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>>Anonymous  28sep2018(fr)18:47  No.63755  OP  P1
quickie_summer_special_premium.swf (57.87 MiB)
978x550, Compressed (Deflate). 3 frames, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver37, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  28sep2018(fr)18:57  No.63756  A  P2R1
right-click play to bypass fake protection and play
takes forever to get anywhere even with skip.
am i the only one annoyed by all the people incorrectly using the word "cum" when they should use "come"?
"cum" is what shoots out when the guy "comes". then he is "coming", not "cumming".
it's especially annoying when the girl says something like "im cumming"
>>Anonymous  28sep2018(fr)19:37  No.63758  B  P3R2
just a heads up. there is google analytics inside this flash.
>>Anonymous  30sep2018(su)20:03  No.63808  C  P4R3
I guess society made it so that "coming" and "cumming" are more distinct from each other, making "cumming" more pervy and edgy and being able to say "coming" without it always giving giggling undertones.
>>Anonymous  2oct2018(tu)06:42  No.63842  D  P5R4
but why do you care
>>Anonymous  2oct2018(tu)08:22  No.63845  A  P6R5
just because, i guess. it's so strange that so many can't do it right. wouldnt care if its just a couple of artists that cant into english but its everywhere
>>AnonZDK  2oct2018(tu)09:20  No.63847  E  P7R6
holy shit anon
how do i block this
>>Anonymous  2oct2018(tu)11:38  No.63853  B  P8R7
easy. don't open the flash.
>>Anonymous  2oct2018(tu)14:34  No.63860  F  P9R8
'Cum' and 'Cums' are both proper English in the context they're being used in here, and 'Cumming' is a widely accepted use of slang. 'Comes' and 'Coming' in this context are very much a minority, and is all but completely phased out in usage and has been for years.
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