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>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  20oct2018(sa)08:24  No.64175  OP  P1
Ver 1.4

Kept you waiting huh

super_smash_a_pokegirl_ver_1.4.swf (8.51 MiB)
640x500, Compressed (Deflate). 732 frames, 15 fps (00:49).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  20oct2018(sa)09:27  No.64177  A  P2R1

Love the Serena scene! Any other changes like being able to use Misty's phone?

>>Anonymous  20oct2018(sa)15:42  No.64184  B  P3R2
The second question mark has a hex wip
>>Anonymous  20oct2018(sa)21:39  No.64191  C  P4R3
You're pretty good.
>>Anonymous  20oct2018(sa)23:17  No.64192  D  P5R4
>>Anonymous  21oct2018(su)02:31  No.64194  E  P6R5
excellent job mate, like that more realistic moneyshot
>>Anonymous  21oct2018(su)09:38  No.64199  F  P7R6
when's sabrina
>>Anonymous  21oct2018(su)17:22  No.64201  G  P8R7
>>Anonymous  21oct2018(su)20:49  No.64202  H  P9R8
Sauce on the music used for Dawn? It's very catchy
>>Anonymous  22oct2018(mo)04:37  No.64209  I  P10R9
It's the spin trade song from Platinum/BW2.

Other music I found:
Leaf: Mystery Gift from FRLG
Kris: A remix of Pokégear Radio: Pokémon Lullaby from Crystal
May: Route 113 from RSE
Hilda: Route 10 from BW
Rosa: Join Avenue from BW2
Serena: Super Training! from XY

Now if someone could get me that Misty and Character Select music we can finally finish naming the OST.

>>Anonymous  22oct2018(mo)09:44  No.64210  J  P11R10
Nice to see all songs are respective towards their characters and not just random pokemon songs.
Sweet effort.
>>???? ????  22oct2018(mo)22:54  No.64216  K  P12R11
Finally! More good stuff
>>Anonymous  23oct2018(tu)00:00  No.64217  L  P13R12
Poorly drawn shit.
>>Anonymous  24oct2018(we)21:38  No.64254  M  P14R13
Weak. Pathetic. You disgust me.
>>???? ????  24oct2018(we)22:25  No.64255  K  P15R14
>>Anonymous  24oct2018(we)23:16  No.64256  N  P16R15
how do you get in to mistys phone
>>Anonymous  26oct2018(fr)17:08  No.64315  O  P17R16
You can't, it doesn't do anything
>>Anonymous  1nov2018(th)21:29  No.64502  P  P18R17
The Hex Maniac WIP is getting me hyped.
>>Anonymous  1nov2018(th)23:49  No.64504  Q  P19R18
This would been passable in newgrounds a decade ago
Learn to use vectors
>>Anonymous  2nov2018(fr)00:18  No.64505  R  P20R19
Its not for the fap
Its not for the good art
This is about the decisions
This is about the scenes
This is something that is being done
It's also important to state your opinion, try to not be too harsh tho

I like the flash a lot, keep going OP
You are doing what the others anons can only whine and fap to, but a few are thankful

>>Anonymous  4nov2018(su)19:29  No.64581  J  P21R20
Hey, I'd fap to it.
Nowadays with so much high effort visual fodder just blandely rising my pepe rarely, I find myself that these art styles with some sort of character or personality to them speak a lot more to me.
>>Anonymous  12nov2018(mo)16:15  No.64819  S  P22R21
The dot on the "i" in the title-screen is clickable,
what does that do?
>>w7 890  13nov2018(tu)10:04  No.64846  T  P23R22
Tell me OP or i will use decompiler

a secret probably ?

reminds me of the deoxypus flash

>>Anonymous  20nov2018(tu)06:11  No.65030  U  P24R23
I know 1.4 came out recently but is there an eta for the next version?
>>Anonymous  28nov2018(we)13:10  No.65189  V  P25R24
I wouldn't mind knowning either. Really looking forward to the next update.
Though, feel free to take your time, OP.
>>Anonymous  20dec2018(th)03:30  No.65566  U  P26R25
Any plans for an update?
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