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>>Anonymous  24sep2018(mo)01:40  No.63651  OP  P1
random flash i found on a disk, the swf was downloaded september 2005. just a still image but thought id archive it

animechick.swf (18 KiB)
500x700, Uncompressed. 1 frame, 12 fps (00:00).
Ver4, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  26sep2018(we)00:45  No.63684  A  P2R1
nice, drawing was made in actual flash
>>Anonymous  27sep2018(th)02:09  No.63699  OP  P3R2
wouldn't have uploaded it otherwise
just for fun i took a printscreen just now and saved it as a 912x1290 png. takes 199 KB
as a jpg at 93% quality it takes 141 KB
had to go down to 5% quality to match the flash's file size and well... see how it looks in the attached image. naturally if i had even larger image resolution more bytes would be needed
swf for the win. such an awesome format, it really belongs on the web.


>>Anonymous  27sep2018(th)05:29  No.63700  B  P4R3
>flash is the only vector image that exists, that's why we deserve flash ads breaking our pcs

Flash is shit, get over it, canvas and svg can do it and in a safe, faster and simpler way.

>>Anonymous  28sep2018(fr)05:06  No.63735  A  P5R4
true, but can it do THIIIIIIS?

with this I mean also have extremely entry level scriptability and video compatibility in a single format
I have yet to come across a single banner that "ruined" my pc
do people seriously not even use adblockers?

>>Anonymous  29sep2018(sa)03:15  No.63767  OP  P6R5
Are you a drone or something?

First of all who said anything about allowing flash to auto-play in your browser? That gets rid of the ad problem because nobody will use flash ads if the user need to click to activate them.

Second of all svg is a still image file format that doesn't allow you to animate with tweens or keyframes and it doesn't allow you to mix in audio, movies or jpg/png to enhance the experience. You can't react to user inputs with ActionScript. Nothing can be randomized. It doesn't even allow you to use instances of the same objects several times to save bytes.

Third, your own example svg is 178k in size while the swf is 18k. Your "superior" svg is 10 times larger than the swf, if you're going to try to make a point at least make it well.

Fourth, where are all these cool .canvas files that surely must exist by now since they are apparently taking over .swf? Nowhere? That's right, it's not a replacement for swf files. I have no objection to anyone using canvas to display the content of a .swf file, if that ever becomes possible someday, but don't come here talking like canvas itself is filling the shoes of flash. If your beef is with the flash plugin you better say so instead of trash talking flash as a whole.

Fifth, stop it please. You're one of the people that don't understand flash and still play a part in us decent folk losing one of the best things online. That is is flash in case I still need to clue you in. "derr flash ads, durr security, duh duh". Just stop it. Pure HTML/canvas ads today are worse than flash ones since those were easily blocked just by turning off the flash plugin.

Sixth, only the plugin was ever remotely insecure, a problem that would be nullified if browsers just sandbox properly. And the insecurity was greatly exaggerated, most of the time all those "flash exploits" in the news were just redirects to real exe viruses that dumb people downloaded and ran, or it was basically just tracking cookies. When an actual problem came around it was patched within a day and again, with proper sandboxing by browsers or even just auto-updates that wouldn't even have been an issue.

SWF is the best format I've ever known, there's nothing else like it online. The only flaw is that it's too compact, saving a few bytes was worth doing in the late 90s but today a couple of extra bytes would be worth it if it made the swf easier to parse.
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