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>>WTF EMERGENCY SPAMBOT  15oct2018(mo)09:46  No.64104  OP  P1
plz help

>>Anonymous  16oct2018(tu)01:55  No.64107  A  P2R1
>'s servers have been suspended by our provider due to non-payment.
Don't get me wrong pal, I don't dislike you, but it seems rather nonsensical to call for a donation drive on a different chanboard.
We couldn't even provide for swfchan itself, I doubt someone's gonna chip in for a random furry website.
>>Anonymous  16oct2018(tu)06:40  No.64109  B  P3R2
Pfft. Obviously someone can't manage their money. Why would I help some rando website I never heard about? Let them burn.
>>W7 890  16oct2018(tu)12:36  No.64115  C  P4
Everything is fine

Yo guys calm down
YP is ok
Some holy anon just done god's work
Gonna sage now

>>Anonymous  23nov2018(fr)10:16  No.65092  D  P5R3
pls don8

oh fuck they need help again

>>Anonymous  8dec2018(sa)04:19  No.65358  E  P6R4

someone just donated

>>w7-890  30jan2019(we)10:10  No.66314  F  P7R5

calling all SWFchan users Yiff-Party needs a judge

>>not patreon  18mar2019(mo)12:47  No.67440  G  P8R6
chill the fuck OP

lets all remember the fact that each month there will be desperate cucks don8ting to keep the shitsite alive

>>Anonymous  19mar2019(tu)07:22  No.67465  H  P9R7
I got a new computer, but now I can't open the flashes with swfchan's timeline. I looked in the FAQ, but can't seem to find a way to enable it. I would really appreciate a bit of help.
>>Anonymous  19mar2019(tu)07:34  No.67466  I  P10R8
this isn't really the thread to ask that but anyway:
1. first step is to make sure you're not using the cancer browser (Chrome).
2. if using firefox doesn't work, make sure you don't have an adblocker that blocks javascripts on swfchan.
3. if your adblocker subscribes to EasyList there has been an issue with it that prevents the "timeline" html page from opening in the past. if that's the case you need to either whitelist the pattern for opening those pages or turn off the adblocker and write to EasyList to get them to fix their shit (hasn't helped much in the past but worth a try)
>>Anonymous  19mar2019(tu)08:15  No.67470  H  P11R9
>this isn't really the thread to ask that but anyway:
>answers the question anyways
damn man, deep respect.
and yeah, I figured that instead of making a new thread, I would just ask in the top thread instead. disabling adblocker worked, for what it's worth.
>>The cute Puffin  19mar2019(tu)10:54  No.67473  J  P12R10
you mean the botnet browser how about edge (ie seems to work fine)

deep respect for you guys (seconded)

>>no tripcode needed  29mar2019(fr)07:33  No.67732  K  P13R11
i was banned btw

yiff party is censored lets discuss it here shall we
sorry if this is off topic antz

pic related
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