we)02:20  No.66467  O  P20R19
Really? how?
>>Anonymous  6feb2019(we)02:21  No.66468  O  P21
>>Anonymous  7feb2019(th)06:37  No.66491  C  P22R20
Include an attachment...
right below the comment box
read the rules/faq beforehand, there are some restrictions
>>Anonymous  7feb2019(th)22:50  No.66505  O  P23R21
I didn't realize that shit was there, has it been there all these years? wow.
>>Anonymous  8feb2019(fr)05:32  No.66506  P  P24R22
WHy in the fuck does Luigi have a god damn nigger dick? Time to fix this.
>>Anonymous  8feb2019(fr)05:35  No.66507  P  P25
The nigger dick only appears at night. Probably a burglar.
>>Anonymous  8feb2019(fr)05:37  No.66508  P  P26
I was wrong, the dick looked like a mushroom.
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