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>>Anonymous  29sep2018(sa)17:27  No.63782  OP  P1
The soaps,creams etc are turning peoples faces into scar covered monsters

People aren't sweating or barely sweating.Feeling hot and sick?The soaps,creams,rubs etc are the causes.The nerve and skin damage.People aren't tanning.People are dying.The face feels hot,puffy,swollen,rigid skin,cuts,an injection into the skin,a creature stuck to the face,bugs crawling on the skin,skin scars,a throbbing burning feeling in the face and burning and burning and suicides.

>>Anonymous  1oct2018(mo)22:03  No.63833  A  P2
>>w7 890  2oct2018(tu)09:15  No.63846  B  P3R1
help plz

how do u report thread

>>Anonymous  3oct2018(we)23:28  No.63877  A  P4
Go to the main domain site (
In the text between / - Overview and the flashes there is a link to the system page at the bottom (
That's your IP's individual system page, you can do some stuff there.
Now click the number of the post that you want reported to reply.
Mark and copy the number (you could also just memorize it I guess)
Go back to your system page and paste the number under REPORT Post #.
Under Why? fill in a fitting reason. You may look into DA RULEZ for this (
Finally click the report button and fill in the absolutely mandatory CAPPTSCHGA.
Your report has then be submitted and will be looked into (by SWFAnts himself, so cut the guy some slack).
>>w7 890  6oct2018(sa)15:43  No.63937  C  P5R2
yo Antz u might wanna take a look at this
this thread has the same spam

>>w7 890  6oct2018(sa)15:52  No.63938  C  P6
did this guy double post

i see another here but its gone

>>Anonymous  19mar2019(tu)11:02  No.67474  D  P7R3
>>Anonymous  19mar2019(tu)17:53  No.67478  A  P8
Thanks for the bump.
We couldn't have done it without ya.
>>i am 67474  20mar2019(we)04:39  No.67491  E  P9
fuck the OP

so should we ban this w7-890 or the other spammer instead
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